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Defrag   Poland. Nov 29 2016 14:05. Posts 4636

Re-pasting this here, in case anyone has any questions/things that need support - I have direct contact to a higher ups of their management and can help

LiquidPoker is officially starting a solid partnership with PKR
Poker! We have a very unique and special offer for you, but before that - we would like to present you with some informations regarding the poker room.

PKR Poker - not just 3D poker
For many years there has been a conviction that PKR is a poker room for recreational players, where a real grinder will go crazy trying to multitable in 3D enviroement. Well, those days are over.

PKR joined Microgaming (MPN) in October 2016 and from that time there is an option to choose between realistic, colorful 3D tables and regular, 2d enoviroment that professional players are used to play in all over the world. This way both recreational and professionals can find what they are looking for at the poker room.

The result of PKR and LiquidPoker partnership - the best microgaming network bonus there is.
Well, as you are all aware of - there is a ton of decent promotions avaialble everywhere around the internet for Microgaming network. But our one is special, because it holds no requirements and no restrictions. With us you will get:

Instant, highest VIP level avaialble at Sapphire Elite FOR LIFE
Nope, this is not an error, there are no "buts" and no * near the text. The offer is simple - after the first deposit, in 24-48hours your account will be upgraded for Sapphire Elite VIP level for life.

To use this offer you must open your PKR account through this link and deposit at least 10$. And that's it what is required to enjoy lifetime benfits of Sapphire Elite VIP level (including highest cashback possible).

PKR - extra bonuses besides free VIP
You get your VIP Sapphire Elite for life, but after registration and deposit there are plenty of extra bonuses you might enjoy as well:
• First deposit bonus of 200% up to 1.000€
• 100 VIP points, which will let you register for depositors freerolls and change your 3d avatar
• 5 free spins at slot „Hot as Hades”.

WARNING! After PKR moved to Microgaming (MPN) network every player MUST create new account at – even if you previously had an account at this poker room, it will no longer work.

Current offer

1.000€ New player freerols
For 6 weeks after registration every player can participate in freerolls with prize pool of 1.000€. They run every Wednesday.

60.000€ Masters
Every first Sunday of the month at PKR a "major" tournament is played out where guaranteed prize pool is 60.000€, and winner walks aways with 10.000€. Sattelites start from as low as 1€. offer is available for PC and MAC - as well as mobile devices with Android or iOS operating systems.

Register right now from this link through LiquidPoker to grab your free VIP Sapphire Elite, bonus 200% up to 1000€ at!

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Defrag   Poland. Nov 29 2016 14:06. Posts 4636

Also, two things:
upgrades to VIP are done manually and take around 24h on working days after first deposit is made (can take longer on weekends, please keep that in mind).

As for holecards:
Got the confirmation that it is possible to see the hole cards (so all good ) and that they passed our feedback to poker team and will work to make this feature easier to see.

How to see cards:

To see a players mucked hole cards you need to click either the ‘Hands’ or ‘Last Hand’ tab within the chat panel, choose the hand you want to see and click the ^ symbol to expand the window, your opponents mucked cards are displayed here.

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Nov 29 2016 19:18. Posts 8252

Instant VIP

Defrag   Poland. Nov 29 2016 21:57. Posts 4636

  On November 29 2016 18:18 Spitfiree wrote:
Instant VIP

Well, it isnt pokerstars software, I can say that but 30% rb + other bonuses is nice, thats more then free supernova


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