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Dumb UFC bets
  DustySwedeDude, Feb 22 2014

So I'm a little bit sick (having a cold...) and being in no good shape for long poker sessions I've spent a lot of time making stupid bets on the next UFC event.

It's a bit like when you look through the hands of a session and you just go "WTF was I smoking!?".

Let's just say that I have a fair few parlays and I really need Ronda to win by submission, Maia vs RoryMac to go to a decision and that Sterling guy to win. Also at least one of Pyle and Assuncao needs to have their shit together and win.

Not sold on most of my bets, my bet sizeing seems bad and overall I'm not real happy with how I've played this event.

OH WELL, it's better then trying to play poker when your sick at least, lol.

Next dumb decision is to go to the casino tonight. I'm not in the mood and it's probably not a good way to get rid of the cold, but my gf really wants to go so I'll tag along I guess.

Good thing that I've been running fairly good online the last few days. To bad it's just low stakes and very little volume. Next month will be better.

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Some live poker
  DustySwedeDude, Feb 09 2014

Played some random live tournaments and had Longple over for a day or two last week. For some reason he is kind of a celebrity in the local casino, to the point that it was kind of funny.

Also talked a bit to MangeJao and SammeJao who I think posts/posted here a while back. Had a lot of fun but ended up busting quite early in the big on and only min cash in some smallish PLO-tournament.

Did play a bunch of weird hands though.

Blinds 250/500k, 50 ante. I minraise UTG 9 handed with QTo, friendly local young guy min3bets me on the button. I don't think he's a pro poker player, but he has some idea about how to play even though he makes a lot of live-weirdo-plays like limping UTG with a wideish range etc. I call his 3bet, and we have about 30k effective behind. I've been running over the table a bit and have a big stack.

Flop comes 9d8d3x and I c/c a little more then half pot, I have no diamnod. Turn is a offsuit king and it goes check/check. River is a offsuit 6 that completes a weird straight or two, I bet 12k into ~ 4.5k hoping that he folds range.

Blinds probably like 0.5/1k or a little bit less, I have ~65k and raise UTG with JJ, loose/passive calling station who looks like a out-of-shape Josh Barnett calls, young guy 3bets with maybe a 30k stack from mid pos, I call and Josh calls. Josh has been looking a lot at me and I've been asking him if he looks at me "already" because he wants to play a big pot. Flop 662r, checks around, turn 8c that brings a club flush draw. I bet 8k into ~12k wanting to get Josh along and fold out whatever random high cards the kid has. Turn 2c. I'm to drunk to notice the flush, I try to valuebet 15k into a little less then 30 on 622c8c6c. Josh tanks, talks a bit weird about how I can't have 2x and calls with a KcQc.

Also did a bunch of weird "must bluff"-bluffs and random "standardish" herocalls that was somewhat fun but not enough so that I wanted to post then.

Then I got TT in vs the A9o of some aggro norweigian guy 2 hours later and lost to A9 and later busted my last 8bb with K2ss from CO vs AJ on the B. Promtly ended up playing some live PLO and loose a 1000bb pot first thing I do and then I fold for 30 min and the casino closed lol.

In the PLO donkament the day before I played like crap. With a biggish stack like 8 from the money I raise/called a 3bet UTG oop vs "Mangejao" with KQhhQ9. I assumed the guy was out to get me but probably wanted to have a decent hand to do it. Flop KJTdd, I c/c flop, turn blank and I c/c again thinking that I'll call anything but a diamond hoping that the uses his AA blockers a lot. Turn 3d and he ships, I fold and he shows AdAx8x8x for all the blockers in the world. I think it's probably a call given some sizeing issues but w/e.

I also managed to get it in with ~8 outs for my tournament life 2 times and suck out both just before the bubble.

Was fun hanging out with Longple, had some fun at the poker tables and overall it was a fairly decent week. Mr Longple is a nice guy to hang out with. Also noticed that they probably don't do the safe warm up in Umeå as in other places when it comes to BJJ. Never seen a guy who done more then 6 months of that go for overhooks when he hugs.

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  DustySwedeDude, Jan 26 2014

So I started out the month very well, mostly running good, and then I found out the hard way that playing 4zoom tables + 8 normal ones and running bad is a very bad combinations. Thus about 20k or something like that went up in smoke. Although, I've already made well over 100k VIP-points this year so that's something.

Gonna make sure to get some confidence back by playing 1/2 for 100k hands (ie, a month or so) and cut down on tables a lot. I think it'd be somewhat hard to lose on 1/2 if I actually play few enough tables so that I can pay a little bit of attention. Going to try and get hold of a really braggy 1/2 graph

On a more positive note the gold price and the miners (measured as the HUI) shows some signs of life. As I understand it gold actually broke out of a tightish trading range by closing at 1270 last Friday and the HUI has gained some 10% this year. This almost makes up for my crappy multi-tabling skills.

I'm still not convinced that this is the point when gold breaks up again, I'd rather venture to guess that it'll still be range bound between ~1180 and maybe 1350 or so for another few months but after that I feel there's a decent chance it'll break up again.

Starting to get the itch to play some donkaments too. A bunch of good ones tonight, maybe I'll try to ship on.

Oh, and the knives I bought. Apparently it's the ones they use on Masterchef: Australia, on of my favourite TV-shows. They're dope.

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2013 and 2014
  DustySwedeDude, Jan 05 2014

So 2013 was kind of a shit year. Was up 150k halfway and lost most of it back the other half. Also down a bunch in stocks and overall I lost a fair bit of money due to some spending issues. I did take some good things with me though:

1. First Live final table, cashed for like 10k or whatever in Unibet Open Copenhagen.
2. Won a little bit in live cash games.
3. Had some decent runs in Sunday tournaments.
4. Got my HSDB-page in the green.
5. Got a little bit better at this PLO-thing.

Bad things included the following:

1. Did not play as many live tournaments as I would've liked.
2. Did not make as much money as I would've liked.
3. Messed up various crap for various reasons.

During 2014 I want the following:

1. Get SNE by the end of October or mid November.
2. Play a lot of sunday donkaments.
3. Maintain some kind of reasonable win rate over a million hands or whatever number I end up playing.
4. Lower variance over time by stricter bankroll-managment and fewer months with less then 70k hands or something played. Aiming at doing at least 100k hands per month when not travelling or otherwise engaged .

So far this year I've played just over 25k hands of 1/2-3/6 and I'm up like 11.5k + rakeback, which is a very nice start of the year. Wish me luck to keep it up

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Out of line?
  DustySwedeDude, Dec 30 2013

Ok so I wanted to ask you guys about a situation I have.

We've had crap knives in our kitchen for a while. This annoyed me for a long time but not enough so that I actually bought new ones. A couple of days before Christmas I buy a 15 USD knife, which believe it or not made a huge difference in how fun I find our kitchen and now I want good knives. For Christmas my mother-in-law got us a 30-40 USD knife set. I don't like how they look and I would not have bought them myself.

I decide that I want good knives so I googled a bit and got myself a somewhat expensive set of knives for about 500 USD. I got a set like it for my parents like 5 years ago or something like that so I know they're very good since my dad uses them a lot and they still seem to hold up without any issues.

When I told my gf this she figured it was kind of out of line to buy new knives a week after we got some as a gift for Christmas.

I on the other hand feel that while she had a good idea to get us better knives I don't see why I'd have to use a bunch of cheap ones just because I got them as a gift. I'd rather get a bunch of very good knives myself then a bunch of cheap ones as a gift.

Would it have been in better taste to just wait a couple of months or whatever before I got them?

For me it seemed like a obvious thing to just get knives when I want knives and I have the money, but I know that I tend to be rather autistic about these kinds of situations so I figured I'd ask you guys.

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Hungary and spinal surgery
  DustySwedeDude, Dec 14 2013

So a while ago I went to Budapest with my gf, her dad and his new wife. It was kind of fun and that city is something like 90% London and 10% Mogadishu. It was weird but fun.

When we got home my gf had her spinal surgery at a place called Stockholm Spine Center. Due to the fuck ups the hospital in our hometown had made earlier they had sent us there, more or less free of charge. I think it was mostly their way of saying sorry and possibly also a fairly decent way to avoid some legal trouble. Whatever, at least they sent us to the best specialists in Sweden when it comes to backs.

First things first, so far so good and everything looks like the surgery was a success, even though it'll take a few months before we know how big of a success it was. They did both a spinal fusion and a what I think is called a "Lumbar Decompressive Laminectomy" due to Spinal stenosis and Degenerative disc disease. Not sure if I've gotten the translations right but basically her back was messed up in all kinds of ways it shouldn't be at her age, but for some dumb genetic reason she managed to get both.

They told us there where no point in visiting the first two days (the surgery day + day after) due to the fact that my girl would be sleeping most of the time so I got my ass on a train and arrived at the hospital early last Saturday. Before that I kept calling the hospital and asking how she was doing and she was even awake enough to talk to me a time or two.

I remember that I called just when she was out of surgery and a nurse assured me that everything had gone well, I was really confused by this because it sounded like she was telling me the truth but I was so used to things getting fucked up that I did not believe it before I talked to my girl later that evening. Spine Center has been by far the best hospital I've been in as far as information, good care etc goes. The doctors even called her on his day off and asked how she was doing. As far as quality of care etc goes everyone I've talked to and all data I have been able to get my hands on (and remember, I have a law degree, I'm fairly good at finding stuff) says they're the best or close to the best in Sweden in more or less all areas.

I wanted, and still want, to spend the maximum amount of time with her. Their visiting hours was 14-19 although since it was a weekend I figured I could probably get away with getting there a bit earlier and leaving a bit later. I'm very well mannered and likeable when I try so I figured that would help too. I started out calling up a flower store a day or two before I would get there and told them I wanted flowers for my girlfriend in the hospital. Next thing I said that I wanted a bunch red roses and whatever looked nice with that and that I'd just give them my cc-number and let the charge about 300 USD and do whatever they'd think would look nice and send it to my girl the day after surgery. With any luck that's the first and last time I spend more then 50 bux on flowers. Apparently one of the nurses commented on it that she'd been married for 18 years and that her better half never sent her flowers like that.

The next few days I spent as much time as I was allowed with my girlfriend and the rest at some hotel next to it. Had one very long and interesting conversation with a guy from Lebanon that worked nights at the hotel reception. Also got to hang out with a friend of mine I had not seen in 15 years who lived there. My gf sill can't walk much more then 100-200m and she's on pain medication for a week or two more, but within a month or two she'll be fit enough to work and within a year she'll be better then new.

We probably spent close to 10k on various treatments for her back, including physiotherapy, Naprapathy and all kinds of stuff like that and nothing has worked more then a little while and no one figured out wtf was wrong with her.

Anyway, gonna finish up my last milestone for the year now and then go for SNE next year. That feels nice.

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Any NL~50 grinder in the house?
  DustySwedeDude, Oct 11 2013

Yo, I need help from some kind of proven low stakes/micro stake guy who has a reasonable sample of beating the crap out of micro stakes.


1. Proven winner at like NL50 or something like that. If you happen to beat like 10USD SNG's or something hard enough that could work too.
2. Easy to deal with/easy going.
3. Somewhat committed to getting better and trying understand poker as best as he/she can.
4. Fluent in English or Swedish. Preferably not too many time zones of CET.

If you think you full fill the stuff, can spend some time on a little (possibly reasonably fun) project I want to get started, send me a PM.

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I don't even know what to say
  DustySwedeDude, Oct 09 2013

Yesterday we went to the hospital, my girlfriend was supposed be in surgery today. The doctor comes into the room and tells her that someone's fucked up and that his opinion is that if they do the surgery it'll probably just do more damage then good. The reason someone fucked up is that the last bloody doctor at the same hospital decided to put down a diagnosis without even looking at the X-rays. When I heard that, while I up to a minute ago was under the impression that my gf finally, after about 10 years of pain, would get her back fixed, wasn't very fun.

Did I mention that we had to kill of her damaged (edit: according to the vet the horse was no longer "fit to ride" due to a damaged knee that was only getting worse) horse since we could not find anyone she really trusted to take care of the horse for a few weeks while she recovered from surgery? Oh, and that apparently someone has to hold the horse while they kill it? Guess who had to do that? I don't even like horses, but it's still no fun to do that stuff. It shouldn't have felt as much as it did to take care of it though, I am from a butcher's family after all. I'm getting all sensitive and stuff at my old age. Anyway, I kind of liked that horse despite it being, well, a horse.

RIP horse, you where a weird little bastard but I kind of liked you anyway.

We've got another appointment in a few days. She's probably get her surgery in a month or so, good thing I had yet to buy any tickets for Christmas. I guess we'll spend it here, with my mother in law, rather then in Budapest or something fun like that. I'm bloody annoyed. Called my dad,ranted and explained that I wasn't sure wtf I'd do if there's another fuck up. He told me he'd visit me in jail. I like my dad.

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Cannabis kills!
  DustySwedeDude, Oct 04 2013

Knew I'd find an example of deadly cannabis sooner or later. Only looked around the web for about 5 years without results, but I've finally found one case in which cannabis kills a person. Hippies be aware!

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Another blog
  DustySwedeDude, Sep 23 2013

So I haven't written anything in a while. I actually wrote a long long post that I wanted to do something with a while back, but then when I read it again when I was less tired it just made no sense and sucked pretty bad.

So I just lost my first 20k pot at 10/20, at least I think it's the first one. Had maybe 10ish 15k pots played and I've probably played some bigger ones at 25/50. AQT32ccc vs QQxxx and 44xxxm, both with some backup draws, on Q54cc in a aggressive 5c PLO game. Obviously the 44 hits quads on the turn. Had a horrible day the day before yesterday and wcoop has be lol-bad for me so far, so I'm on track for a shit month. Got various dumb ideas on how to proceed but I'll probably just take a short break from poker.

I'm really happy that the Gustafson vs Jones match, I had no idea he was that good but I've been a fan since 2010 ( so I'm really happy that he finally gets recognition as one of the best fighters in the world. I'm guessing they'll have a rematch sometime next spring. It'd be so cool if it was in Stockholm but I assume they'll put it in Vegas or at least in a better time zone. Although I read in the paper that some manager at "Friends Arena" wanted it in Sweden in front of about 60k people.

My girlfriend is finally getting her back fixed. After a lot of retardation ( it's finally a set date for when she gets surgery. I had to spend a fair bit of money since the first doctor (public health care...) didn't think it was anything but thanks to the MRI we got on a recommendation from a private doctor we went back into the system and when they saw the results from the MRI it was very obvious that they would have to do surgery. I'm so damn happy that I decided that the first one was a retard and that I had to get a 2nd opinion, best decision I've made this year. Also made sure to come with her to the appointment this time just in case, which I think was probably good.

Been watching a lot of Dota 2 and played it a bit lately. It's really entertaining.

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