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Loma vs Lopez

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whammbot   Belarus. Oct 18 2020 04:50. Posts 483

It's on right nao!

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Jelle   Belgium. Oct 18 2020 17:05. Posts 3450

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PuertoRican   United States. Oct 18 2020 19:33. Posts 12607

I haven't seen it yet, but I'm gonna watch it in a couple of days when I have some free time from work.

From what I've read on various websites, everyone agrees that the guy who won was the rightful winner, but that the scorecards were too far apart -- apparently the fight was much closer than the scorecards indicated.

Rekrul is a newb 

Jelle   Belgium. Oct 19 2020 11:46. Posts 3450

Read the same things.. I'm not noted for my outstanding boxing judging but I thought this was a very wide win


whammbot   Belarus. Oct 21 2020 08:27. Posts 483

yeah kinda sucked one waited eternity before he started to really fight. might be a faulty gameplan, injury, or the other was junderestimated

Jelle   Belgium. Oct 26 2020 17:43. Posts 3450

or it might be 1 of those body shots in the first couple of rounds that landed 'just right' and did way more damage than we think



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