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Dinosaur! pt.6

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 18 2024 17:58. Posts 15162
Last 21 months ish you weren't updating your game properly. It is normal to struggle.

You are like a dinosaur, people got better, you got worse. You skipped modern trends
- Overbets
- Check/raising
- Block bets
- 3Bet properly, mix in hands like QXs in BB
- Different ranges in SB, BB for 3bets
- You strayed off of fundamentals.

CommentLATE COVID ERA ENTRY - I hit a low there, some of these bad habits I still have:
+ Show Spoiler +

DTTG/Adam Coaching:
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You feel amazing when you have momentum, but - you have the tendency to feel bad, guilty, like a victim for the past.
=> Instead, accept your situation, make friends with the past and plan for the future. Then all that is left is be in the present.

Yesterday I got rekt around the clock, hard session. Sour taste in mouth from the day before when I got rekt. Face hard days head on! analyze your "bad" hands, feel the feeling. Use solver, pete, snowie, make rational recommendations for actions you can later take. E.g. "I will make a big river fold or two despite my feeling to prove "I am in control. You learn from mistakes, you close the day, make friends with the past. You got to be successful bu continuous work, hard graft. Things are never the same however, you can build on the past and make friends with it, but you are older, situation is different, your body, the games, the times are different, your experiences are different. You get to adapt to the present situation instead of trying to relive your past self.

Whatever your reality is NOW, that's where you ARE. Embrace it, breathe it in, accept your current baseline, the tool syou get to work with. Every moment is like metal Slug, you get dropped into that fat cunt that eats shit jaffa cakes from local supermarket every day, has rotting teeth, neglected their studies and is atticted to fucking prehistoric video games lol. That's good, look around you, this is what you play with, these are the conditions, this is where you need to smash with your Machine Guns like in metal slug baby. Drop into the present moment, experience the most amazing nuances of the lows and the highs.

Low confidence => you study to feel good, not so you may improve in the future = > sootinh your ego after losing hands. Well no - you should study spots that will make you the most MONEY over the long run.

  The pope was visiting the US, and it dawned on him he never drove a limo. So he asked the Chauffeur to swap with him so he can try it on a highway. The pope then got a bit too excited and went too fast, he got pulled over.
The policeman took one look at him, ran to his squad car and called the HQ
Cop: "this must be some huge deal driver I just stop"
HQ: "Is he a mayor?"
Cop : "oh no, way bigger than that!"
HQ "A governor?"
Cop: "Wayyy bigger"
HQ "Just how important is he? Who is it?"
Cop: "I don't exactly know, but he has the Pope himself as his chauffeur!"

I was so chaotic today. In the end, I forced myself into writing again, it seems so weird as I haven't done it in a LONG time. The habit has been extinguished. I have to think about writig, it is uncomfortable after a break, I need to consider how to write. Like putting down year.

Praha - kyje. I remember Kyjsky rybnik, I just went for the fuck of it, swam in it, had a beer I remember thinking "I get to do this, no work in so long, I get to have a job again, I remember a lot of garbage stuck in my head. We are all one people. Feel your body, use the power of sexual energy, distribute it throughout your body, welcome it. Humans are like ants, all the same at the end of the day, with fun little variations, different functions, but parts of the same whole. And so are you.

Martina Cross. So I met this lady in a shitty techno club. Her name was Martina. Crazy, goes to churches to yell, then she texts me she got beat up after I left. She was 46, telling me about her underground Priests, and that I should totally go to her village for one of the ceremonies. Funny thing is, I did consider it but didn't go in the end. She was a former healer, escort, dancer, even told me about her two abortions.

Focused session
how did it start?
- Drunk
- Stressed
- Could be dropped from stake
- accepted I will do something else, get a job, let it go.
I GET to play poker, this is MY TIME, my responsibility, my life.
=> Talked to Bros staker, he told me about peopel crusing waking up at 4am to play the timezone.
I just did it, woke up at 4am!, then continued, went to the gym, sorted rent etc.

4Am waking up
all around that schedule, gym many times per week, using Sleep With me Podcast at night. Floorball, wotkingout, did driving lessons at the same time etc etc.

What story is he trying to tell?
What are you achieving?
Break down the combos!
Calm, collected, contemplative and relaxed!
Do the NHL Goalie trick - when they are scored upon, they drink water - focus on the drink, how it goes down, the sensation, break the pattern, let feelings flow.
Visualise - leaves on the stream, rope with a rock being cut. Write your A-game journal, write things you did well, read them in low times.
Do frequent reviews, do "drinking with a notepad" if you have! I went to a concern in a shit punk club and started brainstorming between dancing, drinking and talking to the natives.
See what works, potential, improvements, what doesn't look rationally, evaluate.

Then embrace the grind, schedule makes you money!
Gamify your life - Focus P,ant app. You gain points for not using your phone, make plants that look like tamagocchi.
Nitpick the positives in life! - Ben.nie Podcast

1) Do more Legs, front extensions, as they are great for floorball.
2) I let go, despite doing gym 5x per week, also got beer x2, wanked x2
3) Poscast with ben.nie made be realize I have a long way to go
4) Sprints are key, I used to do 10x10 sprints with variations
5) Discovered figure skating - valieva is a prodigy! Anna - stable underdog, trusova - fiery passion. Tuberidze - treats em like a factory.

I was stressed on Sunday, too many ukraine news watching, there are things you cannot control. There is a whole universe of galxies and you cant control any of them. Sometimes you do your best yet fail anyways. Hard to take, but you need to let go of that controlling attitude, the only thing you can control is YOU.

Clinging to old habits, to way things are doine even when not working is like grabbing onto rotten logs in the river.
Let go, swim towards the vastness of possibilities. Go outside, observe , see what your body does, open, excited about opportunities. Teust in your mind, train it , study those 3 bet pots, review them, practice. Wonder at what your mind has produced, even if they are mistakes!

I was it was snowing, amazing! I went out in the snow, danced to Tiesto, went to cibulka, ran up the stairs, made a snowman, sweated a lot, took a you know, in the woods.
=> I remembered TMC in ENgland roadtrip, some thai lady outside, tiny screen. "Ladna" on the bench lady"

Imagine you wake up, youe friend calls you, tells you they appreciate you - how would be your day?
C*** boss at the gym, always nitpicking at Cibulka walking around

What's hard about poker is when you use your creativity, exploit, are right, it works out, and then he sucks out - you went out of your way, want to be VALIDATED and rewarded for your UNCERTAIN creativity . E.g. Call JJ MP v UTG to back raise 150bb deep vs spazzy guy that 3bets QJo. He jams AK, turns an ace - no cookie, no reward, no validation, which you seek!
Solution? Validation needs to come from within! take responsibility for your plays and feelings, you think to be amazing in the long run. Confident, exctited to play, pumped up, not chasing one pot results. If it doens't workout, so what? You tried, pushed, thought hard.

Objectivity is vital, Eric Seidel doesn't take losses personally. Treat poker as a business, invest, analyze, it will function as a defusion technique. Work on exact accounting, it should feel great when you invest an hour into your business (aka poker) .
You invest into your poker business, your hours, effort etc. make it count.

You are amazing, the work you have put in will benefit you for the years to come [Present day comment: the 4am schedule for sure did]. I know it might feel shitty right now, but you are pushing your mind andbody, you are building habits that will make you win at life. Keep at it, even a year from now I will thank you for what you have been doing. It's painful right now, thank you for going through it, I love you, sincerely, Future me.

Last week you did 62.5 productive hours. You lost but were excited, proud, fist pumping! The sad fact of life is, many people fo to their graves with their music still in them, This will NOT be you, let your music out there! You have amazing amounts of power because you did the work, gym 5/7 days, group sweat, gro study, social life, pierre, aileen, stuck to routine, checklists, sleep, had long hours, this is vital, makes you feel great.

Keep up the 4am routine, stufy, grind, gym. Youi went through lows, but wrote through it, all he feelings. You get to workout, plau , wake up, study etc. not got to.

[----27 Pages of Fuck, cunt, rage-----]
Look at past 27 pages
your body is rebelling, you have done so much work it's insane how much more you have done in a few months than an entire YEAR before. Your ankle hurt, backgot sprained, wrist was messed up, hurt when you lifted a lot. YOu craved chocolate, ate a lot, slept.

This is NATURAL, your body is trying to preserve homeostasis, you pushed your body, ifyou persist a new baseline will be set. When you abruptly push harder it's normal to feel tired.

Galfond: Don't forget the WAY
You are a story teller during hands
A detective.

Absolutely VITAL. Was extremely hard, pushed often, worked out a TON
=> Increased yields, more and more on elyptical.
variety is great, added music too.

I removed a lot of sugar, but overloaded x2 ice cream sugar etc.

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 21 2024 08:20. Posts 15162

I often HOPE that I hit a set, that I win money, fixate on external circumstances.
remedy: Always focus on the long run, who you are. Pro poker player: variance doesn't phase me, I am me, right now, regardless of result or circumstances. I focus on the right play, what I want to accomplish, and believe the person I am will deliver results. It's actually awesome to feel emotions, call people cunts on paper and overplay it, be fascinated by your states, feel them, it's awesome, and just another experience to explore. Why'd you hide lol - look forward to your dark side coming out, explore it in others! Feel through your feelings and encourage others to do the same. Without not only acceptance but active encouragement and wonder about their dark side.

I went to Vzorkovna, sat down with strangers without saying a word, felt the awkwardness, even asked about it - it felt great even brought be closer to people.

See people as facts, assume any behavior has rational basis from THEIR POV.
Get escited about uncovering people, their habits, quirks, goals and views, values.
They are like undiscovered new countries! Explore EVERYONE, take notes, get excited about their stories, write them down!

Never think less of yourself, but think of yourself less. Mirror people, pay attention to body language. Talk less, make them talk more, try your best to substract prejudices, open your body, react to theirs without judgement.

Nature is fucking beatiful, autumn, sun, small river, field green loooked awesome from the bus.

93% Sure!  


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