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Full Tilt Poker - 9

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Full Tilt Poker Review

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  • Home of the biggest pros including Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harman, Gus Hansen
  • Plenty of deposit and withdrawal options
  • Lightning fast customer support
  • Accepts U.S players
  • Compatible with PokerTracker3
  • Rakeback available as high as 33%
  • Earn FTP points to redeem merchandise including exclusive FTP clothing that can only be found here
  • Choice of 4 different table styles. See screenshots.
  • High stakes cash games featuring pros available
  • Compatible with Mac users
  • Cons

  • Tough competition at higher levels
  • No telephone support
  • 9 / 10
    100% first deposit bonus up to $600 and 27% Rakeback
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    Only at Full Tilt Poker can you find over 30 of the biggest name pros playing for some of the biggest pots in the world. Among the many big names at Full Tilt Poker include Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Mike Matusow, Jennifer Harman and many more. You can play, chat, and railbird with the pros. Full Tilt Poker’s popularity is attributed to its big and aggressive marketing campaign: how many pros have you seen sporting Full Tilt Poker clothing on TV? Too many!

    Traffic is steady consistent and there is always action to be found at any table regardless of the game or limit. Full Tilt Poker is also compatible with PokerTracker 3 and the site has a wonderful 100% bonus match up to $600. Additionally, if you are looking for exclusive Full Tilt Poker gear, you can purchase them by collecting Full Tilt points acquired when playing hands. Full Tilt Poker gear is exclusive to Full Tilt and cannot be purchased anywhere else.

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    Full Review

    Full Tilt Poker (9)

    Full Tilt Poker’s software is simple, clean, and easy to use. Users should have no problem finding their way around the interface. There are no outrageous graphics or annoying popups (other than the one when you leave) to distract or overwhelm you. The only thing that stands out is a cleverly placed big red chip that represents the cashier, so users can easily deposit or withdraw money.

    Full Tilt Poker welcomes non-native English speakers, as the software is also available in five other languages including Spanish, German, French and Dutch. Alert emails are also available in over 17 local languages.

    Players can expect top-notch functionality at Full Tilt Poker, as Full Tilt Poker prides itself on speed and reliability. Full Tilt Poker is on an independent network and their software was privately developed. This means that all of the developers’ attention was given to Full Tilt Poker ensuring that the software is devoid of bugs.
    Games are sorted in tabs and filters are available including stakes, average pot, players, etc. which is pretty consistent across all poker software. Users can also view stats on any table before actually entering it including players, chips, etc.

    Audio is great and players may feel like they’re actually in a casino. Audio is configurable and players may turn them on or off as they desire. Graphics are clear and crisp and the software does a good job of making the software clean, while making sure that the color schemes match the layout of the site. Different table felts are available including beach and Las Vegas themed felts. Some of its best graphics can be found in the avatars.

    Players are able to choose between a whole host of funky looking avatars. Want to pose as a firefighter? A rooster? There are many human and non-human avatars to choose from to psych your opponents out. Custom avatars may also be purchased for Full Tilt Poker points. These don’t come cheap either.

    Standard across all online poker sites, Full Tilt Poker includes a chat window where you may chat with other players as well as view their actions. You can actually detach the chat window from the main poker window in order to see more of the table or chat. This may be helpful for some as the chat may be a distraction.

    Full Tilt Poker is multi-table friendly, as multi-tablers are now able to play up to 8 tables at once. Multi-tabling runs smoothly and players are able to choose among many different table views. There is also a Time Bank feature that allows players extra time when making big decisions. Full Tilt Poker is one of few sites to offer this and this is even more crucial for multi-tablers.

    Poker players also have access to many configurable options such as auto top up, automatic rebuys, pre-determined buyins, etc. This is beneficial for players who wish to save time and make sure they are stacked properly.

    Note taking is also available at Full Tilt Poker as players are able to take notes on their opponents during play. One feature that sets Full Tilt Poker apart from other online poker rooms is that players may not only view player notes at the actual table but in the lobby as well. This is helpful to players as they no longer need to join tables to view player notes, as they now can just view player stats at the lobby level to save time.

    Hand histories are stored both on players’ local hard drive and on the software itself. These hand histories are fully compatible with popular poker tracking software such as PokerTracker3. Players will also have access to detailed player statistics such as percentage a player saw the flop, hands won, etc.

    Full Tilt Poker’s software is continuously updated to ensure that the software runs smoothly. Full Tilt Poker realizes that the success of the software is built on their players and they always keep their ears open to feedback. Some of the newest features including multi-tabling and table views are a result of feedback from players.

    Players will have a great experience at Full Tilt Poker. Popups are minimal, if any, and the user interface is very user friendly. Downtime is very minimal and players can feel at ease with their great support team.

    Game Selection
    Full Tilt Poker is known largely for its high stakes games. In fact, Full Tilt Poker was among the first poker rooms to offer high stakes games. This has attracted some of the top pros around the world contesting for some of the biggest pots.

    While Full Tilt Poker is known for its high stakes games, it also is one of the few online sites that offer mixed games in both cash games and tournament format. Mixed games include H.A. (Hold?em and Omaha Hi), H.O.R.S.E. (Hold?em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Razz, Seven-Card Stud and Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo) and H.O.S.E. (Hold?em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud and Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo). Because Full Tilt is one of few poker rooms to offer mixed games, expect many mixed game players mixing it up at Full Tilt.

    Along with mixed games, include standard and popular games such as Texas Hold?em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud, Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo, Five-Card Draw, Razz.

    Hold?em is available in Limit, No-Limit and Pot-Limit and both Omaha variants are spread in Pot-Limit. Stud and Razz games are played in Limit only. The mixed games are played in Limit versions except for H.A., which is played in Pot-Limit format.

    All games are available heads-up, 6 max, or at full ring tables in cash games and tournaments in formats.

    Full Tilt Poker is also home to some of the biggest tournaments along with WSOP qualifiers and satellites. If you are looking to qualify for a WPT, WSOP, etc, Full Tilt is the place to be.
    Very convenient for players is the special tab in the lobby which lists all of the special tournament satellites going on.

    Whether you are looking for high stakes cash games, satellites and qualifiers, or mixed games, Full Tilt Poker is your one stop site for all your poker needs.

    Grinders can expect to find relatively soft competition at the lower levels. However, once you move up to the higher levels, beware! Expect to find many pros, both online and offline at the higher levels, as they can be seen playing for some of the biggest pots. Full Tilt Poker is the first poker room to offer ultra high stakes cash games and it has attracted some of the biggest names around the world.

    While higher levels are difficult, this is the place to improve your game. You don’t even have to play, you can just railbird at any table and see some of the most well thought out and awe inspiring plays that some of these players make. True poker is showcased here as players play more than their cards, they play the people. The entertainment value is also there as you can see some of the witty comments from some of the railbirds including heckling some of the pros.

    When it comes to tournaments and sit and gos, Full Tilt Poker has its fair share of donkaments in their freerolls and low buyin tournaments. True competition can be found at the mid-higher stakes including satellites and qualifiers where the stakes are high.

    There is always action at Full Tilt poker and traffic is steady and consistent. At peak hours, expect to find over 10 000 ring game players and over 70 000 tournament players. Tournament players are exceptionally higher because of satellites, promotions, and poker clubs.
    Because Full Tilt Poker is heavily marketed on TV, there is no need to worry about any shortages of traffic. After all, any viewer watching TV who sees Full Tilt will be inclined to deposit at Full Tilt and be like one of their heroes!

    Full Tilt Poker offers lightning fast support. However, this is only available through email, as they do not support phone calls. Customer support is always helpful and polite nonetheless. Perhaps the absence of phone calls has made up for the quick email support.
    Full Tilt Poker is also always open to suggestions. In fact they encourage it! Full Tilt Poker prides itself on its customers and do their best to accommodate their needs.

    Full Tilt Poker offers one of the highest bonuses at 100% for a maximum of $600. The bonus can be cleared by playing a set amount of hands.

    Full Tilt Poker uses the industry average at 5%, however the rake at the 10 NL/PL tables is 10% which is above standard. Full Tilt Poker does not take in a rake unless there is a flop. The maximum rake that Full Tilt poker will take is $3.

    The table below lists the amount of rake taken classified by game.

    NL/PL0.05/0.10$1 maximum
    Limit0.50/1.00$.50 maximum
    NL1.00/2.00$1 maximum
    NL2.00/4.00$3 maximum

    No poker investment would be complete without rakeback and LiquidPoker offers Full Tilt Poker rakeback at 27%.

    Deposit/Withdrawal Options
    Moving money around is extremely easy, as Full Tilt Poker offers many types of deposit and withdrawal options including NETTeller, credit card, wire, InstaDebit, and many more.

    Checks are also mailed out in a sufficient time frame, usually within 1-2 weeks if not earlier.

    It is important to note that NETeller and MyCitadel will not be processing any new transactions for U.S. players.

    Listed below are the deposit and withdrawal options available at Full Tilt Poker:
    Deposit Options: Visa, MasterCard, Moneybookers, Instant Checks, GatorPay, ePassporte, Cash Transfer and Click2Pay.
    Withdrawal Options: Bank transfer, GatorPay, Moneybookers, ePassporte and check.

    Full Tilt Poker prides itself on integrity and security and because of this, many players have decided to make Full Tilt Poker their home. Their lightning fast email support shows that they hold customers first and they are all about their customers. Many poker pros who are partnered with Full Tilt Poker including Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson would not risk their reputations and the fact that many pros are affiliated with Full Tilt Poker should make the poker room a safe bet.

    Full Tilt Poker has invested in many top name pros and it is safe to assume that they have a promising future ahead. Just look at the statistics. With its marketing all over T.V., Full Tilt Poker will be a force to be reckoned with in the online poker industry and is here to stay.

    Full Tilt Equity (do you have any?)
    If you’re looking for action, Full Tilt Poker is the place to be, as there are many players who are looking to gamble. Thanks to Full Tilt Poker’s aggressive marketing campaign, there will always be new players entering the fray. A good portion of these new players can be classified as newbies; as a result, grinders can expect to have an edge over these players at the lower levels.

    The higher levels, however, are a different story altogether. A lot of online and offline pros can be seen at the higher levels playing for some of the biggest pots. However, if you are looking to learn and improve your game, there is no place other than Full Tilt Poker, as you will see some of the most spectacular and jaw-dropping plays.

    Rakeback is also offered as high as 33% and this is lucrative to many poker players. Full Tilt poker is also compatible with PokerTracker3 which is extremely important if you are taking your game serious.

    Soft competition for grinders, rakeback, and PokerTracker compatibility gives you maximum Full Tilt equity.

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    Score 9

    Software 10
    Support 9
    Game Selection 9
    Cash game Traffic 10
    Multi-tabling capability 9
    Tournament availability 10
    Tournament traffic 10
    Bonuses 8
    Competition strength 6


    Name Full Tilt Poker
    Established 2004
    Country Aruba
    Auditor PWC
    Network Independent
    Size 10.6 MB
    Telephone N/A

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