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febuary results
  julep, Mar 05 2012

here is my last 86k hands at 6max 50nl...feel like ive been playing ok but not really improving all that much.
im curious as to why my redline is decreasing at such a rate and want to investigate this further.
how would i go about this in pt3? maybe im playing too many hands OOP or not being aggressive enough on later streets.
I know alot of people say redline is meaningless but im thinking i might not be playing 'tough' enough.

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25nl is still impossible
  julep, Jan 10 2012

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Mission Impossible
  julep, Dec 20 2011

Contender for worst movie ever. ever. ever. I can't really get over how bad it was.

Nevertheless it has quite high ratings on (94%) and (7.9/10)

Anyone else seen it?

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ipoker software
  julep, Aug 18 2011

y u so fucking shit. fuck me

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Need A New Poker Site
  julep, Jul 02 2011

Trying to decide which poker site I should move to. I have considered Pokerstars but feel I could get more rakeback elsewhere for the limits I play (50nl-100nl).
I've heard of people getting good deals on Ipoker and was wondering who to contact for this.
I was playing on FTP and play around 8-12k hands per week.

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Running Good in February
  julep, Feb 24 2011

Went to the casino with Babs at the beginning of February to play the 1/2NL game. The goal was to see how long we could stay grinding for. I got too tired though and we left after around 23hrs. I was up a little over 15bi which was pretty lol and Babs was down a buy in or so in what we figured out to be around 700 hands. Im playing 100nl atm and want to start taking shots at 200nl after I've won another 20-30bis. Here is this weeks graph....All smooth sailing NB: Don't have YTD as i recently formatted my PC


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cool session bro
  julep, Nov 10 2010

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first crack at 100nl
  julep, Sep 10 2010

moved up to 100nl recently and found i couldnt really play more than 8 tables and continue having ok non showdown winnings. the first 5k hands are when i was 12 tabling so i decided to move down to 6-7. i really think this is a much better way of playing since it allows many more opportunities to learn more about the game.
Ive decided i want to keep winning at the same rate for another 50k hands or so before i start mixing some 200nl tables in.

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25nl to 50nl
  julep, Jan 06 2010

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this week
  julep, Sep 22 2009

here is one hand that i stuffed up. i think its a raise fold.

anyway pretty happy about the week

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