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Isildur1 wins SuperStar Showdown against Haxton

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Raidern   Brasil. Apr 05 2012 17:22. Posts 4160

Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom won the $1,000,000 SuperStar Showdown match against Isaac ‘philivey2694’ Haxton in spectacular fashion on Monday night. Both players had previously played two 2,500-hand matches against one another, so they decided to play a different - and much cooler - type of Showdown match. This time each player agreed to put $500,000 on the line, as opposed to the habitual $150,000, and play four hours a day until one man had all the money. Blom and Haxton played $200/$400 NL Hold’em across four tables on three consecutive days.

In the end it took just under three sessions for Blom to emerge the victor, taking the last of his opponent’s stake on Monday after a total of 5,030 hands. Isildur1 grabbed a solid lead right off the bat and never let it go. He led by $198,438 on Day 1, by $281,365 after Day2, and the Swede finished off his opponent towards the end of Day 3. The final hand was played just five minutes before the Monday session ended and Blom claimed his victory with trip aces. "It feels good. It was a tough game," Blom said. "Haxton played good as usual. Maybe he played a bit too passive."

With this victory, Blom improves his record in Showdown events to 10-3. He is up $1.18 million all-time in the Super Showdown. Take a look at his record:

    Match 1: Isaac Haxton beats Isildur1 for $41k
    Match 2: Isildur1 beats Tony G for $44k
    Match 3: Isildur1 beats Dan “jungleman12” Cates for $51k
    Match 4: Isildur1 beats Eugene Katchalov for $111k
    Match 5: Isildur1 beats Daniel Negreanu for $150k
    Match 6: Daniel Negreanu beats Isildur1 for $26k
    Match 7: Isildur1 beats Scott Palmer for $61k
    Match 8: Isildur1 beats "Mastermixus" for $1k
    Match 9: Isildur1 beats Rui Cao for $150k
    Match 10: Isildur1 beats Terje “Terjen89” Augdal for $150k
    Match 11: Isildur1 beats Alex “Kanu7” Millar for $37k
    Match 12: Isaac Haxton beats Isildur1 for $5k
    Match 13: Isildur1 beats Isaac Haxton for $500k

For a full report of the match, including key hand replays, check out the PokerStars Blog report.

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Eluflop   Estonia. Apr 05 2012 17:34. Posts 3821

thats a badass record

longple    Sweden. Apr 05 2012 18:21. Posts 4422


PuertoRican   United States. Apr 05 2012 19:25. Posts 10933

Who else does he have to beat to be considered the best HU NLHE player? Ivey and Dwan?

I know there will always be haters and people still saying he isn't the best even if he takes out the top 10 in the world, I'm just curious on your guys opinions and not the whole world.

Rekrul is a newb 

el_tilon   Canada. Apr 05 2012 19:31. Posts 296

Ilsidur is a pork


Highcard   Canada. Apr 05 2012 19:37. Posts 5415

so sick winning 10/13 now I think isil paid them for this idea

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TalentedTom    Canada. Apr 05 2012 21:48. Posts 20070

Match 12: Isaac Haxton beats Isildur1 for $5k
Match 8: Isildur1 beats "Mastermixus" for $1k

i dunno if these count as "wins"

i like the newest system where someone HAS to lose X dollars and pokerstars escrows the entire thing, very nicley done, if durr challenge was this organized it would have been much more entertaning

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locoo   Peru. Apr 05 2012 23:10. Posts 4492

  On April 05 2012 18:37 Highcard wrote:
so sick winning 10/13 now I think isil paid them for this idea

It's sicker if you see that the only loses he got were:

2 vs Isaacn Haxton for like 50k total, but he came back and owned him for 500k last one
1 vs Negraunu for like 25k, but he won vs negra before for 150k

So pretty much flawless victory in my eyes.

bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte 

2c0ntent   Egypt. Apr 06 2012 00:39. Posts 1387


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cariadon   Estonia. Apr 06 2012 05:11. Posts 3998

Ivey has a lot more to lose than to win imho. Ivey wears the crown regardless of challenges. Can someone possibly beat isildur at his own game ? Using agression to a point it almost becomes a flipament.

suited_mess   Poland. Apr 06 2012 05:36. Posts 93

not an expert, but looks solid, I mean, so many different players, with different styles. If he can manage to control each game, and they only have to play against one guy, cmon, that some fkin skill big time, gambler or not, for sure 100% best HU player now!

Ivey and Dwan what? Sitting in Macau , playing against business retards that are throwing millions per day for fun... much of a skill.

Ivey now is playing some big pots on stars - but hey, do not see him playin that sht with ISI. And please keep on mind that all the time they were using play money... at the prime time, and ISI on FTP was crushing as unknown and risking all the time. Still ballin on tables with these scums.

Not experienced player, but a fan 100% here of this swede crazy ****,


Expiate   Bulgaria. Apr 06 2012 06:40. Posts 171

Mastermixus to get closest of them all and nobody have taken $ from Isildur1 in this challenge. Maybe jungleman should play him again? Or hmm... durrrr?

id0l   . Apr 06 2012 09:30. Posts 4

  On April 06 2012 05:40 Expiate wrote:
Mastermixus to get closest of them all and nobody have taken $ from Isildur1 in this challenge. Maybe jungleman should play him again? Or hmm... durrrr?

there was another amateur who lost by $5


Match 6:
vs. Attila Gulcsik ($5/$10 NLHE) +$5 over 2,500 hands

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