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PP LIVE Millions UK – Steve O’Dwyer wins the Super High Roller and £450,000!

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Super High Roller at PartyPoker LIVE Millions UK has come to an end. Steve O'Dwyer took down the event winning £450,000!

On its starting day Super High Roller Millions UK attracted only 17 players, which can be surprising as they were playing for 1,000,000 pounds. Obviously the word got out quickly and on the second day it was much better, totalling the number of entries to 51, which raised the pool to ?1.25 million!

At the tables we could see among others such legends as Alex Lynskey, Dietrich Fast, Leon Tsoukernik, Paul Newey and Aymon Hata.

The last of them, Hata was the leader when final table began. Soon after Paul Newey got eliminated, but we were still waiting for the bubble boy. As it turned out it was Ryan Riess, who was actually in the lead after day 1. Poker player moved all-in for his last chips with KT. Hata called in the big blind with A2. The board came 53765, which meant Main Event champion was done.

O'Dwyer dominates the Final table
There were only six players in the game when Christoph Vogelsang took the lead, but Steve O'Dwyer overtook him when his AK vs QT suited sent Niall Farell to the rail.

Fifth place went to Aymon Hata. Poker player raised, but he encountered a re-raise from O'Dwyer. Steve had yet another AK, but his opponent did not want to let go and went for it with 88. A king on the flop and Hata was heading to the cashier window.

Steve was quite lucky as he got another AK in a moment. This time he was dominated by pocket kings held by Vogelsang. Fortunately for O'Dwyer the flop included an ace and it all went his way.

Orpen Kisacikoglu was the first to go out of the remaining two. Turkish player had JJ and he moved all-in, but O'Dwyer with his A9 caught some outs on QKK flop and rivered an ace to eliminate his rival.

The final HU was a duel between two great live and online players. Fabrizio Gonzalez had quite of a problem at the very start as he only held 10 big blinds. Soon O'Dwyer got the best of him when he put him all-in with J9. Fabrizio surprisingly called with AA! Normally this heads-up would be longer, but poker gods were favouring O'Dwyer that day with all flops. 9TJ flop. Turn was another J, and Gonzalez was left with just two outs. None of them appeared on the river though.

Steve O'Dwyer won the Super High Roller. For the performance he scooped £450,000. This is the third win in his account this year, 20th in total. He has also thus crossed the $24,000,000 in live cashes!

Super High Roller Millions UK – results:
Steve O'Dwyer – £450,000
Fabrizio Gonzalez – £236,750
Orpen Kisacikoglu – £200,000
Christoph Vogelsang – £140,000
Aymon Hata – £100,000
Niall Farell – £60,000

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