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My Best Option is to ????

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RiKD    United States. May 23 2023 03:35. Posts 8100
My 2nd best option is to complain.

"We receive of it some one completed form, a specific fully-formed body, and then we keep that alive only by constantly anticipating its end, grinding and lacerating it against all the thing around us, everything it does just flashing by and away like an unstoppable galloping horse - is it not sad? All our lives we labor, and nothing is achieved. Worn and exhausted to the point of collapse, never knowing what it all amounts to - how can we not lament this? What good does it do if others say, "To us he is not dead?" The body has decayed and the mind went with it. Can this be called anything but an enormous sorrow? Is human life always and everywhere such a daze? Or could it be only me who is dazed, while there are also others who are undazed? Of humans is there anything or anyone undazed?"


I am in good company I suppose.

In order to quit the internet I would have to find some things to fill that hole. Some may say I need to find some things to fill the hole before I can quit the internet. I am not theoretically against quitting the internet. I think it could be done. It would be difficult. I would have to totally re-think how I pass the time on my 15 min. breaks for example. I don't think I am particularly that talented or that engrossed with any creative endeavours. I can't paint at work. Poetry is not something I must do. I can be hot and cold on the guitar. Going on dates and cuddling with sex workers would be great if I lived in Amsterdam. I am in a rut that I will stay in if I don't take radical action. That is the truth. So, my first move? I'll go veg out in my fancy Norwegian recliner and watch the Nuggets vs the Lakers.

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PuertoRican   United States. May 24 2023 03:22. Posts 12920

So much for the Nuggets vs. Lakers. That was a quick series.

Hopefully the Nuggets vs. Heat ends up being a good series.

Rekrul is a newb 

RiKD    United States. May 24 2023 05:05. Posts 8100

I was strongly considering getting a bet down at Heat +1,600 before they played the Celts. It would have made this playoffs that much more fun to watch. I prefer not to bet with vig and who else am I going to bet with? Like lostaccount wouldn't freeroll me in a second.

Btw, the Heat haven't won yet. Game 4 was an anatomy of how the Celts can win. Celts probably only win about 10-20% of the time if that but as poker players we've all seen crazier scenarios happen.


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