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marshland090   . Jun 08 2018 08:34. Posts 1

Hero has effective stack of 1k and this is like the second hand since i just got to table and villain is unknown.

Everyone is someonewhat chatty and pretty comfortable at the table i see a few regs i know and say whats up. Onto hand

I get 5s7s in utg+3 and just limp in. I dunno preflop was kinda like i just got to table talking to my neighbor and scoping out the table sort of deal. It goes 4 handed to flop.

Board is 5 8 2 rainbow with one spade and big blind donks 15 dollars into the pot. I think here is a good spot to pop him and make it 45. Reason i raise here is most people check raise their big hands and i could push off a weak 8. Also, i could rep a set since i limped. He calls. Turn is a jack of spades he donks a bet of 10 dollars this time. My mouth waters as i quickly grab a black chip and make it 110.

Then this mofo has the nerve to make it 385! I scoff at him and think to myself wtf? His line is just so wtf. Never played with the guy before and its possible he is just spazz raising some random shit into me but in my head i say that would be just suicidal and say maybe he has a set? Is two pair even reraising me? The only hand i could think of that is fcking with me is 3s4s becuz i got the 7s.

I got kinda annoyed at this guy and kinda called him on turn outta spite even if i might only have spades. River bricks he jams i fold. He then shows a K of clubs. Im guessing K8 but who knows.

I think fundamentally my logic was reasonable except my turn call was really bad becuz if a 7 or 5 comes im left with another derp decision.

Im annoyed becuz im not sure if I played the hand ok or if i got outplayed. And im not sure how he re raised me on that turn either.

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legitxeris   United States. Sep 15 2018 07:42. Posts 4

That guy is a fish, betting so much and reraising on maybe a K8 or KK.
It is a bad idea to try and bluff a fish. Better to wait for a good hand and make him pay next time.

YoMeR   United States. Sep 21 2018 01:33. Posts 12435

call and pray you hit a spade to suck out on his set.

eZ Life. 

K40Cheddar   United States. Oct 29 2018 02:05. Posts 2202

46s 34s and 67s are all better bluffing hands here than 5x imo


vurna   . Oct 27 2022 13:34. Posts 124

--- Nuked ---


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