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Poker Out Loud - Vloggers S2

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PuertoRican   United States. Jan 05 2022 06:09. Posts 12920

Solve For Why returns with its second season of Poker Out Loud – Vloggers, which features a group of some notable and not so notable online poker players.

While not as star-studded as Season 1 of the Vloggers edition (Marle Cordeiro, Rampage, Johnnie Vibes, Matt Vaughan, and Landon Tice), Season 2 features a few notable players and a couple of “wtf?” players such as Ryan Depaulo, Bet on Drew, Poker Beast, Convolk, Greg Goes All In, and the return of Matt Vaughan.

Not familiar with Poker Out Loud? The Solve For Why website explains: “Solve For Why’s flagship series Poker Out Loud provides a unique and entertaining approach to studying the game. It’s a cash game format where the players wear noise-canceling headphones and verbalize their thought processes behind every action at the poker table. With real-time thoughts from top-level pros at every decision point, Poker Out Loud provides insight into the game as you’ve never seen before. For more insight on the thoughts of each player after the fact, check out the 'On Second Thought' Podcast on Solve For Why TV.”

Even though this poker show is much slower than most other poker shows, I enjoyed this format a lot because it allowed me to get into the thought process of each player. Sometimes, these “poker pros” didn’t know what they were doing, and sometimes they did. The realness and humor of some of them, mixed with being able to understand the game of poker a bit better, is what made this show entertaining. While there were some cringe moments in Season 2 of the Vloggers, the show piqued my interest enough to watch Season 1 of the Vloggers, which was more entertaining.

Episode 1: “Bet On Drew 4-Bet WHAT?!?!”
Episode 2: “Poker Beast’s BLUFF leaves Matt Vaughan speechless”
Episode 3: “The rise and fall of Greg Goes All In”
Episode 4: “Oh no, Ryan Depaulo”
Episode 5: “WHOOPS!!! Greg Goes All In”
Episode 6: “Poker Beast cracks kings, TWICE!!!”
Episode 7: “Ryan Depaulo folded WHAT?!?”
Episode 8: “Bomb pot bonanza!”

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Rekrul is a newb 

Loco   Canada. Jan 06 2022 03:31. Posts 20947

That Greg all-in is hilarious. Thanks for the links!

The medium is the message 

hiems   United States. May 01 2022 08:20. Posts 2979

Porto Rican u r a cool dude but if u guna make poker articles do sumthin more interesting than solve4y lol

I beat Loco!!! [img][/img] 

lostaccount   Canada. May 19 2022 12:56. Posts 5485

PR should stick to UFC lol which it seem so cuz he hasnt posted an article in so long

Modest and humble living, ping jing shi fu 

PuertoRican   United States. May 28 2022 09:33. Posts 12920

  On May 19 2022 11:56 lostaccount wrote:
PR should stick to UFC lol which it seem so cuz he hasnt posted an article in so long

I've been busy lately, and didn't want to post a random poker update that you can find on any poker news site.

Since I've been busy, I haven't kept up with major poker news, thus the lack of posts.

Rekrul is a newb 

lostaccount   Canada. Jun 11 2022 09:55. Posts 5485

That’s good

Modest and humble living, ping jing shi fu 

passpartu   United Kingdom. Dec 08 2022 14:48. Posts 2

WOW! Do they have more similar videos? I have learned a lot of new things about poker by watching how they play. I am a beginner at poker. I started playing on beste Schweizer Online Casino one month. I was always fascinated by this game but never dared to take a risk and start gambling. I was at my friend's birthday, and they began to play poker. I was invited to join, so I accepted. They rapidly explained how to play the game, and we started. I enjoyed the hazard during the game, and that night when I came home, I started watching videos about how to play poker like a professional.

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