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Sports Gambling Legalized in the US now?

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whammbot   Belarus. May 15 2018 15:17. Posts 161

Yay for Sports betting?

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NMcNasty    United States. May 15 2018 16:18. Posts 1912

Good news, though I was honestly surprised it wasn't already legal at the federal level considering its fully legal in Nevada and horse race betting is legal in a lot of places. Just up to states to actually get it done. Poker was legalized in my state (Pennsylvania) last year, which was deliberated on for years, and now the regulation/bidding phase is taking a while.

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. May 16 2018 08:55. Posts 8272

Congratulations, just another 20 years and the whole country might have the same rights most people in the world have

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