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The return of High Stakes Poker

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PuertoRican   United States. Dec 18 2020 07:44. Posts 12920

After Black Friday ripped a hole into every online poker players heart in early 2011 (including my own), it meant that online poker would never be the same again. Multiple online poker-related shows started to slowly die-off throughout 2011, including High Stakes Poker.

Thanks to the people over at, everyone’s favorite poker show, High Stakes Poker, is able to make its return this week with its 8th season. Gabe Kaplan – co-host during the first six seasons – and A.J. Benza – co-host during the first five seasons – return as this season’s hosts.

Season 8 of High Stakes Poker will feature several top poker players, such as Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Jean-Robert Bellande, Jason Koon, and Phil Hellmuth. While the aforementioned players are much older now, they still bring with them a deep understanding of poker, a lot of money, and the gift of gab.

High Stakes Poker Season 8 can be seen every Wednesday at 5pm PT/8pm ET/2:00 on

Take a look at the sneak peak video that PokerGO posted on its Twitter page:

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Rekrul is a newb 

dnagardi   Hungary. Dec 18 2020 18:31. Posts 1772

nice, new news, keep up the posting

dwan looking good. Few years back he looked like a trainwreck, nice to see him again and still on top

lostaccount   Canada. Dec 18 2020 23:48. Posts 5508

thanks PR preciate the news. keep up the good work

Modest and humble living, ping jing shi fu 

Nitewin   United States. Dec 20 2020 07:34. Posts 1538

Dwan been through some tough times, you can see it on his face. Hope the best for him.

Anywhere to watch without subbing to pokergo? Is it exclusively there?

PuertoRican   United States. Dec 20 2020 12:26. Posts 12920

  On December 20 2020 06:34 Nitewin wrote:
Dwan been through some tough times, you can see it on his face. Hope the best for him.

Anywhere to watch without subbing to pokergo? Is it exclusively there?

Do those poker sites still exist where people upload all of the televised poker events? That's how I used to watch all of the European events that I didn't get on American television back in the day.

Rekrul is a newb 

dnagardi   Hungary. Dec 20 2020 15:05. Posts 1772

well back in the days I just torrented them from piratebay. I assume that still works

vasoline73   United States. Dec 23 2020 16:46. Posts 808

Awesome that they have the old hosts back! It wasn't the same when they started changing them.

Looking forward to this. Great news!

chipsOwner   Czech Republic. Dec 29 2020 23:37. Posts 529

so i relogged / recovered my account after like 10 years or so..

i cant find this show anywhere free of charge. can anyone help out?

chipsOwner   Czech Republic. Feb 03 2021 09:07. Posts 529

S8E1-7 now available at

tywolcot   Canada. Jul 20 2021 21:00. Posts 3

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Crees   United States. Jan 12 2022 08:34. Posts 3

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HjymaSorotaky1   United States. Mar 17 2022 17:19. Posts 11

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