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$55.00 for Hold'em Manager
  SaturdayZerg, Sep 10 2010

Can anyone help me purchase Hold'em Manager Small Stakes for $54.99?

I will send you $55 on stars. I don't mind sending first if you are trustworthy

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Beating Swedes
  SaturdayZerg, Sep 02 2010

My friend is hosting a Swedish exchange student and the student is organizing a live NLHE cash game for all the Swedes in the program and my friend's friends (i.e. me).

Any tips on how to outplay these guys?

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Live Poker
  SaturdayZerg, Aug 24 2010

I have played a few sessions of live poker recently (1-2 NL) at the local casino, and I'm looking for ways to really crush it.

I am beating NL10 online so I understand basics of position and pf raising.

My strategy right now is to build a tough image with tight pf play. This includes folding SB and late position with weak holdings in limped pots, and betting 4/5 pot when I do see a flop. I do keep mental notes of players, but I do not trust my live reads to see if players are strong or weak.

I find my biggest leak is c-betting the missed flops. In the long run, is c-betting the flop with AK/AQ/air profitable at 1-2? If so, at what number of people at the flop does it start to be unprofitable?

Also, should I open-limp with low-mid pairs in early position? What about suited and semi-suited connectors?

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NL 10 Pf Open
  SaturdayZerg, Jun 27 2010

Hey guys,

I have recently started grinding NL10 6-max and getting a ton of breakeven sessions. PTR says I'm 33% tighter than optimal.

I'm basically playing a robotic style with pf opening like below:

Suited connectors: Raise 3x on button, else fold
KJ/KQ/AJ: Raise and fold to raise/3bet
AQ: Raise, 3-bet in position, fold to 3-bet OOP
22 - 77: Raise, 3-bet in position, call up to 3-bet OOP
88 - JJ: Raise, 3-bet in all positions
AK/QQ: 4-bet, fold to 5-bet

Anything out of the ordinary here?

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2m PS Play Chips for $10
  SaturdayZerg, Jun 06 2010

Regrinded another 2 million play chips. Let me know if you're interested!

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2m PS Play Chips for $10
  SaturdayZerg, Jun 06 2010

Regrinded another 2 million play chips. Let me know if you're interested!

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2m PS Play Chips for $10
  SaturdayZerg, May 06 2010

Hey I want to finally move on to real money. I will trade 2m of pokerstars play chips for $10. I don't mind sending first as long as the user is trusted here on this website

My username is saturdayzerg

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Crushing Play Money
  SaturdayZerg, Mar 02 2010

I took up poker 3 months ago, torrented a poker book, and have been playing a lot live recently with friends.

Anyway my goal is to make at least $100 on pokerstars by summer without depositing. Does anyone know how microstakes compare to the higher echelons of play money? Not the cash games, but the 150000 6 max SNGs

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