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basementkid   . Mar 11 2012 06:08. Posts 191
I have decided to really get PLO down before I head to vegas and to play in the local games around me. There are some super good 2/2 and 5/5 games that play really big and are super juicy. I just got the 7 days free at leggo because people have said that sauce videos are just amazing. I was hoping people could point out some good PLO videos on leggopoker and just good videos i should watch in general about poker.

Haven't had much luck lately at live poker. I haven't been able to quit when I am up a ton and end up losing a lot back. Had two 2k days and then had a -1.6k day, -200 day and then a break even day. Definitely nothing to scoff at but was up on the break even day and -200 day and didn't quit when the game got bad.

PS: Anyone able to hook me up with some Hero poker funds? Let me know as soon as possible, thanks.

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r0ck3t   United Kingdom. Mar 15 2012 13:17. Posts 1

GL in Vegas.

Here's a good, free PLO coaching series:

Why is it always such a sweat?Last edit: 15/03/2012 13:18


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