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WSOP 2018: Has Randall Emmett gone too far with his Main Event entry?

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Defrag   Poland. Jul 10 2018 10:00. Posts 4734

Film producer Randall Emmett entered the hall where WSOP 2018 Main Event was taking place accompanied by dancers and orchestra. Should such behaviour really be acceptable?

This year Phil Hellmuth promised to come to the WSOP Main Event dressed as Iron Man or Thor (finally he came as the hammer enthusiast).

The winner of 14 WSOP bracelets did not foresee one thing. That someone would steal his show. This man turned out to be Randall Emmett. The American film producer loves playing poker. So far he has created such film as “2 Guns”, “Lone Survivor” and “Silence”. His latest film is “Gotti”. It's a biography of John Gotti, boss of New York Gambino mafia family, which he led between 1985 – 2001. As John we can see the famous John Travolta.

Emmett hasn't won much so far. Altogether he has won $26,440. His biggest score till now has been the 4th place in $250 No-Limit Hold’em during Larry Flynt’s Holiday Poker Classic 2016. Back then he scooped $14,500. Poor results stem from the fact that Emmett is really a cash player. He has starred in the new episodes of “Poker After Dark”.

Watch the video here:

Whats your opinion?

Chad Holloway from apparently did not:
“This shouldn’t be allowed. Not fair to the other players in the room who are in a big hand or any hand in general.”

WCOOP champ, Steven van Zadelhoff commented:
“Would agree for ANY other tourney in the world, but for this one i hapilly make an exception. The more show the better for poker/us I guess. Obviously pause when in a big hand, whole table/floor will agree I assume”

Poker player Taylor Howard also said a thing or two about it.
“Honesty who cares? And I don’t mean that in a bad way. This is supposed to be fun for amateurs and recs. I agree there could be a fine line and it’s a grey area but let them have fun if they want too. It’s something a rec will tell his/her friends about.”

Dan O’Brien criticized such behaviour:
“The @WSOP is allowing a live band to blare music just feet from people playing in the Main Event. What an incredible embarrassment this should be for everyone involved in this display.”

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BlizzY   Slovakia. Jul 10 2018 10:07. Posts 784

  On July 10 2018 09:00 Defrag wrote:

Poker player Taylor Howard also said a thing or two about it.
“Honesty who cares?

Expiate   Bulgaria. Jul 10 2018 11:01. Posts 227

I would love to see Remi going to WSOP. He'll definitely steal the show, sadly he probably don't have the money yet to cover the followed up chaos, but one day maybe we'll see him and his animal followers turning everything upside down haha.

PoorUser    United States. Jul 10 2018 11:47. Posts 7388

seems good for poker.

only real issue is people doing worse versions of it in the future.

Moneys gotta go in here 

FrinkX   United States. Jul 10 2018 12:50. Posts 7469

the chips were still in racks who cares

bitch on a pension suck my dong 

dnagardi   Hungary. Jul 10 2018 19:57. Posts 1580

if it happens rarely for 5 mins, its good. Anyone can bear with that.

would be shit to constantly hear things like this, but thats not the case.

K40Cheddar   United States. Jul 12 2018 00:16. Posts 2189

why? lol wtf



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