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New Poker AI demolishes pros

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dnagardi   Hungary. Jul 11 2019 19:56. Posts 1695

This speaks for itself:

"The algorithm was so successful the researchers have decided not to release its code for fear it could be used to empty the coffers of online poker companies. “It could be very dangerous for the poker community,”"


I truly wonder how many bots, AIs are there currently, and when will online poker be dead because of this. It might be near, next few years.

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VanDerMeyde   Norway. Jul 11 2019 20:39. Posts 4991

Google translate, post @ russian pokerforum

(The video is film of someone having XX bots on chinese poker app)

Link to thread: (watch the video !!!)

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Jul 11 2019 21:05. Posts 4714

i played a bot on stars last year that had at least 6+ bet sizes for each street, it limped preflop all the time and this made it not such a good player. it had like 6+ 3bet sizes. and it was playing 6max, at nl400-nl1000. Stars assured me it wasn't a bot tho(lol), and it stopped playing after a bit, so nothing really came out that scenario. I was genuinely surpised someone had made a bot that complex given the huge amount of computing power you would need.

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Jul 11 2019 21:07. Posts 4714

There was also a bot ring me and some others exposed on global that we estimated was making 30-50k each month at the nl cash game tables, and we managed to get that one shut down. It played more humanlike but with some minor deviations that gave it away. And it was pretty good, it crushed the nl2k tables.

supposed to have greenstar not bracelet 

Defrag   Poland. Jul 11 2019 22:31. Posts 4814

Not surprised. I've heard that Poker Master is so bot heavy now and the bots are so good that even regular players are giving up since its almost impossible to win anymore ;/

VanDerMeyde   Norway. Jul 14 2019 16:38. Posts 4991

I shipped the thread to pokerstars. 99% they already knew about it ofc but kinda curious what they can do

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dnagardi   Hungary. Jul 15 2019 18:49. Posts 1695

online poker is dead, every bot is solid.

Expiate   Bulgaria. Jul 15 2019 20:14. Posts 230


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