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  d.Apollo, Jun 05 2009

Hey birders, its about time I wrote another addition to my blog so here it comes.

I am currently on the floor of ToTMidians bedroom, hes asleep obv, he needs SO much sleep its unreal, like 12+ hours a day, incredible. Anyway, ive been in Mansfield, England for 8days now spending time with Jamie at his parents place, we've been doing lots of catching up, drinking, poker since we haven't seen each other since wcg cologne 08. I am going to update you on stuff we've been up to and poker and the future!

I arrived last thursday afternoon after my epic journey from my sisters, caught bus from my sisters at 9am arrived in Mansfield about 2pm I think, lots of train exchanges, lots of waiting, pretty standard stuff. Jamie and his mum picked me up from the station and we hed back to his place for some catchup and alcohol before going out for curry meeting up with Jamies friends which ended quite a drunk/fun/interesting night from starting in wetherspoons and ending up in liquid the "local club" :D I obviously had to show Mansfield how to drink/dance and bird. - Bird is a word you shall become familiar with if you know/talk to me or Jamie

Basically all week I have been getting up around 8-10am and playing some poker before Jamie gets up at like 12-1pm and then we watch poker videos, rail each other, watch UFC, grind the xbox and then hitting out basically every evening/night for pool/drinks/food/socializing with friends. Its been cool and Jamies friends are really nice, funny and good to hang out with and we all get on pretty well.

I've been bragging about this "sick event" that I wouldn't post about because I wanted to keep it secret from Jamie for aslong as possible but as mentioned in his blog, I am going back to Seoul, Korea with him on Sunday for 8weeks! Its going to be really good to spend the summer in Seoul, play poker, get drunk, eat korean food and just basically chill out for the summer there, going to be really immense. So if you are around Seoul this summer, please come out, get drunk with me and come birdin' =) I already think Kwark_UK and Artanis are coming to stay for a while with us so join us!!

Pokerwise, as most people know, ive been on some epic downswing recently which I honestly do feel is ONLY about 40% of the actual downswing content, after reviewing my play, understanding whats happening to me, I feel that I am playing worse than normal, I am overplaying hands and forcing situations to happen which is resulting is extremely -EV play therefore is hurting my longterm game. Over the past few days here, I have realized my problems and am in full flow of pluggin leaks and expanding my knowledge, understanding and general approach to the game and wish to keep this up over the time spent in Seoul. Watching poker videos, back and forth railing between myself and Jamie is obviously going to help my game a LOT and I am super thankful for his help and patience with me Not many people are as lucky as me to get such a sick friend =)

Here are some May graph results;

May, all limits;

May, excluding 50nl

As you can see, I started the month in a rapid upswing and then coasted downnnnnnnnn until the month ended =( Like I said I do believe only 40% was actual downswing, running bad, I believe at least 30% was tilt, 20% forcing play and 10% complete dogshit poker.

Here is my June month so far;

The BIG difference between me now and me a few months back is that I couldn't handle running bad and refused to understand WHY it was happening and just constantly tilted/withdrew etc. I have overcome this and have been playing poker solidly from the start of May which is a huge improvement for me in terms of handling the game mentally. I will continue to improve my play/style/mentality and hope to see some large results from me over the summer!!

Speical thanks to Jamie (Midian), Roseeker, Silver, DoC.Lemon, Dahornnn, bbq, Oli, Artanis and Neilly for support throughout May, and any1 else i forgot to mention.



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Goodbye profits, hello breakeven.
  d.Apollo, May 20 2009

So ermmm yer, downswing is gut. Save to say ive basically lost the majority of my profits this month and almost breakeven apart from fpps/vpps, guess I should be happy iam from UK and get this VPP promotion, sigh. Still rolled for 25nl, going to take break then try and continue to fight on. Sinking feeling but its pretty standard for most people =/

I lost $400 in 50nl (shots at different times of the month) so I am still technically a winner at 25nl, just on a downswinging player.

My sessions have been really short ones recently because the setups are getting annoying =/ So as soon I start to feel tilted annoyed I just end session.

Gotta fight through this ...

Month graph, all limits =/

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Downswing =/
  d.Apollo, May 19 2009

Going through a real good time at the moment ;( You know the drill.... Feel pretty tilted about it so stopped playing and writing this. I know play is mostly standard but 1or2buyins ive lost through tilt which I was embarassed about looking back afterwards.

Going to take few hours break then play some more, gotta work through this ;@

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10nl Monkey + Month Progress
  d.Apollo, May 15 2009

Was just going to post about my 10nl session but thought id update my month so far for blog followers and other people/players/lovers/birders. Firstly.

lol a friend was playing some 10nl so I thought id join in... then I started to tilt everyone and ended up having a good session =P

Check out some of my hands

+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

Session grafff

Haha, was funny reading chat and listening to 10nl regs talk back to me on msn :D :D

Month so far:

Pokerwise, things have been going pretty good. I started the month in 25nl after Midian put me in there as I have mentioned in my previous blog. I have spent most my time in 25nl, I took a 50nl shot which went pretty breakeven (-$60) it was a good experience but I don't think I am quite ready for it yet but I will be ready soon, I promise!

I think I am understanding the game a lot more and can't wait to hear midians philosophy about 100nl :D I have been reading over my hand histories after sessions and identifying shit play and where I can improve which has helped me out. I also have been very much reading lp every day, even whilst I am meant to be working but its all I can think about ;o My determination is pretty high though I am struggerling in entering enough volume because of work and other real life related things... ;S

I finished work today, I have a 3week holiday in which I will spent the first week with my sister as I havent seen her at all recently and then the next 2 at Jamies house, drinking/poker n stuff.

Here is my month graph so far

I guess its pretty solid, my 50nl effort looks like an errected penis -.- Oh well, I will try again soon.

I have been talking a lot with DoC.LemOn tonight and its pretty cool to listen to what he has to think about poker meta game and how he thinks, I hopefully throw something back on the table for him with some points I made and its just good to generally chat about things. I also had my first liquidpoker CHAT with some1 that I didn't actually know, I forgot your name already, fuck, but yer was good, more people should use it..

Going out for my football team dinner tomorrow night, expensive night, suppose iam out to get ILL. Fun times...

Small blog turned into a ramp of text, cool?

BTW... I still need to ship $56.83 from FTP so if any1 has read this far can help me out LOL thanks


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FT - Stars $$
  d.Apollo, May 15 2009

I have $56.83 on FTP that I want on stars, can any1 help me? x

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  d.Apollo, May 04 2009

Hi! I had the urge to post an update so here I am! I haven't posted anything in a while so hopefully I have enough to talk about which isn't boring!

I have had a shitty last few months, no job, no money, just generally running bad at everything I have been doing. I have been playing poker <25nl because I never build up a big enough roll to move up before I have to withdraw from it to actually survive in life. Its kinda depressing and tilting but I just enjoy playing poker so I don't mind it too much. My monthly expensives are pretty gay because iam pretty socialable, people that have met me, will know this. I like to drink/party/bird/ and generally have fun, its pretty loose when it comes to spending money.

I have been staked several times over the past couple of month, mostly from RoSeeker, a br nit, 50nl reg, he has been looking after me for quite some time and he has mass respect from me. He is always supporting me via msn/vent/shipping me $$ etc.etc. Thanks man.
I also got staked from Bongky which didn't end to well sadly, I downswingament/tilted his $200 away but I ended up paying him it all back even though the general rule in staking is that you don't pay back lost money but I felt so bad that I didn't care what he said. Hes a really nice guy and I am glad he found me a while back, really nice solid guy.

At the end of last month, I shipped back money to Bongky and money to Roseeker and withdrew the rest of my roll because I have a sick event planned soon which I WILL talk about in a future blog but at the moment its very hushhush. Its a very ev+ event so I didn't mind to much. This time, ToTMidian helped me out and shipped me $500 so I can continue playing for this month which is great, thanks bro.

I am currently playing 25nl and playing/running pretty well, graph so far;

Since I don't need to depend on any money I make from poker anymore I can fully concentrate on moving up!! I will stay in 25nl until I meet up with midian later on this month when I will be going to stay at his place before he goes back to Korea. Meeting up with midina will be the highlight of my month because we have a lot of fun and get on really well and ofcourse he helps me with poker, cant wait!

I think thats all the poker update I can give, ill go into my life/other shit now, so you can stop reading if you dont care about this ;D

Like I said earlier in my blog, the recession in the UK is pretty fucking queer at the moment making it extremely hard for anyone to actually find work, luckily ive had a good 6-7weeks of working and built up a pretty nice bankroll which I have saved up for a future sick event I talked about. It makes me feel so much less pressure when playing poker that I dont have to think about $$ which really improves my overall play. The job I have at the moment is pretty boring, its just standard data input, so iam given 34593573x sheets of paper a day and I use my micro/apm to enter the data into the home software of the company. Boring, but $$.

I am a "reg" at the local gym, where I attend 2x a week, I mostly work out, trying to build/tone muscles, I do some aerobic work, just not as much. I also like to go swimming after each gym session :D Doing this, really does build a healthier life style, I feel better, I look better and just generally it improves the quality of my life! I recommend going to the gym!!!

I have been addicted to gomtv, havent missed a game this season, really enjoying the games at the moment, some sick beats recently, savoir stork etc. but its great that there are upsets because it makes it pretty interesting and I love underdogs =D I have been playing myself recently aswell, iam D on iccup and have 35% chance of winning :D sick brag! I enjoy it ;D

I also have been hanging around liquid poker vent recently and playing/talking/watching gomtv with friends so hop on! Its good fun.

Like I said earlier, I am going to stay with midian later this month and then I have sick plans (future blog) after this. Hmmm not to much else to talk about apart from I pulled a stunner last night in a club!! So chuffed. I think thats all I can say, hit me up on msn liquidpoker users, send PM if interested!

Until next time!! x

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FT - Stars $$
  d.Apollo, Apr 24 2009

Some1 owes me $11 and can only pay by fulltilt, wondering if any1 will help me? I'll get him to transfer to your account on fulltilt, you ship me the $11 on stars?



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10nl stake
  d.Apollo, Feb 20 2009


Looking for a 10nl stake ($200) ive been a solid winner at 2/5/10/25nl for some time, all hands and results in my blog/hh. The reason why iam busto is because I have real life money issues because of the recession in england, its extremely hard to find a job at the moment so I end up withdrawing my winnings.

I played a solid month in January playing through 2/5/10/25nl and had a solid preformance which was $730+, considering the stakes, its quite good.

I know it will be hard to get a stake but hopefully there is some1 who has seen me playing and believes in me. I offer good terms if you are interested in profit from staking me.

PM me or msn: to chat.



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gogo febuary T_T
  d.Apollo, Feb 01 2009

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  d.Apollo, Jan 30 2009

Right well, I am going to write up my January 09 update now because I am going out soon for the rest of the night and also will be out at football/drinking tomorrow night so won't be playing anymore this month.

My january poker journey has been a weird/long one, I started playing poker again on the 2nd of January with $20 which I had left in my account from my last withdraw.

I grinded out 2/5nl for about a 4days, moved into 10nl and started ok then tilted my ass off as standard, lost half my roll then withdrew the rest which was about $120. I then got staked a day later from Mcturnbull (25/50nlreg), he staked me for $20 and I regrinded up the same way, 4days in 2/5nl and then got into 10nl, ran bad, lost half roll and withdrew again, around the same figures. Such a degen..

I did produce sexy results when I wasn't tilted and playing my best;

A few days later, I started grinding 2nl again and got approached by a 50/100nl reg, Roseeker, who basically said. "Stop fucking withdrawing, I am going to stake you for $200 and you will play 10nl and play for real, we will work on issues that are holding you back" etc.etc. So I got staked half way through the month to play in 10nl. Through 10nl, my winrate was extremely poor compared to what it SHOULD have been because I was dealing with my degen attitude with tilt and really tried to improve myself which I think I have done with help of players such as Silver)Z(, Kwark_UK, Mcturnbull, Roseeker, EscapingR and Artantis trying to tilt me during my grinding lol!

Anyway, I finally finished 10nl

I then moved into 25nl and basically broke even for ages, adjusting to the style again of 25nl after playing 2/5/10nl for long took me a while but having cured my tilting issues and my withdrawing symptons I could deal with the swings and breakeveness which I think is really good which means now I can really concentrate on improving other aspects of my game! I am currently half way through 25nl and feeling more confident because I finally brought past being breakeven/downswinging in 25nl! Sick heater at end ;d

Even though I have been in super low microstakes most of the month, I achieved to hit gold star VIP status which is nice and I am getting back into my old self before I busted out of 50nl (read previous blogs).

My month stats and graph

Cash: +$611.44
Donkaments: +$70 give or take
Bonus: +$50

In total a month profit of around $730 which I am proud of!

Apart from poker, I have been working on my fitness and getting back into football again after a few months break and lack of training, I do weights/workout most nights, have official training once a week and match days being Saturday! So feeling a lot healthier for sure. I am also looking into renting a 3bedroom house with a few mates in the next month or so which could be interesting, hopefully should go down well. I am looking into getting some basic IT jobs, even some retail work to help support me because I am not withdrawing from poker anymore. In gaming aspects, I haven't played any this month really, haven't touched starcraft in months or any CNC game properly, I truely think my pro gaming aspect of my life is over Which is sad because I enjoyed it and made so many great friends through it and travelled to so many different places. Moving on with my life now which is great=)

Hopefully Febuary will bring me a good improving month and see where it takes me! Take careeeeeeeeeeeeeee x

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