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As7s BvB 5/10/20 (2)

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wobbly_au   Australia. Oct 30 2017 11:04. Posts 6540

Hi guys 5handed game of 5/10/20 (2)

I am in straddle versus a bigbling raise, opponent seems like a fishy player, no particular reads though.

BB raises to 56 (2.3k effective stack)
I 3bet As7s to 183
BB calls

9c9hTd (381)

Check (This range bricks me a lot and hits his calling range very wide cant imagine him folding much)

Thoughts on check back?

9c9hTd7cc (381)

I bet 254 because he shouldn't expect me to bet as it doesn't hit my range, so I am betting to protect and induce bluffs
He raises to 698
I call

9c9hTd7c6h (1800)

He bets 1500 all in

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MezmerizePLZ    United States. Nov 01 2017 15:41. Posts 2598

I like a call, you block parts of his value range and KJ/QJ are likely bluffs which we don't block, he surely has every combo of QJ/KJ preflop with this action, if he plays like 1/4 of his KJ/QJ like this there is a pretty high chance he is over bluffing significantly if we also assume he won't play 100% of his value range like this

K40Cheddar   United States. Nov 02 2017 07:32. Posts 2202

maybe I'm just a nit but preflop wouldn't you rather be defending your A2-A9s hands by calling and making your AT-AKs hands 3bets instead for value? Feel like A7s while obviously ahead of this guy's range has much more playability in a less inflated pot. Is it just cause you are 200bb+ deep?

I think flop check seems fine you never get a lot of folds there

I think I'd rather check turn and value/bluff catch river instead of induce bluff on turn only to face some harder river decisions.

As played, the only thing that makes a ton of sense in my opinion is either KQ/KJ/QJ like mezmerize said or TT. Idk if he can have a 9 unless he's the kind of guy that isn't gonna lead a 9 on the turn.

P.S. I'm just a mid/low microstakes level player that plays 2/5 live occasionally but I'm not that great and might not understand the kind of thinking that goes on in these higher stakes games. I do tend to find a lot of people live show up with weird shit all the time that doesn't make logical sense so idk. Just throwing my thoughts out there.

Edit: Thought this was a live hand looks like it might be an internet hand. Never mind then.

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wobbly_au   Australia. Nov 02 2017 09:33. Posts 6540

I mostly 3bet AXs deep because implied odds are great and when IP I can call 4bets or even 5bet with blocker.

Flat is obviously good too.

I elected to fold but hated myself immediately after. I think mez and K4 are right, this is a call but I fucked up due to lack of time.

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