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Le' overbet

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NewbSaibot   United States. Mar 11 2023 18:38. Posts 4940

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bye nowLast edit: 13/03/2023 06:48

Naib   Hungary. Mar 12 2023 16:35. Posts 968

I would suggest an alternate, albeit slightly more work-intensive approach: study, with Pio if necessary (there are better free alternatives too imo, especially if you want to study alone). That way you might start to understand why (and how) he does what he's doing.

I'll be blunt: from your earlier posts it seems that you are a decent enough player, most likely profitable in soft games (no idea 'bout the exact conditions in your games ofc), however it seems that while you have experience, your knowledge is archaic and outdated.

What worked well 5-10 years ago may still work to an extent (against fish / recs / very weak regs) but the wide spread of solvers made any1 who put in the hours (especially if they played anything semi-meaningful online in the past few years) that much better / tougher to play against. This is what you are experiencing here.

IMO, if you invest some time / effort / money into this kind of off-table work, especially if you start to understand the why-s, not just the what-s, you will experience rapid improvement. As you are someone who gave up job security in order to give poker one more spin, I strongly suggest to study this way, it's worth it

My favourite line is Bet/Fold. I bet, you fold. 

NewbSaibot   United States. Mar 12 2023 22:34. Posts 4940

bye nowLast edit: 13/03/2023 06:47

RiKD    United States. Mar 13 2023 00:56. Posts 8073

Deep PLO with a straddle can play super big and the standard deviations are going to be much larger than NLHE. Some of the most profitable games I've ever played in are what you describe. Like the nightly 5/5 or the weekend 5/5/10 full of rich fish. If the win-rate is high enough everything matters less but I'd look into various win-rates as they relate to standard deviations and variance calculators to get an idea of risk of ruin.

NewbSaibot   United States. Mar 13 2023 01:49. Posts 4940

bye nowLast edit: 13/03/2023 06:47

RiKD    United States. Mar 13 2023 03:18. Posts 8073

$14k is still a lot honestly. You could do a lot with that money. Don't let poker disregard for money or tilt cloud that truth.

I saw your post before the edits. It got a bit bleak. Life can be bleak at times. No one has to tell me that. I would pick something other than a safari but it could be fun. Van life sounds more interesting.

NewbSaibot   United States. Mar 13 2023 03:44. Posts 4940

bye nowLast edit: 13/03/2023 06:46

PuertoRican   United States. Mar 15 2023 06:00. Posts 12920

Rekrul is a newb 

devon06atX   Canada. Apr 07 2023 03:52. Posts 5456

I wish you didn't delete man

Obviously, can only assume everything went to shit

I also feel like that was the advice that you've been receiving for a bit

what happened man?

lostaccount   Canada. Apr 14 2023 08:09. Posts 5485

Modest and humble living, ping jing shi fuLast edit: 10/05/2023 08:06


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