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Ugh, I'm so lost with NFD in this live game.

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Endo   United States. May 16 2021 02:04. Posts 952

Typing this out as I remember it so ask me questions if I'm leaving stuff out!

1/3 NL Live game. Just sat down an orbit ago so no stats/reads on any players yet. Max buy-in is $400.

Hero (me) has ATss in middle position 7 handed. I have an effective $400ish stack. Villain 1 (bb) has around $250, Villain 2 (button) has around $400.

I raise to 15 (pretty typical raise sizing from me at these games) and button calls, sb calls, bb calls.

Flop comes down 4d 7s 9s. checks to me, I cbet 35 into 60 (check flop?). Button calls. BB raises to 90. First question here is what do we do here? Folding seems just wrong, I was thinking calling would keep button in there sometimes too.

I end up calling, button calls as well.

Turn is a brick, like 2c. Pot is $350

BB jams for $120 more. We...? Obviously it's a call if it's us 2, but with button behind us, do we still like a call here if he could possibly jam over? Not loving calling $120 here and then calling for another $150 if he jams do we just fold turn?

I end up calling, and button ends up tossing a chip in and then announcing all in a second after that. Dealer says it's only a call because he didn't announce it at the same time.

River is a spade so obviously I jam the $150 into 710 and get sigh-called by the button.

I just feel like I mangled this hand super completely but being in middle position just put me in a lot of confusing decisions.

No real thoughts about people's ranges, no one's been a huge whale or maniac in the few hands I've seen since I've sat down, but these games are generally pretty soft and a mix of regs and fish. I later find out that one of the players (the button) is a 2/5 reg who was just playing these games bc the normal 2/5 wasn't running, but had no such info at the time. Also last thought- if I hit I can probably get paid off so I don't mind building a pot on the flop. I generally don't expect to be check/raised too much in these games so when bb is doing it, in my mind villain is pretty heavily weighted towards value hands (2p+) and sometimes a combo draw.

Help me untangle my mess please!

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asdf2000   United States. May 16 2021 07:08. Posts 7673

no don't check flop and I think a jam is fine here on the flop

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Endo   United States. May 16 2021 15:31. Posts 952

I think a flop 3b raise is the worst choice personally... We've got basically no fold equity on the bb and we fold out the button unless he's got a monster too so we basically get it in bad...

asdf2000   United States. May 16 2021 20:29. Posts 7673

You have a monster hand, if you want to play it by calling down for 75%+ of your stack and then folding the river over half of the time (or even worse, just getting put allin on the turn), then I guess that's your business. The BB doesn't even have 100bb.

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lostaccount   Canada. Jan 01 2022 22:35. Posts 3649

its tough i think call n raise both are good on da flop. doesnt always have to be a raise or call. mix it up. so go with ur gut imo.

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