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WSOP 2006 Main Event finalist, Douglas Kim, creates his own sitcom

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Defrag   Poland. Dec 21 2017 23:04. Posts 4705

Douglas Kim, a finalist from the biggest ever WSOP Main Event (2006), who earned $2.4m for his 7th place has produced a comedy series entitled “Just Doug”. It is based on his life as an actor in Los Angeles The 3 part series has recently been featured in the “Today's Spotlight” segment of the Facebook Watch platform and it is getting some good reviews.

Two years after winning millions of dollar at the WSOP, Duke Economics graduate Kim decided to use his newly acquired funds to pursue a career as an actor, so he moved to L.A. from New York, despite many friends told him it was a bad idea.

During his years as an aspiring actor Doug found that the pessimists had pretty much been right and that despite doing everything in his powers he wasn't getting anywhere as na actor. In his blog, Doug even says that making it in Hollywood is hard and it gets harder if you're an Asian. That is why he decided to make his own sitcom, “Just Doug”.

Just Doug shows Doug's trials as a struggling Asian-American actor trying to get his big break in Hollywood. Kim said he was inspired by Louis C.K's show “Louie” which shows Louie doing stand up bits interwoven with moments from his personal life. Doug felt that a semi-autobiographical look at his life could be worthy of a sitcom.

Kim is the co-writer, executive producer and star in the series, which at the moment comprises a total of 26 minutes high quality content. There are three mini-episodes, and Douglas hopes it will be bought by a big film production company.

Check out all of Doug's current episodes at

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PanoRaMa   United States. Dec 22 2017 00:13. Posts 1655

That's the wrong Doug Kim used in the photo btw haha 

PuertoRican   United States. Dec 22 2017 01:06. Posts 11220

  On December 21 2017 23:13 PanoRaMa wrote:
That's the wrong Doug Kim used in the photo btw haha


Rekrul is a newb 

FrinkX   United States. Dec 22 2017 07:39. Posts 7454

rip $2.4m

held back by ethnicity, what can he do

bitch on a pension suck my dong 

PanoRaMa   United States. Dec 22 2017 09:17. Posts 1655

  On December 22 2017 06:39 FrinkX wrote:
rip $2.4m

held back by ethnicity, what can he do

I talk to Doug on a reg basis and that 2.4m is far from rip city, not sure where you got that idea from

Assuming your last sentence was sarcasm, that's a pretty myopic thing to say esp in the context show business. 

FrinkX   United States. Dec 22 2017 10:02. Posts 7454

i have no clue about the 2.4m, was talkin out of my ass bc i got trigged by his trailer.

yes it was sarcasm. i watched about half of the horrible trailer, saw the show is a show about his failed career. he made it clear it was about him being held back because of his ethnicity/directors telling him to be more ethnic in his roles. maybe i missed more in the second half of the trailer but i cant go back and watch it.

i really dont want to spark a discussion, nor do I really know anything about the film industry, but blaming racism in this case really fkn tilts me. Audience demand dictates who gets casted in roles because it's about what sells. There isn't nearly as high of a demand for asian actors in the US, and many times the parts are ethnic asian roles. according to wiki the US is 72% white, 12.6 % african american, 4.8% asian. according to PBS out of 30,000 hollywood film characters: 73% white; 12.5% black; 4.9% hispanic; 4.2% other. Q fking Q. Maybe if the directors need him to be more ethnic, he should utilize some of his acting skills instead of flipping out and going off on a ching chong chang blabla rant in a poor attempt to be funny

not to mention there's a big asian film scene as well. kinda funny he wouldn't make it there for the same reasons. being a non top tier asian american actor must suck. prob why he shouldnt have gone for it. Audience demand, not racism.

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PanoRaMa   United States. Dec 22 2017 10:20. Posts 1655

Edit: Actually, I had more written here but you didn't want to spark a discussion so I decided to respect that and edit it out. There is absolutely racism in hollywood, and Asian-Americans in particular receive it in a specific way, and suggesting aspiring actors be okay with playing harmful two-bit stereotypes seems like the worst advice ever given, but if you think otherwise then I doubt anything I can say here will convince you nor do I think this is the right place for it anyway.

When I quit poker to pursue something I really wanted to do, I was applauded by people on this site. It happens every time a veteran posts that they're quitting to pursue something else. I'd re-evaluate why you're quick to put the blame on him instead of criticizing the industry for making it suck to be a non top tier asian american actor.

If you somehow ever want to discuss this in a frank, casual, non-serious way, feel free to PM me. I'm not a sjw by any means but my initial reaction is to call out what I believe is "wrong", especially in a community where I, by default, believe everyone is pretty smart for the most part. Have a gn

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hiems   United States. Dec 22 2017 14:38. Posts 1481

agree with panorama, strongly disagree with frinx.

google flash boys movie.

FrinkX   United States. Dec 22 2017 16:12. Posts 7454

i was in no way saying there isn't racism (clearly sexism as well) in hollywood nor do i believe he hasn't encountered it. I also think it's a big problem. again please keep in mind my response is purely to what i saw in 50% of a trailer for his sitcom. and yea i should have said i am in no way bashing someones dreams or saying u shouldnt chase them. I guess when someone goes to pursue an acting 'career' i view it as a business venture and clearly this was a poor prospect overall given the state of the market for him. hey who knows maybe he has found enough success in it and i'm completely wrong, but the sitcoms about a failed asian american actor, doesn't seem like he found enjoyment out of it, just frustration that was predictable based on statistics.

  I'd re-evaluate why you're quick to put the blame on him instead of criticizing the industry

but this is exactly what triggered me about him i hate people who blame outside factors for their own failures when in the end it is their own lack of skill or w/e u wanna call it. He went into a market where he literally had a joke of a chance in it and comes out of it blaming racism when clearly films/shows are putting in what characters are desirable to the audience who is all that matters in the end. [put a break here bc my second sentence is a direct counter to my first. I understand someone of equal talent as him who is white prob would have gotten way more roles. that sucks. but thats the paying audience's desire to see whites over minorities in roles that could go to any race, not bias from the industry itself. asian actors are far more useful for 'asian' parts. dictated by demand...]

Even tho clearly white power money is at the top and some are racist/sexist, its not like most of them are sitting up there thinking "no fking way we let these *racist term* asians on my film". he's attacking the producers for telling him to be more ethnic for a part that requires an asian to be ethnic, not asian american like he is, so he needs to ACT the part of an ethnic asian. Instead of doing his job, he cries racism. sorry but audience demand/an exact role != racism. I'm literally reacting to 2 scenes from the trailer: the producers telling him to be more asian in an exaggerated way and when he went off on a tangent spouting out an ignorant white person's version of an asian language, in a very sarcastic way. it made me cringe and hate him, not think it was funny or say "oh is that really how it is?"

of course u can argue this show is a good thing because it spreads awareness to such a big issue. i hate saying what im saying so much because I would never tell a minority to stop fighting against the institution or trying to spread awareness. i cant do that to him here either. i simply saw his trailer and thought that he was talent-less, pretty much the opposite of funny, as well as spreading his message in a tasteless way.

in all seriousness, my reaction to this may be sparked from way too many games of CS:GO where annoying mfkers consistently blame teammates, blame the game, blame the opponent, blame lag, blame ANYTHING THEY CAN EVERYTIME besides themselves and never learn from their mistakes and always stay at the exact same level. when i see some unfunny actor who didnt make it after 10 years (i havent even checked his imdb) making a show about blaming an outside factor, i tilt. i really hope u guys do realize i am aware i am speaking out of my ass about this subject in direct reference to doug. i know nothing about him or his career and i based all of this off of 50% of a trailer. it's completely unfair of me to assume his intentions for the show, but i went ahead and did it

this is such a shit topic for me to have voiced my opinion on because I can always be attacked for 'suggesting' he should be compliant with the industries standards. ugh, i know he shouldnt, i know its a problem, but what can be done when the audience is the demand and the audience is vastly one race who prefers to see themselves most of the time? the chinese film market is probably 100% chinese and a white guy would have no success there as well. but again this isnt really my point or argument. i tilted from an unskilled actor using the racism card to try and find success. (this is a horrible statement, there are so many other reasons why he could be doing it including the one of raising awareness for the overall good of asian americans. i'm trying to explain what sparked my initial impulsive reaction)

sorry for saying i didnt want to spark a discussion and then went ahead full-throttle. i shouldnt have opened my big yap in the first place. after this i'll read your response but i'm not going to respond with deep texts like this. i think i said everything. just want it to be clear i'm not racist. i'm married to an asian lol. i'm obviously a hater.

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hiems   United States. Dec 22 2017 17:40. Posts 1481

very common for white dudes to marry asian women. doesnt mean you aren't racist / clueless.

FrinkX   United States. Dec 22 2017 17:47. Posts 7454

  On December 22 2017 16:40 hiems wrote:
very common for white dudes to marry asian women. doesnt mean you aren't racist / clueless.

true i suppose, but it's a reasonable indication i'm not. could make the same argument for the 2 years i lived there or the countless other trips i have taken to multiple countries.

hating on someone i think is unfairly using the racism card to his advantage doesn't make me racist. what's stupid is that i made these comments without doing proper research

bitch on a pension suck my dong 

hiems   United States. Dec 22 2017 17:56. Posts 1481

fair enough. I found the trailer hard to watch too fwiw. In general tho im on the side that racism in Hollywood is a big issue.

 Last edit: 22/12/2017 17:58

PanoRaMa   United States. Dec 22 2017 20:27. Posts 1655

If I watched the amount you watched and because the OP said it was semi-autobiographical, I would have probably come to the same conclusions as you did. FYI, the episode ends with his crazy rant blow up being used as the actual take, and him finding a huge surge in popularity from it, despite asians thinking he betrayed them as a race. So the premise is mostly about whether or not the fame and success is worth it, and at the end of the episode he seems to go with the fame route for now. It's like the show "Louie" in that it's based on him as a person but in a completely fictional storyline.

Anyway, a lot of racism people of color endure in America typically aren't blatant, Donald Sterling-level, hate-filled diatribes. It's really subtle, but still structural and pervasive. I agreed with your notion that white people are simply in demand, but it's not only from a population perspective. I saw the %s you cited, but what are they for leading roles? What are they for major box office hits? What about for salaries? I don't know, but my guess is that it's heavily skewed in favor towards white guys.

I grew up watching a ton of movies, and the prevalent theme, especially in an action movie, is that a white guy:
- saves the girl (may or may not be white. Usually is)
- defeats the (sometimes but not always) non-white villain
- saves the oppressed village or race or tribe from the evil villain (There's a TV Trope for this)

I'm sure you can find exceptions, but this is the default in Hollywood. We're constantly being signaled that it's the good looking white guy who saves the day. Sometimes it might be a black guy. Rarely/never is it a hispanic guy. Rarely/never is it an asian guy. Even when the characters are actually Asian, white people play them (21, Netflix Deathnote, Emma Stone's character in Aloha, the list goes on). Once again, I totally agree that it's a demand thing, but the underlying reason for that demand is because we've been socialized to accept this. You mentioned white people not doing well in the asian market, but Hollywood is the nuts and people all around the world eat up Hollywood movies. White people are generally pretty well-accepted around the world. Matt Damon is probably a deified saint in China.

Without going off on a huge tangent, specifically Asian males often get emasculating roles. They're usually just the sidekick, and, not surprisingly, that seems to be our accepted role in American society too. The model minority theory is that white people love to use asians in America as a way to point out to blacks that hey, minorities can be successful too, look how obedient they are and how much money they make. But the moment we try to be the action hero and get the girl too, people get uncomfortable.

None of this I'm directing at you personally. I'm even glad you're reading all this. But socially, we (Americans) just don't like it when things aren't white and male.

- A Spiderman comic years ago portrays spidey as a black teenager. People go apeshit
- Doctor Who played by a woman. People go apeshit
- Bonus: Dumbledore is gay. People go apeshit

And it's not because they want to preserve historical accuracy, like spiderman was originally white (because white people are clearly fine with white people playing actual ethnic roles), it's really just prejudice. And I try not to throw that around lightly, but there really is no other reason here. And these are fictional characters lol

Ethnicities have been talking about this kind of stuff for a very long time (Mickey Rooney playing a Japanese man in Breakfast at Tiffany's), and it's still jarring to us that people (not you) claim it doesn't happen, or that it's not a big deal, etc.

Also, it's not a white thing at all. This is a fantastic article on how our brains develop prejudices and bucket us among certain in-groups while antagonizing out-groups even if we don't mean to. I have a fuckload of prejudices, we're just wired this way as humans. But in accepting so, I personally decide to also try to be more mindful when I'm making an automatic response and try to go at least 10% out of my way to empathize more with other people. Our brains are really good at only saving empathy for those who are like "us" (whether it's race, gender, or poker players, etc.). And, I 100% don't blame him at all, but defrag got the wrong asian guy for the picture in the OP. I'd probably lay odds that if it were a Polish guy, he wouldn't have made the mistake. I'd also bet that if the roles were reversed, I would've mixed it up too (especially if it were the same name). It's just human nature but we can all do a lil better I think.

Thanks for listening, I know it's a lot, I'm sure there are some parts you might want to debate, once again my inbox is always open or I can read it in this thread.

P.S. I love you defrag, you do a great job for this community

http://panorama.liquidpoker.netLast edit: 22/12/2017 20:36

FrinkX   United States. Dec 22 2017 20:49. Posts 7454

not really much to debate, i pretty much agree with all of your points and you're absolutely right.

as for the stats i grabbed, they were the first ones I saw and basically used them because the white % was an exact match. clearly a super flawed argument i used, and looking back i never would have used those % in my initial post because that wasn't the message I wanted to get across. clearly there's rampant racism in hollywood... and literally everywhere else

i hope that in the show he portrays it the way you just explained it

bitch on a pension suck my dongLast edit: 22/12/2017 20:55

Mortensen8   Chad. Dec 22 2017 21:29. Posts 1754

I think I'd say I've noticed how the media is not very nice to Asian men and usually emasculates them for some reason but you see the same thing with the dumb fat white guy all the time you will rarely see this with a black guy they are usually the smartest ones I guess its just a sensitive issue. About the villain being non white I think that is wrong since it is always a creepy white guy I mean maybe it wasn't before the 90s or something who knows but not now. Also why are you talking about these old ass movies where Europeans save the day we are living in a very different time now. But yea they do cast white guys as lead role in asian themed movies this is to make money if it was an all asian cast white people might just think its some niche movie and not watch it also China is just going to pirate the movie.

You have to realize being 4% of the population and very low in Europe that it's not really a huge market since they want to pick the hero to be relatable to the widest demographic and whatever people say about race it is still a big deal at least subconsciously. Also pretty sure you guys have Jackie Chan.

For some reason the minority status doesn't really apply to Asians in the US they don't get affirmative action and are rejected from universities in favour of people with far worse scores a much more legitimate concern than being featured in the degenerate crap known as Hollywood.

Btw to make it in Hollywood you don't just move to LA and be a good actor You have to either whore yourself out or have connections or they have some dirt on you that they can blackmail you with or you know sell your soul to the devil. There are thousands of people that move to LA to be actors and end up as prostitutes or bums instead and a lot of them are white so it was all because he was Asian is bullshit maybe he's just a bad actor with no name. Having a pool of 4% to get talent from you won't see that many I mean you guys have a few that dude from the hangover springs to mind. Overall I think it's a silly thing to get mad over people need to stop giving a fuck about movies if it was all asians in them I wouldn't give a fuck just leave me with my Dota and you can watch the movies in a semi hypnotic state absorbing all of your conditioning.

Rear naked wokeLast edit: 22/12/2017 21:47

K40Cheddar   United States. Dec 22 2017 22:08. Posts 2176

Of course hollywood is racist. It's 95% democratic.


hiems   United States. Dec 22 2017 22:17. Posts 1481

lol at "having jackie chan"

 Last edit: 22/12/2017 22:23

whammbot   Belarus. Dec 23 2017 05:15. Posts 243

I blame the white guy for all my problems too

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traxamillion   United States. Dec 23 2017 22:14. Posts 10376

Acting = being attractive.

Tall, strong jawline, high pronounced cheekbones, hooded hunter eyes, brow ridge, positive canthal tilt, balanced philthrim to chin height, hollow cheeks resulting from the previously described facial features, forward mandible, a specific orbital shape, and lighter skin color.

That's what acting is. It goes beyond racism actually in that is a hyper realized microcosm of the Lookism culture we all live (driven by genetic directives to seek out optimal genes in reproduction). How people perceive your personality even has in fact little do with with actual personality but is formed simply on prejudgements based on looks.

Whites and light skinned blacks are perceived to have the best manifestations of these features in North America (look at most actors and models) so they get the lead roles to sell tickets while other races are relegated to bit roles. It is deeper than just racism
In Hollywood. It is a testament to what the consumer wants to see on the screen and in their magazines; what they find pleasant to look at. It has nothing to do with talent.

Take Indian American men; the worst performing racial group with American women. There are just about none of them in entertainment bar 2 comedians. Putting an Indian man in the lead of a romantic comedy won't sell and you can't expect studios to perform financial suicide in service of "promoting diversity" or whatever.

Most of the above was in regards to men. Despite what you were taught or heard men actually face a much stricter definition of beauty than women. On 1-10 scales men rating women looks like a smooth symmetrical slope; almost linear from 0-10. Women rating men on the other hand has 80-90% of men on the bottom as purely unattractive before rapidly sloping up to where the top percentile of genetically superior men are seen as fit. This goes back to our genetic roots and the harem. In old times one man (the leader of the groub/tribe whatever) on average reproduced with 14 different women while most men didn't produce at all. This obviously benefits the gene pool and has been confirmed by modern ancestral genetic testing. In modern times this genetic imperative has been circumvented by our social constructs (sharia law, Christianity- no sex before marriage) but that is now being reversed with women's rights/feminism movement. If you don't believe me just get on tinder and see how you do if you are average. Your female looksmatch will always be going for someone above you.

Anyways a little off topic but the point was since men have a wider standard of beauty than women you will see much more diversity in leading women's roles. Almost all leading men are white clones of each other.

It's just beauty, not race. Although race will influence that perception of beauty

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traxamillion   United States. Dec 23 2017 22:20. Posts 10376

Frinkx, you aren't wrong but even in China the most popular movies are American (probably due to production value and quality for the most part). So you can't infer most audiences only want to see their own kind. Asian women love white men. As long as it is pretty to look at it works


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