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ROFL thread request

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Kapol   Poland. Jun 03 2011 09:49. Posts 4696

I'd like to ask if it would be possible to remove the "all" button from the "ROFL" thread. It has so much gifs and jpgs that when I clicked this button once accidentally, my computer started lagging extremely badly and I couldn't close the browser no matter how I tried. After a couple of minutes it froze completely (had to re-boot it and I was working on something important).
I'm pretty sure nobody will click it on purpose, because there is too much information there.

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Meat   . Jun 14 2011 09:56. Posts 3383

Done, the all button is now gone from topics with more than 20 pages.

MadeInPolanD   Poland. Jun 30 2011 19:41. Posts 1383

ctrl+alt+del -> processes
and choose web browser
always works

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