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ASL no more english cast

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spets1   Australia. Mar 11 2021 11:24. Posts 2168

  Dear Fans,

It’s unfortunate for us today to announce that the ASL will no longer be supported in English.

It has been the most exciting adventure for us to share the ASL with fans all over the world.
We thank you for all of your love and support over the years.

The ASL will continue and can be watched at

Communities and English casters are still allowed, and encouraged, to broadcast the ASL to their own fans through our clean feed on their AfreecaTV Channels.
If you are interested, please contact us here!

Thank you,


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spets1   Australia. Mar 11 2021 11:24. Posts 2168

does anyone know if Artosis and Tasteless released official message or video in regards to this?


Gumster   Sweden. Mar 11 2021 11:56. Posts 2290

The last time I was this sad was when Kobe died....

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Sleepy311   Vietnam. Mar 11 2021 12:44. Posts 122

On Arty's stream he said they were going to try and cast it independently, possibly putting it on their Youtube channels. Hopefully this is the case!

lostaccount   Canada. Mar 11 2021 19:34. Posts 5048

Dang I like art n day bro tasteless . They were funny

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Bigbobm   United States. Mar 11 2021 22:23. Posts 5505

Out of the blue, I started getting SC2 matches in my youtube feed and I've been binge watching them for the past month or so. Little disappointed to see this as they were fun to watch.

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