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Staples brothers closer and closer to winning the weight bet – will they scoop $150.000?

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Defrag   Poland. Mar 18 2018 12:36. Posts 4717

Bet between Jaime & Matt Staples and Bill Perkins is one of the most interesting we have witnessed in the recent years. Poker players can scoop $150,000 if they keep their weight. They are getting closer to the weighing day and the stress slowly kicks in.

Bet between Staples brothers and Bill Perkins was made almost a year ago. The rules are simple. A year after it was made their weight has to be within one pound of a difference (0.45 kilogram). If they succeed they will get $150,000 – this is exactly how much Perkins will have to give them. Staples bros on the other hand risk only $3,000.

The task was not easy as a year ago they were persons with totally different figures. Jaime Staples was 138 kilograms, and Matt 60 kilos. No wonder not many believed in their success, but now it seems they will make it.

Jaime Staples managed to lose tons of weight, but the pace got to him and we can see that he is stressed and nervous. Below you can read the post he published on Instagramie:

“This look should tell you all what I feel. We have fourteen days till the end of the bet and there is 3.8 kilogram of a difference between me and my brother Matt. It's really hard, but we are so close. I am looking forward to eating healthy, but normally.”

Everything will be clear on March 26th. There will be a special ceremony with guests who inspired them and naturally Bill Perkins among them. The weighing will be streamed on Twitch. Both players seem tired, but it looks like they will win the bet. The only question is how this will affect their health…

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Mar 18 2018 14:50. Posts 8506

One was underweight, the other was overweight, how will it affect their health you think?

blackjacki2   United States. Mar 18 2018 21:26. Posts 2145

should be a lock. They can easily make up a 3.8kg difference in a single day if they wanted to

Expiate   Bulgaria. Mar 19 2018 00:41. Posts 227

One can just drink 3l of water, the other visit the toilet and it's a wrap.

Trav94   Canada. Mar 19 2018 05:43. Posts 1733

Seems like it's over. Didn't Perkins say on a Joey podcast sometime last year that he thinks he gave them way too good of odds, but mostly just wanted to help and give Jaime motivation to better himself?

casinocasino   Canada. Mar 19 2018 20:01. Posts 3329

Perkins is a boss who probably makes 100k a week in interest.

Ryan Neilly   United States. Mar 20 2018 06:08. Posts 1258

bill said himself last year "if they do the bet it will only benefit their lives"

guess the last few weeks might be kinda rough

Jamies got g/f and doin alot more now , this has been so good for him.


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