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House of the Dragon: Season 1

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PuertoRican   United States. Sep 03 2022 05:05. Posts 13064

^ Episode 1

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PuertoRican   United States. Sep 03 2022 05:07. Posts 13064

  On August 29 2022 06:53 Stroggoz wrote:
2x episodes of House of the Dragon released now. Now we get to root for our favorite inbred trust fund baby.

  On August 30 2022 06:36 CurbStomp2 wrote:
How woke is it?

  On August 30 2022 06:43 CurbStomp2 wrote:
Seeing these Lost messages, there is a new show called From from the same people that had something to do with Lost. It's not anything spectacular, but I liked the first season. Irritating to search torrents with that kinda name though.

  On August 30 2022 21:06 Stroggoz wrote:
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Honestly from what I remember the absolute worst part of GoT was the humanitarian interventionist white savior Dany going around Asia like she's on some tour sponsored by Bono. That's no longer in it. They did make one of the major families have black skin. Which is a good change imo, it would be very hard to tell them apart otherwise.

  On August 31 2022 08:31 Baalim wrote:
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Daeneris liberating the east cities is part of the books, having a black valyrian isn't.

Valyrians are white haired, purple eyed albinos, if there is a character that would make no sense being black is a fucking valyrian, awful woke pandering, there are Dornish ppl who are dark skinned in Westeros, Essos is basically entirely populated of dark and black skinned ppl but no... it had to be a valyrian. Also if you need race to tell families apart in a TV show perhaps Peppa Pig is more suited to you lol.

BTW the show seems way sub-par to early GoT, it feels like S07, characters are poorly built and fast tracked, GoT carefully built all the Starks characters as headstrong and naive, to eventually lead to their demise, in HotD since ep01 the king is presented as a fool, when he rejects the 12yo bride instead of a build up of resentment between the valyrian houses, literally a couple of minutes after that they are plotting in Dragonstone against the king ffs, the pacing is bad, the characters are flat, 7/10 so far imo.

  On August 31 2022 21:05 Stroggoz wrote:
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Yeah the mistake they made with Dany on the show is they made slavery almost seem like it was racial, but institutional racism didn't really exist in the middle ages (which is why I think the change on the show is ok), and slavery was based off conquest. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of white slaves in the books. Even still, the show basically presents slavery as something that is just solved with extreme violence. The book does more to show all the chaos and problems that Dany creates with military conquest.

I don't really care if something's faithful to the books, pretty sure g.r.r.m said he liked the changes with Bronn and Shae in the early seasons as well. I guess they could differentiate the looks between the two houses with different hairstyles or show their sigils or something. Ultimately I don't care and it makes no sense to get upset about it.

The pacing is extremely fast, they have 3 different actors for some characters. The fast pacing could be a bad example of being faithful to the books. The issue with fast pacing is not just bad character development, but it doesn't allow you to build up the sociological setting. That part is even more important, in my view. Because characters are to a large extent defined by their society and environment, and you can't write them well if you don't explain what kind of environment they are in. I agree that it's subpar, also I think the show will get worse over time.

  On September 01 2022 06:02 CurbStomp2 wrote:
Why are people shitting on The Rings of Power so much? Is it also because of wokeness? I'm not too familiar with LOTR.

  On September 01 2022 06:35 Baalim wrote:
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I think the show does a good job regarding slavery, the old slaves too used to bondage refusing to be free, Mereem falling into slavery the second Daeneris leaves, I mean it's not a show about slavery, its simply an arc of her journey to Westeros conquer.

George was way too meek in his criticism, I suppose since D&D did a pretty good job in the earlier seasons and they deserved some slack but then George barely said anything about how they shat on his legacy, btw I thougth Bronn was the worst character of the entire show, lame uneeded comedic relief and the Jamie & Bronn in Dorn arc was awful, it turned into some shitty "Xena the warrior princess" episode.

  On September 03 2022 04:01 PuertoRican wrote:
I am a fan of House of the Dragon.

I felt the power that girl had when she rode in on her dragon in Episode 2.

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CurbStomp2   Finland. Sep 05 2022 08:25. Posts 261

the n-word

PuertoRican   United States. Sep 06 2022 03:04. Posts 13064

I had a feeling the Crab Feeder guy was gonna be an easy person to kill, but the didn't even show him die.

It was cool how they showed Daemon dragging something from afar, and then the camera gets closer and we see it's Mr. Crabs' torso.

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whammbot   Belarus. Sep 09 2022 10:18. Posts 519

I enjoyed this more than when GOT started. The story is so much easier to follow. GOT introduced like 100 people on season 1 having thick brit accents and almost every dude with a beard looked the same to me lol

PuertoRican   United States. Sep 19 2022 06:54. Posts 13064

We saw another wedding in Episode 5. Since it's a wedding, you already know something interesting happened.

Also, I think Episode 6 is when they will jump so far in time that we will see the adult version of Rhaenyra.

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PuertoRican   United States. Oct 28 2022 07:04. Posts 13064

The season finale was kinda meh... I thought that they would do something more exciting for the final episode of a show that's in its first season. Not bad, just not great.

My overall feeling about Season 1 is that I enjoyed it, but I won't be anticipating Season 2 for the next year like I did with Game of Thrones.

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Liquid`Drone   Norway. Oct 28 2022 15:44. Posts 3093

I enjoyed it. Didn't love, but did find it enjoyable.

lol POKER 

whammbot   Belarus. Oct 29 2022 01:16. Posts 519

started out strong but midway felt like a discount GOT

foundaccount   . Oct 30 2022 16:02. Posts 25

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Oct 31 2022 00:11. Posts 5305

I liked how they made the causes of the war come from basically a few accidental interactions between the two great houses. Overall pretty decent show.

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