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SpinBeasts is currently recruiting!

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Sacr3D   Canada. Sep 14 2018 17:40. Posts 514

Hello guys. I haven't posted in a very long time on this site. Since then I've been playing Spins and I now represent SpinBeasts. So I wanted to make a post here:

SpinBeasts is currently recruiting players for Spin & Go's. Even if you're new you are more than welcome to apply as we will still teach you how to be a winning player.

Who we are:
SpinBeasts is the most inventive, professional, and fair Spin & Go stable in the world. We've been in the game for years and have become highly experienced in running a stable. Our coaches are highly qualified and are always eager to help. They have transformed countless of amateur players into full fledged pros who are able to crush Spin and Go's. Our team of managers are also always ready to give the best support possible in order facilitate your journey into becoming a pro.

The advantages of being a SpinBeast member:

- Promotions that offer extra prizes including a chance to have 15% higher cuts after 30 days
- 2 to 5 individual coaching every month that is customized just for you
- Backing from high stakes pros such as Lotte Lenya who has made over 5 million dollars from poker
- 24/7 support and 24/7 reloads
- We offer a fair and excellent staking deal that is also simple to understand
- Community chat and forums
- A HUD specifically made for Spin and Go's
- A members section with plenty of Spin and Go videos 
- We offer EV deals up to 75% with 100% rakeback 

A few graphs from our 30s+ players.

How to apply:
Once you fill out your application, we will then contact you within the following days to set up a short interview.

If you guys have any questions, don't hesitate to comment or PM me. Cheers

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Sep 16 2018 08:49. Posts 15162

how the hell can so many Spin stables exists without fucking up the games? It's just one format on one site
Spinlegends, Smartspin with the cheat sheets and you guys too?

93% Sure!  

Sacr3D   Canada. Sep 17 2018 03:45. Posts 514

That's because there are a lot of fish (even on 100s) as it's a highly popular format.. Games are literally ripe for the taking. We don't use "cheat sheets" since we give individual coachings and we take time to explain everything to our players rather than just give some range charts and send them to the tables like some mindless drones

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Sep 24 2018 23:01. Posts 9634

This looks like a good opportunity, but I gotta ask, if you're staking people how are you profiting e.g. buncha people will always end up losing the roll plus I'm guessing a bunch would just scam you and its not like you can make a contract between the parties that would actually matter.

Sacr3D   Canada. Sep 29 2018 17:49. Posts 514

Well since we're a stable, we make a deal where both parties split profits. We work diligently with our players and have a very careful selection process before accepting them. Therefore, most of our players are able to beat their respective stakes. We also coach players that have little to no experience by making them start at the 3$ stake (we're one of the only Spin and Go stables to stake that low) so in terms of risk it's not a lot. With our coaches most people can start beating low stakes withing a few months max. For people that have more trouble, we make sure they're able to beat micro/low stakes before they try to go up. Scams are unfortunately something that we cannot avoid but we have enough experience to mitigate that problem. Fortunately, it's a very small % of the player base.

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vurna   . Oct 27 2022 14:01. Posts 124

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