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Scarmaker   Slovakia. Aug 04 2012 11:27. Posts 9

Hello, I noticed this little green star saying "quality poster" next some users and I would like to ask how exactly one does achieve this status and what are the conditions?

Thank you

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Raidern   Brasil. Aug 04 2012 11:31. Posts 4234

All users with a green star have made good contributions in some area of the site in the past: hand discussion, blogging, good posts, etc. Some of them don't contribute as much anymore but we still keep their stars as a sing of gratitude for what they have done for the site in the past.

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Raidern   Brasil. Aug 04 2012 11:39. Posts 4234

I'm moving your thread btw since there isn't really anything to be discussed on the matter

im a regular at nl5 

Scarmaker   Slovakia. Aug 04 2012 11:57. Posts 9

OK, thank you.

Do I understand it correctly that who will be marked as a quality poster is basically a decision of admins and there are no specific conditions like "have this or that amount of posts/points/good votes/whatever" ?

Raidern   Brasil. Aug 08 2012 21:54. Posts 4234

Sorry I took this long to reply. Yes, you got it right, it's not an objective thing.

im a regular at nl5 


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