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Garrett Adelstein tells all

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PuertoRican   United States. Mar 28 2023 03:51. Posts 13058

Doug Polk sits down with Garrett Adelstein, one of the most popular high stakes poker players of 2022, and talks to him about the infamous "Robbi hand" and why he decided to do a video interview after six months away from the spotlight.

It gets pretty spicy. Watch the video and enjoy.

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Rekrul is a newbLast edit: 28/03/2023 03:52

[GiTM]-Ace   United States. Mar 29 2023 12:00. Posts 1585

i didnt even know we were still active here :D

[GiTM]- GoSu in the Making 

PuertoRican   United States. Mar 30 2023 08:18. Posts 13058

  On March 29 2023 11:00 [GiTM]-Ace wrote:
i didnt even know we were still active here :D

Rekrul is a newb 

devon06atX   Canada. May 13 2023 01:51. Posts 5458

Honestly? I think he was cheated in that hand, for sure. But, listening to this dude talk from ~29 min to ~53 min (dunno if I can watch much more), definitely don't like this guy


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