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teaching my mother

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vuser   Laos. Apr 16 2019 21:55. Posts 0

I used to play a lot of poker and browse/post here a long time ago but somehow cant register anymore with my old account (voodoouser).

I'm currently teaching poker to my mother (60yo) during my holidays in her house for fun, because she likes card games a lot. I'm teaching her the basic stuff (since I only was a nl25 cg regular I cant teach her advanced stuff aha) and she really likes playing. She's currently playing fake money cash games and we're having a lot of fun. I'm wondering, is LP still a safe place where she can post her hands (only post hands, not make posts) and get some advices ? She's a nice and smart person. You can tell me the truth I will not be offended at all, no worries about that. She'll start nl2 in few weeks and I'm looking for a place where she can get "help" about hands in a friendly place (I remember LP was a very friendly place).

Thanks in advance, you can be very honest in your answers, dont worry about annoying me.

edit: also do you know where to get the old software pokerstove ? The free version everybody was using many years ago. Or an alternative software with the same features.

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PuertoRican   United States. Apr 17 2019 04:44. Posts 11999

LP is a safe place for your mother to visit, but expect her to give up poker after a few weeks and start watching + betting on UFC events.

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lebowski   Greece. Apr 17 2019 19:08. Posts 9190

I'd happily click HHs from your mom
or any HHs tbh, LP has sadly become the home of rolling tumbleweed
What do you mean by "safe" though?

new shit has come to light... a-and... shit! man... 

4TM   United States. Apr 17 2019 22:39. Posts 712

whammbot   Belarus. Apr 19 2019 04:12. Posts 422

Tell your mom if she wants some rakeback to pm meat

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ggplz   Sweden. Apr 23 2019 02:21. Posts 16640

It's your inheritance m8

if poker is dangerous to them i would rank sports betting as a Kodiak grizzly bear who smells blood after you just threw a javelin into his cub - RaiNKhAN 


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