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$30.000 profit at PPI Poker in 2018

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Mr.Dee   Czech Republic. Jan 31 2018 17:40. Posts 0

I am 28 years old profesional poker player and my real name is George.

I played poker mabye 8 years started from freeroll across all formats and I fouded MTTs are type that I am most comfortable with.

I play most tournaments on GG network site on PPI Poker to be specific. I choose that sites about year ago because of large overlays, planty asian gamblers and player friendly software with many intresting fearures.

This short introduction is from my blog:
"LadyDee" is also my nick at PPI Poker

My poker goals for 2018 are:

- Make at least $30k profit in play+leaderboards MTT only
- Reach top 5 most profit MTT players at GGnetwork in 2018 by SharkScope
- Be at least top 20 in tournament leaderboard
- ***win 5 figures prize at PokerStars in Suday sessions***

Life goals for 2018 are:

- No alcohol to end of March
- Workout 3 times a week minimum
- Move to Ukraine or Thailand for 3 months
- improve my english
- Learn russian
- Learn to Draw ( I can only draw stickman but I believe almost everything can be learned)
- Learn few songs on guitar
- keep my beard growing :cool:

I will be add post 1-2 a week maybe more related of my progress in poker and life goals stuff.


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VanDerMeyde   Norway. Jan 31 2018 22:50. Posts 4901

good luck !


LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Feb 01 2018 00:40. Posts 14694


NL5 Grinder 4Life 

FullBRing   Philippines. Feb 02 2018 11:42. Posts 581

wrong forum

flounder44   United States. Feb 03 2018 14:32. Posts 916

what's your br?

VanDerMeyde   Norway. Feb 04 2018 17:05. Posts 4901

  On February 02 2018 10:42 FullBRing wrote:
wrong forum


:DLast edit: 06/02/2018 15:12

dnagardi   Hungary. Feb 13 2018 21:02. Posts 1580

picture saved the blog

whammbot   Belarus. Feb 20 2018 13:53. Posts 284

Great results BROOOOOO

Go get a managed wordpress host, some premium themes and a logo, SSL cert to make your blog better looking.
all in all without labor that would just cost less than 400usd

visit my personal entertainment blog https://foundaz.comLast edit: 20/02/2018 13:55

deathstar   United States. Mar 03 2018 04:02. Posts 103;keywords=learn+to+draw+cool+stuff
I'm learning to draw from this book.

 Last edit: 03/03/2018 04:04


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