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1/2 hand, long break from poker - did I play this right?

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Endo   United States. Nov 08 2019 07:28. Posts 953

No stats on opponent. FR, he's playing 386, I have a stack of 837 so I cover. I'm in UTG+3 with KsQs

Straddle to 4, UTG + 2 calls, I raise to 16, Hijack (villain in our hand) calls, button calls, UTG + 2 calls.

4 to the flop, pot is 71

Flop is Js 9s Qh

UTG + 2 checks, I bet 44, villain calls, other 2 fold.

Turn is Ah, pot is 159

I bet 105 - (should I have checked here?)

Villain jams for 342.

I ...?

is this a clearcut decision? Did I play any streets (such as the turn) incorrectly?

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Endo   United States. Nov 08 2019 08:16. Posts 953

Thought process on turn was I'm still ahead of a lot of Qx or pair/draw type hands and I want to set up for a jam on the river if I hit. Do I have enough equity against his range to call his jam on the turn?

I assume he'll probably have JJ, 99, QQ, KT, 8T, all the 2p's too...

not sure if it's likely to assume random deepstacked 1/2 players to jam with pair + straight draws for 400bb pots tho?

Is this a fold against that range? Assuming he doesn't just randomly spazz out is this a fold on the turn?

Would c/c turn c/? river have been a better play?

PoorUser    United States. Nov 08 2019 21:32. Posts 7471

check turn. stuck calling the shove now.

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Endo   United States. Nov 09 2019 00:04. Posts 953

  On November 08 2019 20:32 PoorUser wrote:
check turn. stuck calling the shove now.

Ok suppose I check turn - is my plan to check/call turn and still check/call river for all blank rivers?

If I check/call turn and I hit my straight or flush on the river do I ever donk jam or just check river? Seems terribly imbalanced but I also think most of these players probably check behind on scare cards on the river if it hits so I'd get no value.

PoorUser    United States. Nov 09 2019 04:07. Posts 7471

c/c turn, prob lead small on a offsuit ten river and check everything else for live.

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sin43k   Ukraine. Mar 04 2020 14:27. Posts 1

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lostaccount   Canada. Mar 15 2020 23:41. Posts 5702

check flop, pf size too small at least 20 but 24 sounds good

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