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Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder (Boxing)

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whammbot   Belarus. Dec 01 2018 10:26. Posts 422

I'm calling Tyson Fury takes the win in the deep rounds, and it's going to be a great fight.

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Dec 01 2018 11:49. Posts 9206

I'd like to see the gipsy win then beat joshua and then retire showing how boxing has become a huge joke.

PuertoRican   United States. Dec 01 2018 19:47. Posts 11995

I think Fury will win.

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Big_Rob_isback   United States. Dec 01 2018 20:33. Posts 200

Dang guys, I got wilder with a 6th round KO. Dont you guys think Fury is too inactive and washed up? Sure prime Fury wins, but this is different.

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whammbot   Belarus. Dec 02 2018 05:33. Posts 422

I dunno but Fury is just a weird dude that can come out fantastic from a looong layoff. The way he fights vs the way deontay does also makes me think he will land some good shots quite easily. FIght is on right now!

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whammbot   Belarus. Dec 02 2018 06:03. Posts 422

This might turn out to be a great boxer vs slugger classic but judges will rig this for wilder to fight joshua for the 100million megafight lol

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PuertoRican   United States. Dec 02 2018 06:08. Posts 11995

I missed the first 2.5 rounds.

R1: dunno
R2: dunno
R3: dunno
R4: Fury
R5: missed it to change streams
R6: Fury
R7: Fury
R8: I missed it cuz I was watching Shogun vs. Pedro in the UFC co-main event
R9: Wilder 10-8 via KD
R10: Fury
R11: Fury
R12: Wilder 10-8 via KD

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whammbot   Belarus. Dec 02 2018 06:31. Posts 422

great fight so far


Now let's see if that Russian mafia decision comes lmao

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PuertoRican   United States. Dec 02 2018 06:49. Posts 11995

Fury should've got the decision.

A draw = the bookies cleaned up, and bettors lost a ton of money.

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whammbot   Belarus. Dec 02 2018 06:52. Posts 422

My God man that was fucked up. Props to TYson for just being a weird dude to be okay with that haha
Tyson lit him up for the entire fight except for 1 and those two knockdowns, even with those two KDs Tyson even kept active

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drone666   Brasil. Dec 02 2018 06:53. Posts 1774

Fuck fury with this Jesus talk, worst than vitor belfort

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whammbot   Belarus. Dec 02 2018 06:56. Posts 422

I can't wait for Teddy Atlas going batshit insane

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Big_Rob_isback   United States. Dec 02 2018 07:47. Posts 200

Such a fun last few rounds, but gawd boxing judges keeping on reminding me why I always get a bit more excited for mma. Fury won 9 out of 12 rounds

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Dec 02 2018 10:25. Posts 9206

115-111 Wilder, hope this judge has taken a good a chunk of money and is not actually that dumb

whammbot   Belarus. Dec 03 2018 00:31. Posts 422

tbh i really felt Tyson took a dive in this fight to make it a draw. it's just a weird feeling how accepting he's been about it, also the way he moved after that deathly looking KD, the way he moved right after just wasn't realistic at all he was really fine like nothing happened. he got hit by a telegraphed punch he was easily avoiding the whole night, plus that 1st KD surprised me. Post fight it was almost like he was acting like Wilders promoter lol

Fury kept stressing how he thanks Wilder for giving him the fight, he was very grateful because Wilder didn't have to but decided to give him a shot. At the end of the fight Wilder looked like he got his clocks cleaned, he was barely there. I just dont wanna believe boxing anymore because 2 more fights would give these people a ton more $$, they dont even need Joshua anymore.

This is the reason I like the UFCs model, because without an entity being held accountable, there's just too much incentive to fix outcomes.

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iakim322   United States. Dec 04 2018 02:52. Posts 1335

Try to stop and actually put yourself in Fury's shoes so you can begin to see how remarkable of a job you'd have to do to cover every angle, control the fight and then dive to exactly a draw on 3 judges cards. Then discard the rest of your conspiracy

That 115-111 really was ludicrous though. Surprising yet not so surprising. It's so insane that boxing continues to have the same problems and no reform in forever has been attempted. Corrupt commissions, belt organizations, the same incompetent/possibly bought 85 yr old judges being brought back over and over even after bad scorecard jobs.

Some simple ideas like 5 judges instead of 3 for headline fights and faster revolving door of judges controlled by a central commission (currenrly, a comparison is like these judges having tenure like professors do at colleges which is obv stupid applied in this industry) would help a lot

Real shame too because as has been said, there's nothing quite like the drama in sports imo of late Rd heavy knockdowns in boxing. Martinez vs Chavez Jr some years back was even better than this. It's just that MMA is simply run better business wise in terms of getting fights together and less of this judging bullshit

whammbot   Belarus. Dec 04 2018 16:00. Posts 422

Ugh I just don't trust boxing after GGG vs Canelo 1 and a whole list of recent fights. Everybody's dodging each other until such time both parties are completely happy with whatever the outcome is.The incentive to rig the judging is just too strong. It's just mostly entertainment now and the randomness is kind of lost in boxing.

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Cassiopia1   . Dec 24 2018 02:38. Posts 11

It looks good. thank you


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