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Would it be possible to implement this feature?

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casinocasino   Canada. Mar 06 2015 07:22. Posts 3339

liquidpoker is not as big of a community as teamliquid. would it be possible to implement a "who's online" feature and see who is currently active?

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MadeInPolanD   Poland. Mar 17 2015 11:20. Posts 1383

lol plz no surveillance ;o

or an option to exclude yourself

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Defrag   Poland. Mar 17 2015 11:33. Posts 4814

I have this option already to be honest, but it's only available for admins. I would be a bit concerned about privacy to make this public, as often people playing poker take that into consideration, like you can already see someone asking for option to exclude themselves from the list.

There was an option to add people to "friend list" and if the addition was done by both sides, you could see if someone is online, however it wasn't very popular so we removed it.


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