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Some thoughts...
  Cutsss, Aug 12 2007

It has been a while since I havent posted some real content in this blog. It took me a while to take responsability for everything that happened just before, and after the wsop (and even at the wsop). I'll tell now what really happened since march/april. I'm not drunk or making a goodbye post, just trying to make things clear so I can feel better and can start playing poker again.

So to explain quick what happened, in january/february/march I won alot of money and rolled myself for 10/20. In april I ran really bad. I was stuck alot, and one night, after playing for more than 5 hours on 6 tables, I was heads up on all the 6 tables against the same guy. LoisLane, but you also know this guy as Dracospinner. The game was really deep, I think it was 300bb deep on the smallest table, and 700bb deep on the biggest one. All of this at 10/20. We played for almost 3 hours, I was up 30k at a point but in the end, I was stuck 55k. He ran really good, he outplayed me and got lucky at some times, I also tilted in some huge pots.
After this session my overall downswing reached his low point of -110k. It took me all the time before leaving las vegas to win it back. The day before leaving for Vegas, I saw Bluescouse/Charlatan/SupaGrass/88%Concentration, sitting alone on a 50/100nl table. He's known for beeing an action freak, degen, and bad bad player. I asked around and two people agreed on buyin a piece of me. Nazgul took 50% of my action and Tall/Teldren took a small percentage (up to 5k).
I lost 60k. I played a mix of good and bad, but in the end he won the money.

I left for vegas, a bit pissed, especially for Nazgul, he trusted me and I lost. I still feel really bad for this.
In vegas I played:
- wsop 5k sh
- wsop main event
- 2600$ tourney at the venetian
- 1070$ tourney at the venetian.
Overall my play was poor, at times I played really well, but never long enough, I took some bad beats but also put some even worse. My behavior was often unacceptable, I was always semi tilted, arrogant, and bad.

I came back in France on July, 18th. Since that date I've not been winning, and never been playing good poker for more than one day. Some sessions Im playing really well, and I feel like I'm a genius. And the next session If I lose a single coinflip, thats over, im going to drop 10 buyins like a donkey. I can't grind anymore, I can't play solid for a while anymore, I always blame bad luck and stupid opponents for losing while it's actually 100% my fault if I'm down and not able to win anymore.

Also during that whole time, I've been arrogant with alot of people, acting like i'm a poker god.
Even worse, I'm jealous when my friends, MY REAL (poker) FRIENDS, win at poker.
I've also been whining and blaming why too much the variance while I'm actually lying about how the hands happened just to look like I'm running bad and find people to tell me I'm good and Im unlucky.
The truth is that i'm bad, and that im a pathetic fake pro.

I want to apologize to everyone for all that shit.

I'm going to try to be good again, because I've clearly been playing bad poker for a long period of time, and i know most of my leaks, so if I really got balls, it'll take some time and some hard work, but i'll be good again.

Regards, Ludovic

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  Cutsss, Aug 06 2007

ok quick update, ive been playing bad and tilting, now rebuilding.
goin to ibiza on august 18th, well be back on the 28th.

I wont go to EPT Barcelona and WSOPE, but definately to EPT london and every next EPT.

So the plan now is to grind 50k before the 18th, ive a new database and deleted everything from before.
So far first session is nice.

i love party

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post vegas cashgames results
  Cutsss, Aug 02 2007


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Some news
  Cutsss, Jun 13 2007

I'm sorry for the lack of updates since my last post, but now I have a green star, I have to update my blog (obv).

As u may remember I ended april in the red, like 30k, I was a bit depressed I must admit, plus I had my exams in may (I'm in 3rd year of lawschool in france)... wasnt really thinking about updating the blog.
I failed my exams, but im confident that I'll pass it in september (2nd
Poker related, May went better than April, I was really playing better and was up 90k after like three weeks. I took another shot at 25/50 and got a little crushed and went on tilt for the remaining days of the month finishing up 60k.


End of May I went with two friends to Barcelona for the World Heads Up Poker Championship (I live in Toulouse, so Barcelona is like 4 hours away in car from my place).

Sadly the main event was 128 players max and was full, so I had to play the side events, 320 euros PLHE, 2100 euros PLHE. Good practice for vegas since i had never played any live tournament before.

In the 320 PLHE I was short after one hour, trying things but live players like to make hero calls, before the dinner break I doubled up twice (JJ vs 77 and 66 vs AT) and went to eat with a little more than avg.

When I came back I really took control of my table and managed to get the chiplead with 27 players left (top9 paid, about 120 entrants), my friend Balmix was also 1st/2nd in chips depending on the minute.
Then I got that fucking hand when one guy limp MP, I'm late with A6 and raise to 1k using a 1k chip, but I dont announce it and the dealer tell me that im forced to call...
flop A63, limper has 33 and im sure he would have folded to the raise.

I get back to average and the tournament is now a sick crapshoot, blinds are really going up fast and the chipleader is like 16bb, avg being 8bb. I try to steal some and lose some more before racing AKs vs 99 and losing 18th. My buddy Balmix also finished oom, 11th place.

I went on tilt to the cashgames (10/20 uncap) and met some cool guys, like zivziv on ps, a dutch limit player who lives in barcelona, another player who was offering all of us champaign, and an horrible Russian guy who was on tilt and allin every hand (no kidding) with any two... He lost maybe 10k euros in half an hour and decided to leave despite the table trying to offer him champaign and +EV odds on the prop bets.

Later on I lost a close to 7k pot when I squeezed from the sb with AThh flop came 89J one heart, I contbet and got a quick call, turn 4h I shoved and guy called me with 99.

I was close to cash broke after that (had like 4k left plus the tourney buyin to pay). We went back to the hotel and decided to grind the juicy cashgames the next day.

5/10 was awfull, full of decent online players waiting for matches in the heads up tourney, so we went to 5/10 PLO planning to gamble multiple short buyins. I ran twice my 200 buyin into 2k before losing it but cashed out a decent profit (1K).

The next day was the satellite day, I lost 3/4 of my chips level one when there was a raise utg & call utg+1, I squeeze button, got called from a guy from argentina that is horrible. I had AK and flop came AA8 two clubs, I bet and got called, turn 7 club and the guy lead half the pot, I consider calling but I remember him betting hard with made hands in the PLHE so I raise it 4x leaving myself close to nothing, river is a 4th club, check check and he has TT with Tc and take the pot. I won a flip but got card dead and finally pushed with 5.5bb in the button with T4o and got called by the sb who had T8s, he said he had a read, lol.

Saturday I played the 2100 event, 10k starting stack, a french dude bluffed half his stack vs my 2nd flush and I was up to 15k really quick. But I had a sick hand where a guy raise CO, I call BTN with 33 and flop come rags with two spades dude bet and I raise him, he calls, turn x check check, river 3rd spade, he lead 2100, I raise to 6600 and he calls with AA.
Then I raise 68s from the CO, got called by two guy in the blinds, flop came Q68, I bet they both call, turn 3, I bet english dude call, river 4 english check, I decided to bet, he raises allin, I fold and show, he shows Q3 lol...
Final hand I limp KJo utg+1 with 15bb, flop came 346, checked around, turn 6 with 2nd spade, checked to me, I bet, sb calls (french woman) calls, river As making the board 3466A with three spades, she check calls my shove with 34o, I guess she had a read.
Then we spent the rest of the time playing cash or going to club...

-- VEGAS --

Since I'm back I've played quite a lot, took another shot at 25/50 and still not running as expected.
I'm going to vegas the 24th and will stay there (at the Harrahs) till July 18th. I plan on playing the 5KNL sh and the main event. I dont know how I feel for that, I havent played tourneys for the last two months except the ones in barca and I dont know how I'll play there, but I'm a poker player so I'll prolly feel what i have to do at the table.


Plan is to continue grinding before wsop, if possible play some live and some tourneys, really rest and dont play too much to get there fresh...

On a side note I gave my first poker lesson to cariadon, I think he liked, but u can ask him his impressions, so far he booked 5 hours for 1k (I know I should update the price in the Lesson section lol)...
Anyway here it is, I dont know if Ill update before the wsop, but I'll def post from there in the wsop blog...

later guys

nb: the "--TITLE --" is for naz because he cant read 6 lines in a row without risking permanent brain damage.

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last session
  Cutsss, Apr 30 2007

after posting my result i felt kinda bad about losing all that money in a month, so I decided to try to break even in the last night.... i think i did my best playing 14k hands and winning some... im tired now off to bed gg

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My new record
  Cutsss, Apr 30 2007

SO you guys must remember how bad i was running at the beggining of the month, so I decided to put in some hours and to play my best for a while in order to recover from that downswing.
I can tell that i'm proud of what i've done, tilt control, play good solid poker, review sessions...
All that is obviously rewarded and i'm proud to show you my new record: April 2007

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since I post my brags...
  Cutsss, Apr 12 2007

I'll post the beats.

Thanks to my new god

He has been crushing me heads up everyday but i'll beat him, i swear to god i'll beat him.
Some funny hands:

If u dont know him LoisLane is a guy who used to play the highest limit holdem games, but some ppl told me multiple players use this account. For example, one session i was crushing him and the game was kinda deep, he sat out and came back and was playing a totally different style, anyway I wont report him and I'll beat all the guys on this account.

Anyway I guess its a standard downswing, i'm still well rolled so i'll play without really thinking about it.

ps: Note the small hope on the end! +10k in 900 hands (its today)

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  Cutsss, Apr 05 2007

btw note that i didnt hit n run but people left the tables. (except at 50 100 but that was a revenge hitnrun so it doesnt count as a pure hitnrun).

hand of the week:
NL $25/$50 Texas Hold'em - Thursday, April 05, 17:46:41 GMT 2007
Table Beryllium 02 6-max (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of active players : 2
Seat 3: xxTHETILTxx ( $6,298 )
Seat 4: Erik1234 ( $7,161 )
Seat 5: enculator ( $5,000 )
Erik1234 posts small blind [$25]
xxTHETILTxx posts big blind [$50]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to xxTHETILTxx [ Ah, Ac ]
Erik1234 raises to [$150]
xxTHETILTxx raises to [$600]
Erik1234 calls [$450]
** Dealing Flop ** [ 6d, 6s, Kd ]
xxTHETILTxx bets [$900]
Erik1234 calls [$900]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 6c ]
xxTHETILTxx bets [$1,600]
Erik1234 goes all-in
Erik1234 raises to [$4,061]
xxTHETILTxx calls [$3,198]
xxTHETILTxx goes all-in
Returning uncalled bet [$863] to Erik1234
** Dealing River ** [ Kc ]
** Showdown **
Erik1234 shows [ Kh, 5d ] full house, Kings full of Sixes
xxTHETILTxx mucks [ Ah, Ac ]
** Hand Conclusion **
Erik1234 wins $12,595 from main pot with full house, Kings full of Sixes

hm, and i run bad.

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Sunday crapshoots!
  Cutsss, Apr 01 2007

Okay so today was our tournament day aswell as the first day of the month. As usual I wakeup and check my emails and guess what I find ?

Well, I think its a sign im going to get lucky this sunday, so I register as usual every tournament on earth and after a few hours I finish 2nd in the 320$ Big Deal at Eurobet (Pokerroom network) for like 12.7k.

Some friends requested me to record while playing so I did while playing the 215 Heads up tournament on stars, I dont really remember right now how I played the final table I just think I got lucky on the 58s hand coz I was pushing nearly any turn but luckily the turn was my gutshot . The hu match was funny coz I managed to win even if I wasnt focused at all. My opponent was horrible. About the bluff when I ran into his trips, well, I had the feeling he was the kind of nit folding river coz i might have a flush, he called gg.

You can download the video here:
Final Table Eurobet

click on "Download for free with FileFactory Basic"

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mediocre month
  Cutsss, Mar 31 2007

All in all pretty mediocre month considering how many hours in put in. I've been playing bad and often too many tables (13 tabling with 4 hus no good), so im going to try to fix it.
holdem graph:

So I'm up 56k in holdem nl cashgame 95% 10/20 coz i don't have the roll to play 25/50 (its only good to chase losses when on tilt and half drunk u know), down 1.8k in PLO (running like shit), down 3k in razz 30/60 where im supposed to be worldclass(.).
I won my wsop seat (12k) and must be up some in all the weekly events (doing good in the small ones on sites u dont even know that exist).

Next months are going to be tough for me, I have my final exams in law school so gotta work, im still going to try to put in 1k hands a day on average and i'll be on holidays on the 21st may. Then I'll play alot alot alot and go to the wsop then holidays planned in Ibiza with my friends where we rent a house for 2 weeks (pic incoming).

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