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Name Change

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Silver_nz   New Zealand. May 30 2010 01:27. Posts 5640

I would like to change my name to Silver_nz.

What is the suggested bribe amount? ;o

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Meat   . May 31 2010 06:22. Posts 3383

We are usually not too fond of name changes, since you are known by a certain username on the forum. However this change is so small that it's np

Silver_nz   New Zealand. May 31 2010 11:17. Posts 5640

You are fantastic meat. Thanks very much, I love it.

Chry300   United States. Mar 28 2011 20:46. Posts 19

How do you change your account name or cancel your account? Please help!! Thanks!

alexander1   Romania. Mar 08 2012 07:01. Posts 3

Try to send an email to the site admin and ask him nice to cancel your account. Have a nice day !


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