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Chinese High Stakes Poker Madafakas! Tom Dwan and Ivey sightings - Get in here!!!

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whammbot   Belarus. May 27 2018 05:22. Posts 517

Feast on these videos and waste your 3 days worth of live poker! lol
Dwan doing some sick commentary too

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lucky331   . May 27 2018 05:53. Posts 1124

is this the sign of the start of the 2nd poker boom? i have been waiting.

Baalim   Mexico. May 27 2018 08:27. Posts 34246

biggest televised pot ever record broken... 2M now damn

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. May 27 2018 09:19. Posts 15162

  On May 27 2018 07:27 Baalim wrote:
biggest televised pot ever record broken... 2M now damn

Those are pretty low stakes for some people playing there too
We'll never get to see the proper highstakes games on TV sadly (for obvious reasons)

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whammbot   Belarus. May 27 2018 12:04. Posts 517

I hope they keep up with the channel, Im quite sure the events will only get bigger and bigger as Poker is growing in China, Korea and Asia in general. Durrr is the goat, he knew this was the move before macau manila super hi games was a thing.


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