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Redbet LIVE Malta Poker Festival 2016, 10th-18th October

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HESOP   Malta. Aug 26 2016 13:19. Posts 91

Redbet LIVE is coming to Malta (October 10th-18th 2016) and bringing their popular €350 three day Main Event structure, as well as a host of other games and formats. Redbet LIVE festivals have proved to have a huge impact on the local poker scenes that they have visited with a unique focus on low-stakes players and fun, creating huge prizepools by attracting players to the enjoyable atmosphere that is Redbet LIVE’s trademark.

Redbet LIVE know that people play poker primarily for money, but noticed that in recent years there has been so much focus on huge buyins that the average recreational player was getting left behind. Redbet LIVE festivals are perfectly designed to offer a recreational player an extraordinary chance to take part in an aspirational poker experience that won’t break the bank. Tournaments are run like the higher buy-in events, at glamorous venues, with professional staff and full media coverage, but the lower buyins mean that the average low-stakes player has a better chance to compete against the bulk of the fields.Malta may prove to be a tough nut to crack, with some of the biggest brands on the international poker scene also choosing the beautiful island to hold events. The Redbet LIVE team is positive about the festival, and confident that local players and those from around Europe will identify with the levels of play offered.

Why should it only be nose-bleed stakes players that get to come to somewhere like Malta for poker?

The Redbet LIVE Main Event buy-in is over €150 less than the next nearest low-stakes brand, and side events start at just €30. By encouraging participation from new players, inexperienced players and players looking for a fun holiday, Redbet LIVE events are quite simply less of a long shot than other brands. Redbet LIVE is not looking to break records and make huge claims, but to ensure players just have a laugh, as well as an actual, tangible shot at winning some money. Redbet LIVE may not be trying to break records, but the last series of Redbet LIVE events, as part of the Olomouc Poker Festival in the Czech Republic, did just that, creating the largest number of entries that the local scene had ever witnessed with over 1400 players entering a €175 buy-in game. Redbet LIVE may have found a sweet spot in the market, providing a week of poker for those who are deeply passionate about the game, but don’t want to sit at a table with world-class names when poker is their hobby, not their profession.

Satellites for the Redbet LIVE Malta Main Event are running now, and feeders start at just €1.10, proving Redbet LIVE’s commitment to getting micro and low stakes online players into a live tourney. The micro-stakes feeders roll into two weekly package satellites, €54 with re-buys and a €135 freezeout to win a package including buy-in, hotels and spending money; this ensures there is a route for players at all levels. Seat only satellites will be available from the beginning of September, and the final weekly package satellite will play on 29th September.

Flights to Malta from all over Europe are reasonably cheap, and the island has a wealth of hotels at a range of prices. Many flights from major European cities are available on Saturdays, and the festival includes an entry day to the Main Event on Sunday 16th to ensure those who can only fly out after a week’s work get the chance to play.

Redbet LIVE has consciously situated their festival just before the EPT Malta leg (18th-29th October) so any EPT players can just swoop over to the lovely island a week early, and play in some great warm-up events, preparing for the marathon that is the EPT. There are plenty of different low-stakes events during the week, and the €350 Main Event plays between 14th and 18th October, by design, to run neatly into the EPT schedule.

Redbet LIVE Malta may just be your perfect poker holiday, so check out the full schedule online and follow Redbet LIVE on FaceBook ( and Twitter ( to keep up with special promotions, satellites and giveaways.

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Redbet LIVE 

HESOP   Malta. Aug 28 2016 17:37. Posts 91


Redbet LIVE Malta package satellite at 8pmCET.
€135 buy-in
5k starting stack
15 min levels
NO re-buy/addon
1 x €1000 package gtd

Package includes

*€350 main event buy-in,
* €200 expenses,
* 5 nights in hotel and
* exclusive Redbet LIVE players' merchandise.

Win your seat to this satellite with feeders starting at just €1.10- log on to Redbet and check it out NOW!

Redbet LIVE 

HESOP   Malta. Sep 04 2016 10:17. Posts 91

It's time to qualify for Redbet LIVE Malta (10th-18th October)!

TONIGHT @20: 00!
Redbet LIVE Malta package satellite
€135 buy-in
5k starting stack
15 min levels
no re-buy/addon
late reg. 130 minutes
1 x €1000 package GTD

Package includes

* €350 main event buy-in
* €200 expenses
* 5 nights in hotel
* exclusive Redbet LIVE players' merchandise

Play feeders to the weekly package satellites to Redbet LIVE Malta:

18:00 - €16 buy-in - 1 x €135 weekly final ticket guaranteed
2,5k starting stack
€5 re-buys (2,5k stack)
€5 addon (5k stack)
8 minute blinds
65 min late reg/re-buy

19:00 - €16 buy-in - 1 x €135 weekly final ticket guaranteed
3k starting stack
€15 1 re-entry (3k stack)
6 minute blinds
45 min late reg

20:00 - €16 buy-in - 1 x €135 weekly final ticket guaranteed
2k starting stack
€5 re-buys (2k stack)
€5 addon (4k stack)
5 minute blinds
40 min late reg/re-buy

Whatever your skill or bankroll level, there is an entry point for you! Check out the tournament schedule on Redbet online and get yourself ready for Malta.

Redbet LIVE 

HESOP   Malta. Sep 08 2016 08:32. Posts 91

The main event seats are filling up for Redbet LIVE Malta (10th-18th Oct) as more players get involved in the satellites at all levels.
Last week “Red_Basil” from UK, "BeeF_PL" from Poland won €1000 packages and "Bartek_G" won a €350 seat for a 2nd place finish as the satellite guarantee was exceeded. "mFala69" from Czech Republic (pictured) also nabbed himself a €1000 package, and he knows the value of Redbet LIVE events after coming 3rd in Dublin in 2015 for almost €7k.

There are two package satellites weekly throughout September; €54 entry on Thursdays at 21:00CET (€25 rebuys and add-on) and €135 on Sundays at 20:00CET (freezeout). There are feeders for both formats starting at €1.10 to aim for the €54 satty and €2.20 for the €135.

Feeders run DAILY from 17:45CET and the €1000 package includes
*5 nights in hotel
* €350 main event seat,
* €200 expenses
* Redbet LIVE players' merchandise package.

The Redbet LIVE Malta festival will be held at Casino Malta Poker Club and the schedule includes a host of side events in different formats.

See you in Malta!

Redbet LIVELast edit: 13/09/2016 15:29

HESOP   Malta. Sep 10 2016 18:22. Posts 91

Let's go to Malta! The absolute nuts poker island!

Redbet LIVE is coming to Casino Malta Poker Club from 10th- 18th October and satellites and feeders are running throughout September.

In Thursday's €54 entry satellite, Redbet regular face "Sajmoon152" took a €1000 package and "Smitty336" scored a €350 main event seat.

Micro feeders to tomorrow's €135 freezeout satellite are available tonight from 5:15pmCET, giving you the opportunity to win a €1000 package from €2.20.

Package includes 5 nights in hotel, €200 expenses, €350 main event buyin and RedbetLIVE players' merchandise.
The Redbet LIVE Malta schedule is varied, all side events have a trophy attached and the week is guaranteed to be a lot of fun in a beautiful part of the world.

What's stopping you have a go?

Redbet LIVELast edit: 13/09/2016 15:30

HESOP   Malta. Sep 11 2016 14:43. Posts 91

Tonight at 8pmCET (7pmBST)- €135 buyin package satellite to Redbet LIVE Malta (10th-18th October).
€1000 package includes: €350 main event buyin, €200 expenses, 5 nights in hotel and Redbet LIVE players' merchandise.

€135 buyin
5k stack
Freezout format
15 min blinds
1 x €1000 package gtd

If €135 is outside your roll, the micro feeders start at €2.20 and you can play these everyday to lead up to next week's €135 freezeout satellite.

See you in Malta!

Redbet LIVE 

HESOP   Malta. Sep 13 2016 15:28. Posts 91

More satellites to Redbet LIVE Malta you say?

In addition to the two weekly package satellites (€54 on Thursday and €135 on Sunday) the Redbet LIVE team has added TWO daily seat-only satellites throughout September to give you even more chances to grab a €350 Redbet LIVE Malta (10th-18th October) main event seat.

€54 buyin
5k starting stack
12 minute levels
No rebuy/addon
90mins late reg
1 x €350 seat gtd

€22 buyin (2500 stack)
€10 rebuy (2500 stack
€10 addon (5k stack)
8 minute levels
Late reg/rebuy for 60 minutes
1 x €350 seat gtd

If you have already won a seat/package you can win another seat and use it for a 2nd bullet, or turn cash out your 2nd unused seat.
There are micro feeders starting at 6pmCET from €1.10 buyin, and there are multiple micro routes to all satellites meaning that players at all levels are encouraged and welcomed to Redbet LIVE Malta!

Redbet LIVELast edit: 13/09/2016 15:31

HESOP   Malta. Sep 15 2016 19:20. Posts 91

Redbet LIVE Malta, 10th-18th October, package satellite tonight at 21:00CET

€54 buyin (2.5k stack)
€25 rebuy (2.5k stack)
€25 addon (7.5k stack)
Late reg/rebuys for 1hr
8 min levels
1 x €1000 packge gtd

Package includes 5 nights in hotel, €350 main event entry, €200 expenses and Redbet LIVE players' merchandise.

Redbet LIVE 

HESOP   Malta. Sep 22 2016 16:59. Posts 91

Redebet LIVE is excited to announce the addition of Gerard Serra Retamero to the team as Tournament Director for Redbet LIVE Malta 2016 (10th-18th October).
Retamero is one of the premier Tournament Directors in Europe; developed in the role under the mentorship of European poker scene legend Thomas Kremser, he has wide experience on multiple poker tours including the EPT, Microgaming Poker Tour, and The Mega Series.

In 2010 Retamero gained prestigious recognition of his skills as a Tournament Director, winning the Annual European Poker Award for “Poker Staff Person Of The Year” for his hard working attitude and commitment to the role and his customers. Redbet LIVE is proud of the association with Retamero, as the RedbetLIVE vision has always been to create a top-end live poker experience with low buyins; to have one of the finest Tournament Directors in Europe join the team shows that Redbet LIVE can make this happen.Players at the Redbet LIVE festival in Malta can expect well organised, well-structured events overseen by a wise and knowledgeable Tournament Director at a standard usually reserved for high-stakes games.

You can meet Retamero, and the rest of the team, in Malta by qualifying on Redbet Online from just €1.10 throughout September. Micro-stakes feeders play daily and there are two weekly package satellites on Thursdays and Sundays. With a €350 buyin main event, multiple side-events at various stakes and formats, trophies, media coverage and a philosophy of fun, Redbet LIVE offers low-stakes players a great holiday atmosphere as well a chance to pocket some serious cash.
Now in its 3rd year, Redbet LIVE is a fairly new name on the European poker scene, but it continues to grow in popularity, and with names like Retamero joining the family, Redbet LIVE is set to become an important institution.

Follow Redbet LIVE on FaceBook ( and Twitter ( to keep up to date with promotions, satellites and live tournament media.

Redbet LIVE 

HESOP   Malta. Oct 09 2016 19:34. Posts 91

Redbet LIVE Malta Schedule

If you're out there for EPT anyway, bob along a few days early and say hello!!

Redbet LIVE 


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