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Anton's Poker

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April 1st
  AntonChan, Apr 01 2007

I did 3k hands today, and at the end I was only up 1 buy in. After the first 500 hands I got bad beat so bad that I decided that it was time to experiment (I was up two buy ins in the beginning, even with a couple of split pots that would've let me be up 4-5 buy ins...). I ran into a train and was down -2 buy ins so I started experimenting with calling and stuff.

All in all it was an interesting day. I played loose in some spots and tight in others and made some very questionable plays which I'll have to review. Eg. In some instances I'd give up 1/4 of my stack with second or even third pair if I think the guy is on a draw or I'd bet out hard even with second pair if I suspect he is chasing a draw.

Very interesting session... also, In the end I was up 3-4 buy ins on all my tables... which meant I spewed a lot lol

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Terrible Run
  AntonChan, Mar 20 2007

Wow, like wow. I haven't had a more terrible run than these past two days. It's extremely disguisting... At least when this is all over I'll start having a good run of cards, weeeee....

Another thing is that I notice some flaws in my game that I couldn't see before. Like pushing all in for no reason, which really is a spew.
I actually put him on AQ, but my reasoning was clouded with too much emotion (tilt, another losing session... etc). I should've have pushed on the flop, but folded on the turn. erk
As donvale said, why push. King high wouldn't even call me, plus he checked the river...
I'm not sure about this hand. I was looking over the hand history as I was playing this. I'd say the correct move was to repop him. He plays way too many hands and likes to bluff
Should I have pushed? I don't know comments please

So after reviewing these hands... damn I'm a donk lol. I have a lot to learn about this game. I tend to play with fear as well which doesn't help in my play.

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Never fuck with your bankroll
  AntonChan, Mar 19 2007

My bankroll has reached an all time high: $500 bucks lmao.

The thing is, if I've never transferred money to my friend in the past I would have 25 buy ins for 25nl. A decent amount. So my goal is to stick at 10nl.

I already have a decent BB/100 poker tracker says 5-7 (but on days where I'm not running good or down it goes to like 4).

I have a feeling that by playing at this stake for a bit longer I actually get to understand more of the game rather than rushing and trying to move up asquickly as possible

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  AntonChan, Mar 16 2007

I've been following DonVales progress and that guy is doing amazing. I remember wondering why he's stuck at .01/.02 nl for the longest time. As long as you keep at it, you'll succeed in whatever you do... the same can be said for ggplz.

edit. Here are some hands in which I have made mistakes. pls advise!
Hed was really loose... and kept calling everything
absolutely no reads on this guy whatsoever... I thought the possibly might have hit his boat... but you wouldn't play your boat like that right? Overpair or trips?
I think I played this hand well...

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Fifth/Sixth/Seven... etc. Poker Session
  AntonChan, Mar 14 2007

A group of friends and Tom came over on Monday. We were supposed to chill but since Mike wanted to play... we did lol. Up until that point I was winning pretty steadily. Not too bad, but Monday, even with Tom there we managed to lose a lot of buy ins. He made some stellar reads, but Lee didn't like me that day. Eg. Twice this happened with AK. We pushed all in preflop and guy hits an 8 with 83c, another hand guy hits two pair w/ 69... lol wtf!

I played 3k hands yesterday and today and I finally noticed what I'm doing wrong. Tom taught me how to play position and how to take advantage of the position, however, I'm looking at my tracker and I'm actually NEGATIVE in both Dealer and First position. That's where I usually make all my moneys. I tend to have a greater variance now since I'm playing hands like QT in position... I'm not going to do that anymore because my reads are shit and I know people take advantage of it. LOL at my shitty bb/hand and positional play hahaha:

Even after these stellar hands I still ended only up 1.5 buy ins... which meant that I was seriously spewing a lot

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Poke Fourth Session
  AntonChan, Mar 11 2007

I'm running pretty well at these stakes. I'm confident that I can outplay most of the players at this stake so it's time for me to move up soon. Probably this week after I reached around $550-$600. Hand histories to follow...

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Another Poker Session
  AntonChan, Mar 08 2007

I have a couple of hands I'll have to copy and paste from poker tracker.

However a note. I have noticed since I've started that these tables can be extremely loose depending on the hour. I have noticed that in the afternoon the tables are extremely tight, and at night they are extremely loose. Reraise on flush draws, and calls down to the river w/ second pair.

I past the $400 mark today, and with that I became a bit too results oriented... I didn't want to risk losing money (in which case I still did). This hindered my game quite a bit too because my aggressiveness was lost... I am not sure if it was from my style (I HAD to tighten up a lot because I kept spewing) and as time progressed I noticed that I stopped spewing and the variance died down. I will play some in the morning and some at night because I notice the games are totally different... but the donks are still there haha.

Hands posted later watching AC360 lmao.

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Poker third session
  AntonChan, Mar 06 2007

Up 3? Buy-ins today. So therefore I'm up around 3 buy ins since I first began playing, but the variance was insane.

Today I played much better skillwise most likely because I'm not rusty anymore. I still made a lot of mistakes, but either I wasn't punished too hard for it or the guy was a donk in which case I didn't lose much. Important hands to learn from are:
I'm told that I should've raised preflop more with this hand.
Raise of 5x huh? I would've gone broke here man, friggin donk didn't push!
Again, I should've gone broke here but I didn't because the donk is a dumbass.

After reviewing some of these hands I can see the areas that I have to improve on. My aggression factor on the flop is a pretty decent 4.76. However, turn is only 2.62, and river is only 1.61. I don't know what to say, but my turn and river aggression factor too small?
I think I played this hand pretty bad. However, I love it when donks hit their gutshot... not here as much though because he only had to call 20 cents to see the next card. lmao

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Second Poker Session
  AntonChan, Mar 05 2007

Poker is FUN.

Down 5 buy ins in like 5 minutes. Set over set, flush draws vs AA... basically part suckouts and one tilt move and bad plays (I'm sure I could've gotten out of 1 or 2... where I had AK and villan flops two pair). What I found out was that if I just played my style I'd eventually make it all back which I did.

That was on Saturday. Today I was quickly down 2.5 buy ins. 5 times in 400 hands my set, two pair went up against straights. One guy even flopped a higher straight than I did. FLOPPED! Again, I didn't tilt, I just played as usual and after 1000 hands I'm up half a buy in.

Bad beats will happen. As long as you play smart you eventually will get the cards and some donk will eventually donate his money to you. My goal. At LEAST 1K hands a day for the next 30 days

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Poker First Day
  AntonChan, Mar 03 2007

I began playing poker in August and stopped for a couple of months after becoming frustrated from not getting anywhere.

I started up again a few days ago and will make it a challenge to myself to become a solid player. I don't know how far I want to get at but time will tell...

My bankroll is at $309 right now. I don't care about the money (or at least I try not to). I want to play at least 500 hands a day... which is enough for me now... that's an hour and a half since I only multitable 6.

There are no time limits, just solid poker with few mistakes and more intelligent reads and a lot of fucking hands.

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