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NewbSaibot   United States. Sep 01 2023 05:50. Posts 4943

Not included is 5.6k in losses playing PLO. July results are skewed from deleting PLO session data. I dont think I'll be playing PLO again any time soon, the game runs too big and I dont seem to be comprehending the training very well.

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bye nowLast edit: 01/09/2023 06:06

PuertoRican   United States. Sep 02 2023 04:48. Posts 13016

It's difficult not to play other games when you're winning at your main game. Other games seem fun, but they end up being a money pit.

Good luck in September.

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lostaccount   Canada. Sep 09 2023 10:22. Posts 5697

Gl yun qi hao

let it be, let it be, peace is my way, paradise is my destation - lostaccount This is the way PR tian xia tai ping xxxy tian tang luLast edit: 11/09/2023 10:12


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