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St. Maarten
  casinocasino, Jan 10 2012

Right before the end of 2011 I went on a 6 day trip, 2 To Jamaica, and then went to St Maarten for 4 days, I planned on playing poker some but had to finish the last 20k VPP when i got home because bad internet connection. St Maarten is awesome, cool locals, good food, lots of activities, Ziplining 1000 feet in the air, windsurfing, parachuteing, French and Dutch side and kind of affordable to live as some places had 500/month for all inclusive. The internet was kind of slow but to be expected when living in hotels. I found some reliable internet providers having service at 1000kbs(is that fast enough to run multiple 24 tablers off a single connection?) Anyways its an attractive to place to live as poker plaer, and I am highly considering moving back. Anyone ever considered places like this? seem to be a good alternative to the Thailand type destinations many poker players find themselves in.

Happy Bay, we treked here for 15 minutes off some nudist beach on the French side, it only had a hut with some cocunut trees and a guy selling a fresh one for 1$

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  casinocasino, Aug 07 2011

Well I decided not to long ago that I was going to begin writing another blog. To reference my thoughts, ideas, and to give some perspective to other players. I had a lot of thoughts and stories bottled up since last time I wrote in a blog but I shall focus on new ideas and material.

(some history)

May, 2010.
This is around the time where I had broken up from a 1 year relationship, I was still living in my downtown apartment in LA, but I was planning on heading back to Toronto soon, as the LA/Vegas lifestyle really did not suit my interests any further.

In the last few months of my trip I met a Dave a friend of mine who I now consider my "poker mentor"
Dave was a 21 year old student studying at USC not to far from where we lived(he lived a few floors below me) he drive a Aston Martin and he used crush 5/10NL on stars 24 tabling (won the UGL a few times)

Before meeting Dave I kind of struggled at playing 8 tables having to think deeply into every spot, and was focused on always trying to make the "perfect" play. Interestingly, Dave was playing on a 14" laptop having a inch of space for overlapping but still able to maintain focus and doing well (one session I remember him being stuck 24 buy ins and finishing up 17, he rarely ever quits, and just sits through monster amounts of hands lasting 10+ hours)

Dave's explained to me that: Its basically (in general) more profitable to add tables and to sacrifice win rate for hourly. example:: if you play 12 tables at 3bb/100 but play 24 tables at 2bb/100 your hourly will be 50% higher.

So I started to play 24 tables of full ring (I almost never played full ring before, mostly just HU when I played online).
I had some trouble for the first 3-6 months but then I began to do a lot better and show much stronger results.

That is mainly the philosophy I learned from Dave, in addition to minor things like min-opening and light shoving ranges which are well applicable to a mass tabling game style.

I may elaborate more on the above ideas but the purpose of this blog was just to give some perspective of the history.

Anyways that's it for now folks here are some cool things that I've come across today, this is my new stars avatar, thoughts?

Also really enjoyed this share from a friend.

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new blog soon
  casinocasino, Aug 01 2011

rhianna gambles with them pokerstars chip's


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