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from the ground up

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my FTP for your Stars
  joLin, Feb 20 2010

i need to transfer a few thousand from ftp to stars, $500 at a time (or less if you'd like) preferably and trustworthy members only. ill send first. thanks!

edit: DONE. thanks bober.

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  joLin, Nov 30 2009

i stopped posting monthly blogs between june-september because i kept losing and it tilted me to look at graphs/results so i just stopped looking at them. looking back on it now, here is june through september:

the last 2 months have gone a lot better though. i think ive fixed some leaks in my game and my tilt control has definitely gotten better. i used to have decent tilt control, but i really broke down this summer and got tilted by every little thing. things are turning around though.

this is my biggest month, winnings and volume wise:

+~930 in rakeback = ship the $5430 november!!

next month my goal is to play more hands than edzwoo does.

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  joLin, Oct 31 2009

i havent won since may.

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anyone want to chat?
  joLin, Jul 19 2009

any winning nl50/100 6m players want to chat? ive been breakeven/slightly losing for the last 100k hands or so and its been really frustrating. not sure what im doing wrong, would help to talk to other players. my AIM is ahhratelimit. just msg me and let me know who you are if you want.

or if youre at nl25 and below and would like to talk feel free to msg me as well, i crush nl25 but i cant seem to beat nl50 i suk.

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  joLin, Jun 30 2009

june started off terribly (see last 2 blog posts). i used to have superb tilt control but that disappeared with all of the struggling/runbad in the last 2 months. losing so much made me unmotivated and really hurt my volume (15k of the hands were played during the last 3 days). ended up recovering pretty nicely though. between hands 19k and 33k i just 12 tabled nl25 stress-free to rebuild my roll.

i dont know what changed, but the last few days ive been able to play pretty long 2-3 hour sessions. before, i'd usually get tired anywhere between 1-1.5 hours. hopefully i can keep this up and really put in a ton of hands in july. ended the month with a solid 3 hour, +2 buyin nl50 session.

thx to vlseph and balloonfight for listening to all of my recent whining.

82 cents in the green fuck yea:

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  joLin, Jun 11 2009

not even after dropping to nl25 bcuz 60bb donkeys flop 2 pair on me and stack me multiple times a session and bad regs float gutshots deep and then stack me.

month so far:

god i hate this game.

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what the fuck
  joLin, Jun 06 2009

am i doing? in 6.2k hands this month ive dropped 10.5 buyins in nonshowdown. its never been that bad before. i might be doing way too much 'ill call and fold if he bets again' crap. sigh..i need help ive been playing like ass for 2 months.

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may kinda sucks
  joLin, May 31 2009

yea..about 9k hands at 100nl (at the beginning of the month) then the rest of the month at 50nl. didnt meet any of my goals for last month (become 100nl reg, regain confidence in my game, $1k month). but i think things are starting to look up. im feeling a bit better recently and with summer starting i intend to put in a lot more hours. i need to do more video watching this month too..ive been slacking off on that. at least i ended may in the green, but this is the worst month ive had since i started. cant complain too much though i guess.


put in about 80 hours, mostly 4-6 tabling.

and i hate complaining about variance, but my last 50k hands have been 15 bi below EV:

oh also i stack off in lots of retarded spots. i need to stop killing my winnings like that.

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  joLin, May 14 2009

for all you guys who're beating 50nl-200nl, whats your W$WSF percentage? im just curious if mine is a bit low, which i think it is cuz im so bad.

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why cant i
  joLin, May 11 2009

not lose all of the months profits in a day

im starting to think 4betting AK at 100nl is a leak.

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