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SpoR   United States. Apr 15 2009 03:03. Posts 1254

Dunno where to put this but its for a mod. Was wondering how long has it been since a guy named alpha or alphablend has posted. Haven't seen him on or Teamliquid since like June 2008. T_T

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Meat   . Apr 15 2009 07:48. Posts 3383

He didnt post for a long time: this is his last post on LP and this on TL:¤tpage=2#29

He left both sites all of a sudden

Meat   . Apr 15 2009 08:14. Posts 3383

If you want i can send him a mail with your email address if you want to be in contact with him. Just pm me your email then

SpoR   United States. Nov 05 2014 06:53. Posts 1254

I never was in contact with this guy ever again. I think he might have actually died.


Meat   . Nov 05 2014 15:58. Posts 3383


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