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Chernobyl - TV series

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dnagardi   Hungary. May 10 2019 17:45. Posts 1601

seems like HBO can still produce Q U A L I T Y after all


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Zografa   Bulgaria. May 10 2019 18:03. Posts 948

aint watching until it is finished, not anymore :D

The fish call, the shark raise. 

Baalim   Mexico. May 10 2019 23:42. Posts 32623

I love the topic :D

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Baalim   Mexico. May 10 2019 23:50. Posts 32623

spoiler.... everybody dies

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. May 11 2019 00:12. Posts 8673

  On May 10 2019 22:50 Baalim wrote:
spoiler.... everybody dies

spoiler alert....all governments in the eastern block kept Chernobyl a secret so people were unaware of radiation rains

Baalim   Mexico. May 11 2019 00:29. Posts 32623

spoiler alert, highly combustible carbon derivates like graphite are not a good materials as lining for nuclear reactors

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Caroli   . Today 09:45. Posts 1

it's awesome serial


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