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Omaha hi lo advice

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FullBRing   Philippines. Oct 24 2017 17:28. Posts 581

Hi guys,
I am playing with my in law tomorrow with his mates. They are all loaded they invited me to a 2k SNG pl omaha hi lo.
Never played this game, any good links for strategy articles or videos ?

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rogier   Netherlands. Oct 24 2017 21:06. Posts 1528

just be quite tight, have hands that work both ways etc. pretty much any hand with a 9 in it sucks

as for vids, google says

FullBRing   Philippines. Oct 25 2017 03:57. Posts 581

Thats for 5 card omaha hi lo.

TianYuan    Korea (South). Oct 26 2017 07:51. Posts 6810

It's a way tighter game than PLO (at least with rake, not sure what it looks like rakeless), and position is a bit different too.. (from what I've seen playing around with solvers, position is worth muchh less in plo8)

Hm.. Off-suite socks.. 

FullBRing   Philippines. Oct 26 2017 10:20. Posts 581

So from what i understand you stick to solid preflop hand chart and i should be fine right ?

Dinewbie   United States. Nov 05 2017 16:25. Posts 51

Yeah stick to solid preflop hand chart and always assume someone has A2 or A3 for the low draw when there's a low draw possible.... For a rule of thumb, in most circumstances only the nut low or the 2nd nut low draw are good depending on # of players in the game. Since you're playing sng and not cash games (I'm actually a sng specialist but I dabble), you have to adjust differently and play more hands most likely as the blinds go up and even the 3rd and 4th nut low draw can be good to win half of the pot. Here's a calculator to help you learn how frequently the lows hit based on flops etc etc.

Btw I am FujikuraLast edit: 05/11/2017 16:30

Dinewbie   United States. Nov 05 2017 16:27. Posts 51

Also a very key concept is having more than 2 low cards to the draw. Because a lot of the time your low actually gets counterfeited when you pair your hand. For this reason, drawing to the wheel is so powerful in this game.

Btw I am Fujikura 

YoMeR   United States. Nov 11 2017 18:23. Posts 12424

pick up AA2x then cram and pray

eZ Life. 

Mortensen8   Chad. Nov 13 2017 16:13. Posts 1789

You can limp some strong hi only and lo only potential hands. It's not like we will only play A2 hands you have to still play poker and there is no rake granted most will be multiway pots which you should have strong hands. But keep in mind that just a hand with an A in it has like 50% so any hands without an ace immediately drop in value.

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