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UFC FN 105: Lewis vs. Browne

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PuertoRican   United States. Feb 13 2017 02:09. Posts 10907

Date: Sunday, February 19th
Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass): 00:30 / 3:30pm PST / 6:30pm EST
Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1): 1:00 / 4pm PST / 7pm EST
Main Card (Fox Sports 1): 3:00 / 6pm PST / 9pm EST
Live Streams:

Main Card (Fox Sports 1)

Derrick Lewis (17-4) vs. Travis Browne (18-5-1) (Heavyweight)
Johny Hendricks (17-6) vs. Hector Lombard (34-6-1) (Middleweight)
Sam Sicilia (15-7) vs. Gavin Tucker (9-0) (Featherweight)
Elias Theodorou (12-1) vs. Cezar Ferreira (11-5) (Middleweight)
Sara McMann (10-3) vs. Gina Mazany (4-0) (Women's Bantamweight)
Nordine Taleb (12-3) vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio (23-3) (Welterweight)

Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1)

Carla Esparza (11-3) vs. Randa Markos (6-4) (Women's Strawweight)
Aiemann Zahabi (6-0) vs. Reginaldo Vieira (13-4) (Bantamweight)
Jack Marshman (21-5) vs. Thiago Santos (13-5) (Middleweight)
Alessandro Ricci (10-4) vs. Paul Felder (12-3) (Lightweight)

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Gerald Meerschaert (25-8) vs. Ryan Janes (9-1) (Middleweight)


- Alvaro Herrera was expected to face Alessandro Ricci at the event. However, Herrera pulled out of the fight in mid-January citing injury and was replaced by Paul Felder on January 23.
- Former UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship challenger Liz Carmouche was expected to face 2004 Olympic silver medalist in wrestling and fellow title challenger Sara McMann at the event, but pulled out on February 2. She was replaced by promotional newcomer Gina Mazany on February 3.
- Michel Quinones was expected to face Alexander Volkanovski at the event, but Volkanovski announced on February 13 that the bout was scrapped due to Quinones being injured and no replacement being found.

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PuertoRican   United States. Feb 13 2017 02:14. Posts 10907



First impression of the match-ups:

• Lewis > Browne
• Lombard > Hendricks
• Sicilia vs. Tucker (dunno)
• Theodorou > Ferreira
• McMann > Mazany
• Taleb vs. Ponzinibbio (dunno)
• Esparza > Markos
• Zahabi > Vieira
• Marshman > Santos
• Ricci vs. Felder (dunno)
• Meerschaert vs. Janes (dunno)
• Volkanovski > Quinones

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whamm!   Albania. Feb 13 2017 04:01. Posts 11625

I suspect KO via haymaker by Lewis

lucky331   . Feb 13 2017 06:34. Posts 953

i heard browne is training under ronda's coach. he might scam himself into winning.

PuertoRican   United States. Feb 13 2017 07:02. Posts 10907

  On February 13 2017 05:34 lucky331 wrote:
i heard browne is training under ronda's coach. he might scam himself into winning.

Travis Browne has been training with Ronda's coach for 2 years or so, it's the reason why he has lost so many fights after he left Jackson's MMA.

Travis and Ronda have been dating for awhile, which is the reason why he moved to California and joined Ronda's team.

At one point, their coach was on an 0-13 losing streak with all of his UFC fighters. It might be a higher number now.

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traxamillion   United States. Feb 14 2017 07:56. Posts 10322

bet the house on Lewis

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Feb 14 2017 08:34. Posts 8097

0-13 should be enough of a sample in this business to know you are doing something wrong...

Baalim   Mexico. Feb 14 2017 09:26. Posts 31865

Browne moved to another gym a couple of months ago, he isnt with Tarverdyan anymore.

Ex-PokerStars Team Pro Online 

iakim322   United States. Feb 14 2017 10:11. Posts 1262

Browne came out and said he's still with Tarverdyan. Just something about camp logistics this time around. Who knows if there's more to it. Who should actually care though. Unless Browne actually moved back to Jacksons, where he was actually a relatively dynamic striker for the HW division, highly likely the plodding version that still can have power of the last 3-4 times we've seen him is what's comin

Small random thing but I liked how Tarverdyan spent most of his air time on two embedded's elaborating/patting himself on the back on how he has his fighters do swimming exercises so at least have some cardio is easier on the joints. In a way that made it seem like only he knew and that there aren't in fact actually masses of athletes doing all forms of pool training or millions of other older people doing daily swimming exercise...because it's easiest on the joints. Guy wasn't even tracking what Browne was doing in the pool either. Champ coach material

I was on the side that felt badly for Ronda's downfall. But an effect of that came out of that is that now everyone knows Edmund is useless which is deserving. At least he's doin this thing with Travis this time and not Ronda.

As for the fights, looks like a pretty barren card with a couple potentially good ones. Main event should be fun but Theodorou could make his fight boring,hendricks could get rolled by lombard which I guess could give like 20 seconds of entertainment. Who knows what Sicilia has at this point. Esparza and Mann are meh unless they pop the rare entertaining finishes in their fights. I guess the Ponzinibio vs Taleb fight is the sleeper

Gonna go

Lewis > Browne
Lombard > Hendricks
Esparza > Mazany

Probably Ponz as well

PuertoRican   United States. Feb 14 2017 21:00. Posts 10907

  On February 14 2017 08:26 Baalim wrote:
Browne moved to another gym a couple of months ago, he isnt with Tarverdyan anymore.

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soberstone   United States. Feb 15 2017 05:38. Posts 2643

Really awful main card match-up wise, some snooze-material to follow-up 208 seems to be OTW..... I do like a couple of the early prelims, Janes vs Maerschart, Marshman vs Santos, and Ricci vs Felder should be fun to watch with Maerchart and Marshman being the 2 guys with the highest ceilings.

Last event I didn't post, but I lost, first losing event in a long time unless I'm blanking.


Lewis > Browne - Can't be confident but I don't see why the chin and cardio edges (yes, his cardio is actually pretty decent for his size) wouldn't be enough to finish Browne who is worthless after a couple of big exchanges.

Hendricks > Lombard - Hendricks that fought Gastellum in retrospect doesn't seem too bad considering what Kelvin just did to Kennedy. Also thought he passed the eye test in that fight. The Magney fight I thought he won, but he didn't pass the eye test in that one (looked like shit)..... meanwhile Lombard's awful cardio and slow pace actually seem to play really nicely for Hendricks who folds to pace and pressure. Lombard's chin also seems to be shot looking back to the Hendo KO - he was getting rocked easy in that fight. Everyone seems to be on Lombard here, so it makes sense that the line moved with it opening at a pickem.

Sicilia > Tucker - Tucker guy looked awful on tape. Last random new guy I watched with so little tape was Nico Price, and he made me look stupid, so well see.

Theodoro > Ferreria - Such a stereotypical "Fighter A needs an early KO or Fighter B has it" scenario

McMann > Mazany

Ponz > Taleb - Taleb is a good all-around fighter, but not very good at any single thing. Perfect fighter to make Ponz look very good while still being competitive and fun.

Esparza > Markos - Both of these fighters stocks are far lower than they were when that season of TUF ended, but particularly Markos who never got better at anything and was supposed to be green coming off the show.

Zahabi vs Vieira - Dunno

Santos > Marshman - I like Marshman a lot and think he could crack the top 15 at some point possibly, but this is a great stylistic matchup for Santos who should be at a huge advantage at distance via kicks and footwork. In order to win, Marshman will need to be willing and able to pressure and eat some early shots.

Felder > Ricci - Felder via close decision seems like an inevitability. Ricci seems like a shittier version of Felder to me.

Maerschardt > Janes - Both guys super durable and good on the ground but only 1 of them is a fluid striker + Maerschardt is far more experienced in general.

Volkanovski vs Quinones - Dunno

PuertoRican   United States. Feb 15 2017 08:12. Posts 10907

Michel Quinones was expected to face Alexander Volkanovski at the event, but Volkanovski announced on February 13 that the bout was scrapped due to Quinones being injured and no replacement being found.

Down to 11 fights now.

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jvilla777   Australia. Feb 15 2017 09:44. Posts 1325

Would've been sick of volko could fight. I work with a dude that he trains with found out about this few days ago.

longple: ur missing the point! this is an attempt to get away from the bumhuntmentality! 

Baalim   Mexico. Feb 15 2017 23:37. Posts 31865

  On February 14 2017 20:00 PuertoRican wrote:
Show nested quote +

FFS... at some point Travis seemed like the future of the aged HW division and now he is a chump

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PuertoRican   United States. Feb 16 2017 01:52. Posts 10907

  On February 15 2017 22:37 Baalim wrote:
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FFS... at some point Travis seemed like the future of the aged HW division and now he is a chump

Travis was known for being athletic and durable. He used to bounce around and move a lot and throw unorthodox strikes that would catch people off guard.

Ever since he moved to Ronda's camp to be closer to her, he stopped moving and bouncing around the cage a lot. Now, he plants his feet and crouches over more to use his length + jab that he learned from Ronda's coach, who is a pure boxing coach, not an MMA coach.

If Travis didn't lose his movement + bouncing style, I would pick him to beat Lewis. Without his movement, it'll be hard for him to stop Lewis from closing the distance. Lewis sucks at technical striking, but he doesn't need to be technical if Travis isn't moving around the cage.

The big thing people are looking at is Lewis' last fight against Shamil. It was a 5-round fight and Lewis had a hard time stopping the take down and only won once Shamil gassed out in Round 4 or something. Shamil is kind of a technical boxer, but with no power, and he's from Dagestan, home of the best wrestlers. Travis isn't as skilled as Shamil in striking, but he has more power + length. Travis has the cardio to go 5 rounds, but lacks the wrestling that Shamil has.

I'm still on Lewis atm, but I'm not 100% sure yet.

p.s. Travis is training with Blackhouse MMA, but he'll still have Ronda's coach in his corner. Travis should look a little better, but who knows how good he'll actually look. If Ronda left her coach, Travis would leave him too, he's only staying with him cuz of Ronda.

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Minsk   Belarus. Feb 16 2017 10:21. Posts 1495

I took a bet on Lewis based on these comments. I like the bet.

A coward dies a thousand deaths. A soldier dies but once. 

PuertoRican   United States. Feb 17 2017 05:51. Posts 10907

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Baalim   Mexico. Feb 17 2017 06:14. Posts 31865


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PuertoRican   United States. Feb 17 2017 09:10. Posts 10907

Sefo is mostly known for his kicks, iirc. Lundell is a wrestling and BJJ coach.

Maybe we'll see Browne fight on the outside with his good jab and arm + leg reach advantage, and look for take downs when necessary. He'll already have the cardio advantage.

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lucky331   . Feb 17 2017 10:55. Posts 953

going for browne and markos.


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