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Poker tools for Android

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zimin40   Belarus. Feb 08 2017 12:18. Posts 5


Can you recommend any poker tools for Android, which I can use during my live and online sessions?
Basically I'm looking for something like PokerTracker, but for mobile.
I need to be able to track my sessions, and evaluate it later.


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SleepyHead   . Feb 08 2017 22:33. Posts 810

I use Poker Manager.

Poker Stove also has an Android app, and there are a bunch of odds calculators

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zimin40   Belarus. Feb 09 2017 07:48. Posts 5

Looks like there are not many useful apps out there, but here is what I've found so far:

1) “Holdem Manager” – keeps track of your income/losings during live/online sessions (more of the financial part of the game)
2) “All-In Poker Tracker” – checks your luck factor and keeps track of your all-ins for each session
3) "Poker Agent" - bankroll management tool, similar to "Holdem Manager"
4) "Donkey Tracker" - poker tracking for live poker. This app creates a simple HUD (heads up display) for live casino poker.

Also I noted, that you have to manually-enter your hands every time, so if you know any automated tool for online sessions - let me know.


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