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live 1/2/3 NL. 3 donkbets

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traxamillion   United States. Dec 10 2015 05:17. Posts 10343

I'm playing for the 2nd time at a new cardroom in the area M8trix. Never have I seen so many donkbets (leading oop without the initiative) in my life. Good games. I'm playing 1 on the bu, 2 sb, 3 bb for the blinds and it is 3 to go pre. I cover in all the hands. Which ones do you call or fold or raise. can u tell which 2 are the same guy?

Hand 1 (Villain and I 100 effective)

Several players limp 3 and I raise in LP to 17-18 with AJo, Only caller is the 1st or 2nd limper (kinda matters but i forget) UTG+1.

Flop AcKd3h (pot about $40)

Opponent checks I bet 15 he calls.

Turn AcKd3h6c (pot $70)

Villain leads 45-50 with 20-25 behind, I ?

Hand 2 (Villain and I $250 effective)

Several players limp 3 and I raise to 18 in LP with AJo, BB calls, UTG+1 calls, MP calls.

Flop Ks10h7s (pot $65)

All check

Turn Ks10h7sQc (pot $65)

UTG+1 bets 30, mp folds, I raise to 90, BB folds, UTG+1 calls

River Ks10h7sQcQh (pot $245)

UTG+1 leads $140 AI, I?

Hand 3 (villain and i $500 effective)

A couple of ep/mp limps (2-3) and I raise the button to 15 with KQ suited, Sb calls, All else fold

Flop Kh9s7s (pot $40)

SB leads 15, I call

Turn Kh9s7s2c (pot $70)

SB leads 20, I call

River Kh9s7s2c3c (pot $110)

SB leads 60, I?

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traxamillion   United States. Dec 10 2015 05:17. Posts 10343

All hands occur within 30 minutes of each other

JohnnyBologna   United States. Dec 10 2015 15:31. Posts 1393

I call all hands.. i feel stupid folding any of the hands. Number 2 would make me sick tho but i still call.

By doing a little bit at a time, a lot can be done 

JohnnyBologna   United States. Dec 11 2015 05:45. Posts 1393

heh i just sound so arrogant dont i. anyways, i think that they show up with worse so much and our hand is too strong to be folding.

By doing a little bit at a time, a lot can be done 

traxamillion   United States. Dec 11 2015 06:17. Posts 10343

Na man thanks for the advice, at least you are posting! Anyone else?

K40Cheddar   United States. Dec 17 2015 01:07. Posts 2169

hand 1 just bet bigger on flop get it in later. You aren't folding this hand for 50bb after commiting 20% of your stack pre and getting that flop.

hand 2 call expect to see Qx sometimes. Sometimes you'll lose. Should be +EV all the times you win when he doesn't make a boat there if he has the nuts.

hand 3 I usually like raising the flop in these kinds of spots but I think calling 3 times is fine.


traxamillion   United States. Jan 04 2016 08:35. Posts 10343

yea i called all 3 on the end and lost all.

H1 to AK
H2 to 77


H3 to 77


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