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First NL100 Session!
  SpasticInk, Sep 02 2010

Oh well, haven't played much since my last entry because of school and too much partying/being tired (all random excuses). But today I felt relaxed and ready to jump into the action. Unfortunately, my client was upgraded to the "resizable ipoker software" (or whatever you wanna call it), which means that my MiniMaxMod didn't work anymore. For you who don't know, it's a modification program that makes the software a lot more playable. Not gonna make this sound like an ad, but it is really helpful and multitabling becomes a lot easier because you have a clean surface, you can use your mouse in many ways, ie. right click and you pot it, use scroll to adjust betsizing and so on...

Anyway, I decided to play anyway, started with 4 tables to get used to the software and then added 2 more. Session was a bit swingy (felt so), and I ran really good in the sense that I stacked a lot of people when I hit my set/flush etc. Did some preflop mistakes and stupid bluffs in spots where I shouldn't, but it also paid off in later situations! Also noticed some different patterns between NL50 and NL100; people seem to 3-bet/4-bet a bit more, and are less reluctant to get it in light. The regulars seem to adjust their preflop-raise sizing a lot more. Saw many people 2x, 2,5x in CO/BTN, and not only w/ garbage hands but also good hands.

Here is my graph:

Biggest mistake made in the session was probably this hand:

Submitted by : SpasticInk

GAME #2414818207: Texas Holdem NL $0.50/$1 2010/09/02 14:14:51
Table Brock No DP 50 bb min
Seat 1: maxkvo $133.03 in chips
Seat 3: SteelWheelBike $64.75 in chips
Seat 5: katja1989 $101.50 in chips DEALER
Seat 6: frogscantplaypkr $100.40 in chips
Seat 8: Hero $294.97 in chips
Seat 10: Pacmaan $140.30 in chips
Hero: Post SB $0.50
Pacmaan: Post BB $1.00

Dealt to HeroAcQc
maxkvo: Fold
SteelWheelBike: Fold
katja1989: Raise NF $2.00
Hero: Raise NF $8.00
Pacmaan: Raise NF $25.00
katja1989: Fold
Hero: Raise NF $294.97
Pacmaan: Allin $115.30

Flop (Pot : $321.97)


Turn (Pot : $321.97)


River (Pot : $321.97)


Total pot $434.27 Rake $3.00
Hero: ShowsAcQc
Pacmaan: ShowsKdKc
Hero: wins $154.67
Pacmaan: wins $279.60

First, I misread stacksizes, thought he had 100bb or something. I blame the software. Second, I had some previous history with him where I jammed over one of his 4-bets (in btn vs blind-war). Felt that he could very possible interpret my 3-bet as a steal and cold 4-bet in spots like these. But in hindsight this is a pretty easy muck, even though people DO this sometimes, it happens very rarily.

Also jammed 99 over a BB squeese (SB flatted my raise), and got snap called by AA. Not as big of mistake I think, but I probably didn't know enough about that opponent to make it a profitable play.

Submitted by : SpasticInk

GAME #2414921165: Texas Holdem NL $0.50/$1 2010/09/02 15:56:41
Table Aprelevka No DP
Seat 1: ILoveNatalia $101.50 in chips
Seat 3: BlueSpoon1 $28.90 in chips
Seat 5: Hero $187.55 in chips DEALER
Seat 6: katja1989 $149.90 in chips
Seat 8: HIPERPOLLO $30.00 in chips
Seat 10: magne99 $125.80 in chips
katja1989: Post SB $0.50
magne99: Post BB $1.00

Dealt to HeroJh9h
ILoveNatalia: Fold
BlueSpoon1: Fold
Hero: Raise NF $3.00
katja1989: Call $2.50
magne99: Fold

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $7.00)

katja1989: Check
Hero: Check

Turn (Pot : $7.00)

katja1989: Bet $4.00
Hero: Raise NF $14.50
katja1989: Call $10.50

River (Pot : $36.00)

katja1989: Bet $18.00
Hero: Raise NF $70.00
katja1989: Call $52.00

Total pot $173.00 Rake $3.00
katja1989: ShowsAcJc
katja1989: wins $173.00

This hand felt really weird. Sometimes I do delayed c-bet like that, and bet the turn instead. He leads, I decide to put the pressure a bit. I raise pretty all my Ax there as well, charching draws and stuff. When he donkbetted the river river like that I felt he tried to get a cheap chowdown with AT or something, so I pulled my hero trigger and raised. Funny thing is he tanked to the last seconds and then called. Good read by me...

And here comes some fun hands (same opponent as above):

Submitted by : SpasticInk

GAME #2414933571: Texas Holdem NL $0.50/$1 2010/09/02 16:08:18
Table Woodford 50 bb min
Seat 3: katja1989 $184.78 in chips DEALER
Seat 6: BRSupplyx $124.70 in chips
Seat 8: Hero $178.42 in chips
BRSupplyx: Post SB $0.50
Hero: Post BB $1.00

Dealt to Hero2c2s
katja1989: Raise NF $2.00
BRSupplyx: Fold
Hero: Call $1.00

Flop (Pot : $4.50)

Hero: Bet $3.50
katja1989: Call $3.50

Turn (Pot : $11.50)

Hero: Bet $8.50
katja1989: Call $8.50

River (Pot : $28.50)

Hero: Check
katja1989: Bet $17.50
Hero: Raise NF $80.00
katja1989: Call $62.50

Total pot $186.50 Rake $2.00
katja1989: Shows4cAd
Hero: Shows2c2s
Hero: wins $186.50

Decided to lead into him since my hand just sucks but he minraised a lot of buttons, figured he'd play fit and fold. Luckily I hit my gin card. Bet the turn. Check the river to induce some bets by missed flushdraws and hopefully a valuebet by Ax (who the hell doesnt valuebet Ax there?). Worked wonders, and since this was like a couple of minutes later from my J9hh spew, he called it off pretty fast.

And the last hand, where pretty much our history in sb-vs-bb finally payed off. I pretty much jumped my chair of joy when he 5-bet.

Submitted by : SpasticInk

GAME #2414936747: Texas Holdem NL $0.50/$1 2010/09/02 16:11:22
Table Aprelevka No DP
Seat 1: Bianconerr0 $30.00 in chips DEALER
Seat 3: amansador1 $30.00 in chips
Seat 5: Hero $136.00 in chips
Seat 6: katja1989 $185.97 in chips
Seat 8: HIPERPOLLO $31.50 in chips
Seat 10: magne99 $105.13 in chips
Hero: Post SB $0.50
katja1989: Post BB $1.00

Dealt to HeroAhKd
magne99: Fold
Bianconerr0: Fold
Hero: Raise NF $3.00
katja1989: Raise NF $9.00
Hero: Raise NF $28.00
katja1989: Raise NF $185.97
Hero: Allin $108.00

Flop (Pot : $213.97)


Turn (Pot : $213.97)


River (Pot : $213.97)


Total pot $318.97 Rake $3.00
Hero: ShowsAhKd
katja1989: ShowsAc2c
Hero: wins $269.00
katja1989: wins $49.97

All good in other words. Gonna record a nl50 video this week since I feel more comfortable doing that now. Feel free to comment/critize my hands. Take care all =)

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Done with NL50!
  SpasticInk, Aug 23 2010

A break for 6 months is apparently good for your poker soul. The grind at nl50 went really well, which you can see in the graph below.

Here are the statistics. As you can see I've played on all different currencies on iPoker, skill-wise they feel about the same, but too short sample to tell. Perhaps the pounds-table was a bit harder, but probably marginally.

What can be said about NL50 then? The majority of the players are actually regulars, but they seem to be pretty bad most of them. Biggest mistake I see by them is not valuebetting enough, and polarizing there range heavily. Makes it a lot easier to call down with 3rd pair if you know they only valuebet with a thin range of hands.

I have some small specific tips to help beat the level, and especially in the face of all the regulars. There are still tons of fish who donate their money to you though, so don't worry. But sometimes the tables were all filled up with 20/18 guys 3-betting like 10+%. A common thing they all have is that they pretty much 3-bet all the time in the SB and BB against a BTN/CO-raise. So, for all using HUD, it's pretty a MUST to check specifically from which position people 3-bet.

My general idea in the 3-bet department is to mix it up a bit more positionally; it's a great idea to once in a while throw in a 3-bet from the HJ against a loose UTG open with a hand like KJo. Also, to 3-bet the regulars who just won a big pot probably had a success rate at 95 %.

Against habitual squeesers in the BB, you should once in a while flat a raise with a premium hand in the SB to trap them. It will not work everytime of course, but it's a good idea to do and not just habitually 3-bet like a robot.

Time to try NL100 now. BR at 2000 euros which seems sufficient enough to try (will move down if I drop 5 buyins). Next goal is NL200, which I feel I need at least 30 buyins for. Feels good to start playing again, and hopefully the good run continues.

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Comeback - time to rebuild
  SpasticInk, Aug 11 2010

Hey LP!

I've been a member on Liquidpoker since the beginning without making too much noise - but now it's time to introduce myself a bit. Started to play back in 2005 as a hobby, and it ended up being my source of income while studying at the university. I've had a modest success, nothing fancy but enough to pay the bills. I used to play nl100 and nl200 mostly, and started to take shots at nl400 at the beginning of January 2010. Previous to that, I had some good months, and made some good progress playing wise and money wise.

This is the last database I have since my computer crashed and I lost my 4 year old database (sucks!), and the graph represents October to the end of January.

Here is where things turned around. Not about poker, but in life. I got a scholarship to study a semester in Shanghai, and I had trouble resisting that. Being unable to play in Shanghai (crappy internet, VPN etc.) I haven't played for 6 months as we speak. Got a lot of poker abstinense right now. The only problem is that I pretty much wasted all my money (including my online BR). Not something I regret, I had a great time, but now it's time to take poker a bit more seriously.

I just deposited 650€, jumping right at nl50 (NLH 6-max). Going to play at an ipoker-skin (had to get a new one since VC kicked me out a couple of months ago). Anyway, the reason I created this blog was primarily to keep some track of my current progress, and hopefully get some feedback from members here. I'm gonna take aggressive shots now, trying to reclimb the ladder.

NL100 at 2000€, NL200 at 5000€, and then we'll see what happens (hopefully this will go somewhat smoothly). I'm planning to record some videos when I've got the grind going.

Good luck all

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