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Best ongame skin?
  YoMeR, Oct 23 2012

What is the best ongame skin? or is there even a "best"?

any feedback appreciated


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vegas anyone? reply here!
  YoMeR, May 31 2012

Hey I'm on my way to vegas at the moment and will be there all of june. Anyone wanna meet up there for some drinks/parties/chillin whatever.
Reply here and maybe we can get something going...gogogo

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Costa Rica? Halps plz
  YoMeR, Jan 13 2012

So I'm thinkin about Costa Rica as my next grind station as my 6 months in Canada are nearly over. Does anyone have experience with this? And if so How are the key components such as: Internet connection? (how fast, stable) Secure banking/online banking methods, and housing? (prices availability etc)

Thanks a lot for any input. If you know anyone that knows anything about this tell me as well ^^


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snookie still wants smoosh smoosh
  YoMeR, Dec 21 2011


she actually looks decent now wtf. With a tit job i think she'll be fairly hot for sho

edit: adding in a floofy poll to make this post not fail as hard...gotta fail harder.

Poll: Would you now hit that?
(Vote): Hell yes...
(Vote): Maybe with 0-100 drinks
(Vote): Nope ;(
(Vote): I woulda hit that before anyways...

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Someone help plz
  YoMeR, Oct 26 2011

Got a pretty annoying problem. Recently i've switched ipoker skins since william hill is being gay and doesn't allow rakeback anymore. How do i export the notes I've took at that site? Just the location of the note file would suffice.

plz halps ;(

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lol post
  YoMeR, Sep 21 2011

So this blog will feature the man, the myth, the legend...clayton "mezmerizeplz" maguire.

Introducing the man himself:

His pedo beard was awesome. but his rapist mustache is outa control

Hell look at this man singing with a Japanese fob demon lady (look at those glowing eyes!!!!)

Here's a drink that's on fire being prepared for this man.

more to come...

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  YoMeR, Sep 14 2011

Finnally my deposit cleared monday and been grinding a lot since.

Strong start. only playing NL100 till the 2nd larger chunk of money clears and gets credited to my account

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Vancouver Canada ^^
  YoMeR, Aug 16 2011

Just getting settled in here in this gorgeous city that is Vancouver. The view from the high rise flat is quite nice.

Anyone else living in this area?

I'll post pics once I get around to it. Moving in with Mez and doomer.

Doomer already got here and mez will get here on the 18th I believe.

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Bump: Canadians read below!
  YoMeR, Apr 17 2011

Comon! I Know there's more Canadians that visit LP that know and thingor two about the Vancouver area or about coming into Canada as a self employed person!

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Calling all Canadians~!
  YoMeR, Apr 16 2011

Hey so after some long talks with friends/family etc I find that my best option atm is to move to Canada. The future of online poker in the US is very uncertain and looks very bleak for years to come.

I'm seriously considering moving to Canada with my long time friend that goes by 4TM on LP. Anyone that knows anything about the Vancouver area and can give me info around there I'll greatly appreciate~ Thinking about finding a place near UBC I hear it's pretty bumping in that area.

Also: anyone giving me info about opening up bank accounts in Canada while not being a citizen there would also be greatly appreciated!

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